Killing the Quarantine Boredom: Three Best of Netflix to Watch

Killing the Quarantine Boredom: Three Best of Netflix to Watch

*Has no joy yet composed himself a bit and shares* "The beams of the sun at their peak, the feel of them touching and relaxing the body, fragrance of the sunscreen, the sound of birds flying above the beach, the view of currents of waves colliding with one another... Ah! I literally have no words to express my major missing of the summer 'normality'"
*Rolled eyes as someone has taken words straight out of his mouth... proceeds to define the pre-COVID scenarios more* "Awwww... how we can forget the struggle to attain that summer body. Two months before summer, we used to start striving to attain perfect shape to look perfect at that view."
"Ah! Now, the only gold that I get to see is my wall painted with rays-like-yellow-golden color. So boring."
"Do you have a TV or LCD on that golden wall?"
"Yes!" (*Says in a strange voice as if his friend was about to ask if he could take that LCD or TV his home*)
"Open it and switch to Netflix. It is the best medicine to kill the Quarantine-boredom. Thank me later, buddy."

The word "Bad Boys" is considered synonymous with "what a swagger!" for ages. This is true not just within but also without the entertainment and mania linked to it. To express their acceptance and to like the said word, entertainment enthusiasts have set a new trend. They have reached heights in their love. They permanently engrave "Bad Boys" on the body by Tattooing. Later, they act as if they are the next Rambo.
Sadly, the β€œbad boy," who has entered the town named Earth just this year, has changed graphs of PR of this swag. No cinemas... COVID19 may have flattened the curve of the popularity of "bad boys"-swag, but the fun is still there. It's the era of transformation. From the projector creating an image on the wall to the laptop screens...

Enjoy the Limitation Imposed By the Mother Nature

Who roots to keep the adrenaline level within us stable? Who immediately detects our sudden mood swift and expresses concern? Who since our childhood is teaching us the lesson β€œlearn to enjoy yourself and your company"? Of course, our mothers. After ladies who give us birth, this mode is attributed to Nature. That is why we add "mother" before it, thereby, make it the Mother Nature.
Where COVID19 is no joke, let's talk about the positive sides of quarantine. Mother Nature, after 100 years, has given some time to relax. As quarantine is getting longer due to lockdowns extensions, we do not feel like relaxing on the bed anymore.

We demand a garden without masks and hearing birds' creeping. We desire fun. While the COVID vaccine quest is yet in the process, there is a medicine to keep us sane during the quarantine. Want to know the name? It's Netflix.

The Medicine to Stay Sane - How to Take and Use It?

Netflix is a treasure of movies, seasons, series, shows, and whatnot. Using it is very easy. Yet, to get the best results, you need to be a bit tricky. Opting the right TV show or movie as per your taste is the real task. Here are a few tips to get the best out of sanity medicine:

Know Your Taste

It is vital to know what you want, your current mood, and your free-time length


There is a great variety available in the recommendation portion. Just because they appear in recommendations, they do not guarantee a great fun time. It is important to do homework on Netflix via the search bar before clicking the "play" or "Download" button.


You need to make sure to filter by genre

The Hidden Categories

The myth much influences most that an application or web has only what is mentioned in the category. Well... there are hidden-categories too. You need to browse more refined categories by searching as per "taste buds" and thoughts.

A Century-Old Treasures

Netflix is a library of movies, etc. To enjoy better, you need to filter by year.


Rating matters a lot! You need to filter by rating also and try to rate a movie or whatever you watch.

The Twins

After you are down with a movie or series, which you liked a lot, find your next from the related movies, etc. portion below it.

Two Cents from Our Side to Kill Your Quarantine Boredom

To facilitate you further, here is my favorite Netflix picks for you:

1) Stranger Things

Killing the Quarantine Boredom: Three Best of Netflix to Watch

This is a science fiction series. By science, we do not mean that only science enthusiastic can watch it. It suits every type of audience. You do not need to worry; it is not A-Z about science. It has a bit of romance, some comedy, and lots of monsters-in-action. It is a family-friendly series and fit for family time. Inter alias, its cast has a bunch of kids.
Worrying about the length of seasons? Well... Hold your thoughts right there. Unlike other series on Netflix, its seasons have a limited number of episodes. That's why it on number 1 on my list.

About What:The series revolves around four boys, who are merely 12 years old. They try to fight and end a monster from another realm

Final words:If you love paranormal, this movie is for you...

2) House Of Cards

Killing the Quarantine Boredom: Three Best of Netflix to Watch

Whether we admit or not, we all have a politician inside us. We cannot separate politics from us. So, why should we not consider politics while planning our fun time? Taking an unprecedented move, Kevin spacey has come up with this political thriller having murder, betrayal, and intelligence. It is one of his best to this date and won infinite awards. It is termed as the brilliantly woven storyline with just six seasons

About what:It features Robin Wright and Kevin spacey as wife and husband. The couple plots to reach the most sacrosanct building of the world power. The White House - the building they try to break in - is always surrounded by infinite uniforms. In that scenario, their disregard for each other creates more mess for them.

Their calculations often get manipulated. They are shown as ruthless beings. Their ego sets them on a dangerous path again and again.
You must be thinking, β€œDo they make it?” Well... we are in no mood to give a spoiler. Watch yourself.

Final Words:it is great for mature folks. Kids may find it a bit hard to get.

3) Friends

Killing the Quarantine Boredom: Three Best of Netflix to Watch

They are a few things that never get old. In fact, with every day passing, they get finer. "Fine like an old wine" is the phrase for this series. It got released decades back, but it is loved as if it comes out just today. No words can do justice to mention binge worth of it. It is the king of all series.

About what:The name of the series is elaborating itself. It is about six friends living in New York. It covers sweet and bitter relations of friends and their ups and downs. Some friends become "bae" and the love of life for each other... yes, it covers that, too.

Final words: It is to, for, and by friends, an extremely light series

Killing the Quarantine Boredom: Three Best of Netflix to Watch
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  • HaveNoName
    Resurrection: Ertugrul.

    No other show comes even close for a lockdown life. Yes, you will need to read English subtitles and keep the 30sec skip handy. But that does not take anything away from the greatness of the show.
  • Iron_Man
    David Letterman and watch Glow Girls
  • jimmy2
    I love the Stateless true story made big change

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