Five of the most evil and destructive characters

I was kind of challenged to do or maybe a inquired if I would do a mytake off of this question

Who's the most dangerous, destructive and evil horror movie character?

So gaggers, make sure you still show that question some love but here are five characters that are the most most evil and destructive. Maybe not my all time list but it is sure up there.

5. Alien (Xenomorph)

Five of the most evil and destructive characters
Five of the most evil and destructive characters
Five of the most evil and destructive characters

These aliens, do not care about you. All they care about is their young, feeding their young and using humans as hosts to birth their babies. They are mean and they can cause some serious damage. They have no soul.

4. The leprechaun (horror movie)

Five of the most evil and destructive characters

All he cares about his gold. Nothing else. He has basically the power to do anything he wants but while he might be bound by your wishes, what he does is horrifying. And people are always greedy enough to always ask for wishes so the wishes and greed have a destructive power all their own. One man wanted gold and it all formed inside of his stomach until his guts came out. But a memorable one for me, a woman asked to be young again and he decided when she did not give the gold back or even had it for him. He just decided to make her have bigger everything until she exploded. Still creeps me out to this day.

Five of the most evil and destructive characters
Five of the most evil and destructive characters

3. It (Pennywise)

Five of the most evil and destructive characters
Five of the most evil and destructive characters
Five of the most evil and destructive characters

Pennywise is a small clown but is so powerful. He is pure evil and only wants to use children to live longer and to feed. He takes the form of whatever he needs to, to use others and use your own mind against you. He does not hunt only at night, or while you are asleep, he comes for you anytime he wants. He can also take on big larger than life forms. Pennywise will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

2. Andre Linoge from the storm of the century

Five of the most evil and destructive characters
Five of the most evil and destructive characters
Five of the most evil and destructive characters

This was my top at one point but I thought of another. Andre has supernatural powers but he does not have to use them. His speech is his only weapon and it is powerful. His words are so evil and powerful that he is brought up to the top of my list. Because just his words, only his words are enough to be destructive and evil. Here are a few examples.

"The good is an illusion. Little fables folks tell themselves so they can get through their days without screaming too much."

"Born in lust, turn to dust. Born in sin, COME ON IN."


"Before he gets too self-righteous, Katrina, ask him how well he knows Jenna Freeman...horses aren't all she enjoys riding when the weather's hot."

and his words he says throughout, "give me what I want and I will go away" He is one of the most evil characters I can think of.

1. the evil from evil dead or Deadites

Five of the most evil and destructive characters
Five of the most evil and destructive characters
Five of the most evil and destructive characters
Five of the most evil and destructive characters
Five of the most evil and destructive characters

We can all agree this is pure evil, its what it calls itself. And what is can do is beyond imagination. It brings the dead back to life, possesses people and gives them supernatural power, makes evil dragons and creatures like those scene of the ash vs evil dead poster. This is the pure form of evil destruction that is not something that can be simply killed.

I feel semi confident with these picks but given more time I would find others and probably a more solid list and to be fair I was also struggling wishmaster over the leprechaun because both have supernatural powers that can be used for evil. and yes I know freddy does too but he does not start evil per say. and he can only do his powers when people are asleep. So he limited but i suppose this could even be debated too. So I guess this is my attempt but I could see it being argued for other too... when there are so many creatures and monsters to choose from... JJ over and out

Five of the most evil and destructive characters
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  • laurieluvsit

    I knew you could do it!

    I have seen 2 of those and another one I had to shut off because it was two gory for me but I do love scary and fright and those will definitely do it!

    Great myTake as always Mr JJ!Five of the most evil and destructive characters
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  • menina
    This is a very interesting My Take. I've never watched any of these movies because I know I wouldn't sleep after watching them Lol

    I agree with all of your choices, but Leprechaun seems to be the worst.
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  • abc3643
    The Thrintun, an extinct extraterrestrial species.
    A Thrint
    A Thrint
    2 billion years ago, the Thrintun ruled the galaxy by using telepathy. However, one very intelligent slave species, the Tnuctipin, we about to defeat the Thrintun. Seeing their imminent defeat, in an event called The Suicide Night, the Thrintun sent out a telepathic message that caused all chordate (*) life in the galaxy to commit suicide including the Tnuctipin and the Thrintun themselves.

    (*) Chordates are animals with a central nervous system, like us and all mammals, reptiles, birds, vertebrate fish, amphibians.


