Your all time Favourite Live Concert Ever


As everyone knows, there's a lot of types of music genres and tastes, but that's not the point here. What I want to know is, for ever generation, there's an all time moment, and in the music, this is not different at all. One of the all time favourite concerts was AC/DC live at Buenos Aires

Just to see the crowd going wild makes this one above enters the History books. Another example is Pink Floyd on The Division Bell Tour in 1994, named PULSE

That performance above, with Comfortably Numb crowning that moment is another example. Now, it's your turn. Leave your thoughts on the comments below

Your all time Favourite Live Concert Ever
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  • Redstang88
    That I’ve been to - probably Metallica, though Black Sabbath and Guns n roses are close

    Of recordings I’ve seen - agree on the AC/DC one, Led Zeppelin London ‘75 and some of the Dio era black sabbath concerts are up there too
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  • MarkRet
    I don’t go to many concerts, but I guess my favorite is Paul McCartney.
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  • AmandaYVR
    I've been to quite a few concerts but I don't have an all-time favourite that particularly stands out.

    My favourite band is Radiohead, and I've seen them two times, and both were good. But the venues do play a part. At the Ziggodome (that's just outside Amsterdam) in 2012 Radiohead was great, but I did find the audience a bit sedate/polite.
    And saw them at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles where I lived and they were great there too, and that outdoor venue is very cool and picturesque, but I don't find the sound quite as all-encompassing as indoor venues.

    My first concert ever was Duran Duran back in the 80s and that was super fun. I was up at the front, in the pit, and I have often felt like they're making eye contact with me when I'm there. But it's a sweaty mess, and once you relinquish your spot, you never get it back. It was memorable though.

    Others were: Pearl Jam, Peter Gabriel, Dave Matthews, Beck, Flaming Lips, Counting Crows, Spoon, Slowdive, Thievery Corporation, Ry-X, Alt-J. Can't really think of the others right now. They were all good.
  • imlost_gb
    the only concerts I've been to (this is embarrassing to say lol) were of Justin Bieber when he started out, One Direction and Cody Simpson and I can't compare how I feel about any of them but One Direction. I felt like crying afterwards cause this type of calm sensation have came over me that it felt so unreal? I hadn't ever felt that way before and since then I never felt that excited or happy or calm afterwards? lol I did lose my voice and I was just so happy so that's that.
  • evangeline777
    2014 Sonisphere Festival UK.
    The big four sharing the same stage!!
    And on Sunday, Slipknot in pouring rain! Best concert ever!
  • pervertedjester
    Not a huge fan of concerts myself but I was impressed with these two live events:

    Bill Burr roasting the crap out of an entire City's population for 12 minutes after the crowd turned on the other comics- all these people singing the crap out of Bohemian Rhapsody (At least it was entertaining before the band came out...
  • Anpu23
    I have a bit of a different perspective. I used to work in live music. So I have the favorite concert I've worked
    (By far the annual Utah Dark Arts Festival. It's the only concert that I still work, as a volunteer).
    The favorite one I've seen (probably My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult)

    I also have many musicians who are good friends, business associates and who encourage my art.

    I also have the favorite concerts I've played in (bass and singing). But never really made it, a few shows here and there. I'm too old now, no one really wants to watch a 50 year old on stage.
  • mrkdvsn
    I'd have to say it's a toss-up between Dream Theater in 2003, and the 2 Neal Morse shows in approximately 2011 and 2012
  • Liam_Hayden
    Before I was born, but I have it on Mp4 so The Band The Last Waltz.
  • acooke-13
    Has to be Eminem, by far!
  • Lyndsielee666
    Eh. Terror probably
  • Pete671
    Green Day, Milton Keynes Bowl, 2005,,,