Why music genres die

Why music genres die

Let me just use classical music as an example. But it applies to all art styles.

Early early classical...if you can call it classical.. from the 17-18th centuries was pretty much trash.

All of the music was composed using a few different modes with highly specified rules. There was no creativity. It sounded dead.

Then you get to Buxtehude, Bach, and Pachabel. They were all madmen. All of them sucked at school. Bach didn't even have a good attendance record. They were creative artists and played from the heart.

Eventually the genre they created died because it became too theoretical, too mant copycats sprang up. You can find plenty of people today who make music just like they did, the same quality too. But it's not from the heart.

Live from your heart or you'll just die, slowly.

Why music genres die
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  • EnglishEuropean
    Yes, as soon as it becomes a genre your music begins to die. The great bands don't belong to a genre, they create their own.

    Or if you must belong to a genre, add something to it.
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  • ChefPapiChulo
    i didn't learn why music genres. I just learned that you have a bias towards german composers. So most likely you're german.
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    • I'm not I just have a lot of german ancestry, and soul transfers from generation to generation

    • yeah i figured you had some line of thinking related to that.

    • I didn't think, I didn't consider my ancestry when I realized what music I like. That's why I listen to rap

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  • sunshineglow
    Classical music, just like any other genre, didn't die. There are still classical music composers in modern age. Who do you think composes and produces movie tracks? Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of Carribean. Even many games.
    They all have very famous music tracks that help the movie to achieve their atmosphere, while they can be listened to separately as well. There are artists who only write for that, not for movies or games.
    And there will always be listeners of that and every other genre.

    What you noted is simply realising not everything inside of a same genre is of same quality or artistic achievement. But far away from that genres are dead.
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    • Mozart didn't even know who Bach was for most of his life... i'd call that the death of a genre.

    • "everything inside of a same genre is of same quality or artistic achievement" and i told you my opinion on why in this post.

    • I assume you are not an artist. But I am and most of my friends are. Simply, there is time a talented or genius artist writes from heart. And, they also had to survive from something. There are times when they needed to write whatever just to entertain stupid elites who'd pay for that. Today is different, entertainment industry workers are madly rich. They can't succeed without talent, but they can keep their success going for ages with trash if they want. PR and large money made through sales of albums and concert tickets will keep their name afloat. Nowadays - one can be popular to extremes and still be producing a trash. As you can see - in neither of these examples it meant death of a genre. Bach is just one guy. One guy inside of such a large genre. So Mozart didn't know about him, so what? Both Mozart and Bach are taught about in schools to children and teens about - why unless professors and experts of classical music don't think they both deserve recognition.
      And you're auto-denying your own point. If Mozart was worthwhile and his music made him famous during his lifetime - how is that death to a whole genre. Bach had his style, Mozart had his style but they both fall into same genre. That's like comparing Bieber and e. g. Witney Houston (or name an admirable artist from pop genre of your preference with great voice talent and sensibility). So Bieber exists and is popular, so what? It's not death of anything.
      There is still potentiality of great and deep things that can come.

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  • Wester1967
    Classical is only dead if you don’t have any chops. Europa Galante is amazing.

  • lorenzomichael
    Truth is the music don't die just the people who enjoyed it. it don't matter what type it is if there isn't a audience to hear it then it just gets archived. See look I don't care about what I just said as long as mine keeps Rockin n' Rollin.
  • Exterminatore
    I think music genres die due to lack of interest. These days what music is main stream and heard often is the result of what record companies think will sell.
    • You can hear the spirit in the original artwork. The longer a genre goes on for the more dead it sounds

  • Archerer
    Excuse me? Mozart lived in the 1700s and you posted a fucking youtube video of some jack off playing his music and you call it dead? No, quite the opposite.
  • OlderAndWiser
    In the realm of classical music, genres evolve because each composer wants to contribute their own skills and twists to the music and it evolves. If you look at the Classical Period, which is generally regarded as 1730/1750-1820/1825, the music at the beginning and ending of that period is quite different. Aside from creative development, a wider range of instruments became available, in particular the pianoforte now known simply as the piano.) Also, the demand for music had increased, and the smaller groups that performed chamber music had been supplanted with much larger orchestras playing in larger venues. It would be silly to expect that music would not change.

    That means that there is hope for the world: rap/hip-hop may have completely disappeared from the face of the earth in another 10-15 years.
    • People are born who dont give a fuck. I saw a book titled that. Ironically people who dont give a fuck wouldn't 1) write that book 2) read it. But a lot of people know that fearlessness... which is what innovators are, is next to godliness.. as in being a god

  • Dinosaursandanime65
    But Spirited Willa never
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