    However, if you are looking for a single character, perhaps "Kevin Uxbridge" in "Star Trek: The Next Generation".
    Rishon and Kevin Uxbridge
    Rishon and Kevin Uxbridge
    In the episode "The Survivors", Kevin Uxbridge and his wife Rishon are among 11,000 human colonists but who are the apparently only survivors of an attack against the colonist by an alien race which we later learn are called the Husnock. Not only are the Uxbridges fine, but they seem unharmed with their home intact as if the Husnock deliberately avoided killing them.

    The Enterprise has to rescue the two, but they wish to stay and be left alone.

    Over the course of the episode, we learn the truth:

    Kevin Uxbridge is a member of an extremely powerful and long-lived species called The Douwd. Uxbridge has taken human form about 50 years ago and fell in love with Rishon and moved to the colony.
    Once the colony was under attack, Uxbridge used his powers to try and trick the Husnock from attacking further. But he would not kill them - for all his power, he would not kill. "I could have killed them with a single thought... but I will not kill."

    Unfortunately, the Husnock discovered the treachery and they just got angrier and more cruel.

    Eventually, they killed all the humans - including Rishon. The Rishon that everyone is interacting with isn't real but a fabrication created by Uxbridge so he can still live with something akin to his dead wife.

    I will let the script tell the rest of the story and let you judge if Kevin Uxbridge was evil or not.
    [of Rishon] I saw her broken body. I went insane. My hatred exploded. And in an instant of grief... I destroyed the Husnock.

    Why did you try to hide this from all of us? Was it out of guilt for not helping Rishon and the others when they were alive?

    No, no, no, no, no, you-you don't understand the scope of my crime.

    I didn't kill just one Husnock, or a hundred, or a thousand.

    I killed them all.

    All Husnock.

    Are 11,000 people worth... 50 billion?
    Is the love of a woman worth the destruction of an entire species?

    This is the sin I tried so hard to keep you from learning now. Why I wanted to chase you from Rana.

    We're not qualified to be your judges. We have no law to fit your crime. You're free to return to the planet and to make Rishon live again.

    Captain's log, stardate 43153.7 - We are departing the Rana system for Starbase 1-3-3. We leave behind a being of extraordinary power and conscience. I'm not certain if he should be praised or condemned. Only that he should be left alone.
  • Vencam
    Would it be inappropriate to add a Berserk character? It's adaptation did pass through cinemas, after all...
    In any case, I nominate Griffith as the kind of evil that not only is evil, but you can actually UNDERSTAND why it is evil. Being able to emphatize with him and understanding why he does things make his action even more heart-wrenching.
    And I nominate
    the idea of evil as the first place in the list.
    Much LIKE the name says, that is evil itself. It is the answer to all the questions of men about evil: "why evil happens", "why must we suffer", "why is there so much injustice". IT answers them all because IT IS the answer. And thus it manipulates humanity itself to submerge humans in suffering which in turns make IT stronger. Because IT is evil, God and devil; terror and the reason for the terror...
    I hope my crude description gave an idea of the incredible being that Kentaro Miura has been portraying in his 30 years of breathtaking storytelling.
  • Bluemax
    I'd say Emperor Palpatine. Who knows how many billions he killed? He literally and figuratively destroyed the senate. He vaporized whole planets.
    • Jjpayne

      I agree with this one! I wish i would have thought of it...

  • nerdybutlazy
    I like Ash vs evil dead on Netflix is the only horror movie I've watched without losing my shit. It's the best plus Ash is an interesting character to watch, he's a bit of an asshole but you never want him to get hurt
  • The_unknown_memer
    Here are mine their mostly comic book characters

    1. Darkseid
    From dc comics
    From dc comics
    This guy is the living embodiment of oppression, his true form is a guaranteed end of all realities should that form ever cross our universe. Even within his true form is a threat unlike any other to the justice league

    His motivation is the eradicate free will of all living beings , once that is done the slaves will see their oppression as a blessing rather than a curse which is pretty bad if you ask me

    One of his favourite methods of torture is sending you to the omega sanction. There the victim experiences infinite deaths , each death becoming worse and worse than the previous one.

    2. Thanos
    Comic book version
    Comic book version
    Daredevil villain
    Daredevil villain
    3. Kingpin

    This guy is the most dangerous version of a simp as very single hero and villain that stood in his way failed miserably

    Why does he want to do it? Because he is literally in love with death not because he wants to reduce the population but out of pure love for death.

    Thanos was inspired by darkseid except instead of enslaving all lives , he wants eradicate all of them.
    This guy scared me as a child because of how real and powerful he is. His manipulation of the law and vast amount of power within the criminal organisation makes him the most dangerous street level villain

    He can kill you and nobody would even bat an eye or even dare speak against him.

