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I cannot be a feminist and here's why:


This'll definitely probably be a touchy subject for some but this needs to be said. I cannot support feminism because of the way it is constantly attacking art be it in the form of movies, comics, videogames, tv, etc.

The social justice community in general is usually at odds with art in these forms but even more so with feminism.

You see it frequently with how feminism attacks video-games and comics for how female characters are depicted in a sexualized manner or with 'unrealistic body standards' or some other nonsensical complaint.

And as someone like myself who draws pinups, sexualized female comic book style characters, anime, etc, its a slap in the face to me and my work. Art, artistic freedom, artistic integrity are all important values to me and will always be more important to me than placating feelings and trying to be 'woke'.

If I were to adopt the label of 'feminist', most feminists would constantly be at my throat demanding I change my artstyle to be 'less problematic'. I'll probably get a lot of hate for this (and possibly risk getting threats from feminists) but I feel like this needs to be said. Hopefully any feminists that are reading this might understand where I'm coming from.

I cannot be a feminist and heres why:
I cannot be a feminist and here's why:
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  • OlderAndWiser
    "Feminism" is a label that is applied, or misapplied, to a wife variety of agendas, beliefs, and practices. There are some young people who truly believe in equality of opportunity and who are not hostile to men. I don't think this group would give you grief over your artwork.

    Then there are those who use "feminism" as a shield while they brandish their misandry. Many of these women simply appear to be very bitter about how life has treated them. Since they have been neglected by men, they love having endless opportunities to declare that men are sour grapes. These women would hate you if you offered them food when they were hungry; their opinions can be safely ignored.

    Those between these two extremes probably merit some examination before you may any conclusion about their motives.
  • Bluemax
    One can be a feminist and not agree with everything every feminist says.
    • Hunter7754

      Why would I support a movement that attacks my values?

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