    4. Carnage
    Venom worst nightmare
    Venom worst nightmare
    Cletus kassidy was already a fucked up serial killer. He shared a jail cell with Eddie brock ( venom ) , when the symbiote came to save Eddie, it was pregnant , the new born symbiote got into cletus blood stream and from then own , it was only carnage.

    Carnage is scary because he has no motivation, like joker , he only want to kill and kill as many people as he desires. He also has the powers to do so , he's far stronger than spiderman and venom combined and is somewhat immortal.

    5. Purple man ( kilgrave) Five of the most evil and destructive charactersYou wouldn't think a guy with the stupiditest name could ever be the most dangerous villain but your wrong

    He has the power to control everyone just by being near to them and the victim may never know about it.

    So what does he do with his power? Does he try to take over the world or get revenge or any of the classic cliched motivations. Nope

    He uses his power to rape women (and even a man at one point ) . He is a sexual predator out of pure joy for it and there nothing the victim can do once she is within his mind control range.

    Nothing more destructive and terrifying than a serial rapist who get away with and has complete control over you

    These are my opinions on destructive and most evil villains
  • Edanurus
    Can agree with most but not xenomorphs.

    They are not evil they are just a higher tier predator to us, that's what makes them scary. They are just what we are to every animal on the planet. They are very lovecraftian in that sense, we are not the centre of the universe.

    They are destructive but it's in the same way as locust are, they have no concept of good or evil it's just instinct to them.
  • shy_am_I
    Javier Bardem in the movie "No Country for Old Men" - Yikes, gave me the willies watching him in that movie.
  • startingfitness
    I dont think xenomorphs are any more evil than wasps or hornets are. They look mean and can be dangerous, but they are following their biological imperative, not a form of sadism or purposefully causing misery and pain.
  • Citizenkirk
    As far as the Zenomorphs being evil, I don't see it. The Alien franchise, owned by Darkhorse, depicted them as reasonably intelligent creatures dominated by their Queen's telepathic will, with her being controlled by her own biological imperative too reproduce. Prometheus revealed them too be biological weapons created too deal with the Human infestation if Earth. Humans, in turn, a mutation of the Engineer's own genetic legacy on Earth. I see corruption among the Engineers as evil, and the creation and distortion of the Human condition and the Zenomorphs biological imperative too destroy all life the tools of that evil, both created the victims of that corruption. Do the Engineers look evil? No, but they are. Do humans and Zenomorphs by comparison? Yes, but they are not. Humans and Zenomorphs are biological weopans in some interstellar madness yet too be revealed by Dark horse studios, with the Youjta predators their unwitting victims as both humans and Zenomorphs reach for the stars.
  • Chikky
    I love your explanations, really made me feel like I was watching it
  • shangri-Ia
    love how thoughtful you are about the nature of evil!

    i think it's definitely true that evil people tend to only think about themselves, but they think about themselves so poorly that they tend to destroy themselves!

    i've been listening to the harry potter audiobooks for the first time. i read some of the novels when i was a child (about 20 years ago) and understanding tom riddle (lord voldemort) made me cry. none of us are completely bad nor completely good. he was so traumatized by his mother's abandonment and suicide that he resented others and resented harry for not giving into the bitterness and pain. he sought the power to destroy others to symbolize immortality.
  • msc545
    Very interesting mytake - thanks for doing all the work to post this!!
    • Jjpayne

      That's for reading and appreciating it! You are welcome!

  • GREAT Mytake! I enjoyed reading! And thanks for the invite if you sent it! I appreciate it!
  • navyrobin
    Awesome Take! I do find the Leprechaun terrifying 😂
  • Kayla45
    Well this was a fun my take haha
  • evangeline777
    You forgot Shodan!!
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    The leprechaun (horror movie)
  • Very spooky and creepy hehe
  • andreasderjuengere
    Tom and Jerry are not on the list.
  • Anonymous
    Trump, Biden, Hillary, DubYa & Obama.

    Oops, you're talking movies. Sorry.
  • Anonymous
    The alien from species maybe or Daniel from karate kid.
    Is Anthony Joshua the Great BLACK Hope?
  • Anonymous
    1. Hildabeast
    2. Obama-yo-mama
    3. George Soros
    4. Bill Clinton
    5. Biden
  • Anonymous
    all I remember of your take is that woman in the panties.
    Good mytake.
  • Anonymous
    The white man no one has put evil on people any more. Racism wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for the white race. You even have wash washed people in the black race and they can be a dark as DMX