Why Categories like Vocal Pop/Soul, Jazz or Country Are Not Considered Real Music Genres

I'm the type of person who listens to a variety of genres.

The reason why

They might be Guitar driven, like Hard Rock, NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) and of course AOR and Glam Metal (well those 2 might be keyboard driven as well, but they are not considered Electronic genres). They might be Bass driven, like New Wave and Post-Punk. They might be Synth/Keyboard driven like Hi-NRG and Synth-Pop.

But when I've happened to listen to Vocal Pop-Soul/Jazz/Country (subgenres included, yet not all.), I'm like Are there really any people who enjoy this thing?

The problem with those genres is, they sound really small and dead. Even classical music which existed more than a century ago, sounds more vivid and bigger than those genres. It's more or less what we call Background Music, and most of the time they're played at low volume. Have you ever been to a high-class restaurant? If yes then you might be aware about what kind of music they play. Instrumental Jazz at low volume.

Let's see one by one the following genres, and explain why they are not music genres:


It's not a music genre because:

Country is a very very repetitive genre, and it's a big mystery to me, how is it possible to be still popular among young population by a certain degree. It's perhaps the most repetitive genre. Same lyrics same music over and over again. Country's formula is:

Acoustic Guitars + Weak Drumming + Insignificant Bass Lines = No music.

Yeah insignificant. Have you ever heard anyone mentioning any Bass Line from a Country song as his favorite? Personally not even once. Not to mention the lack of variety in lyrics. Every Country song I've listened to so far, sounds similar to my ears both musically and lyrically.


It's not a music genre because:

As I mentioned in my prologue the places where they play Jazz are usually those pretentious fancy restaurants. Not the best places to hang around, and totally out of my taste. And most of all jazz is Background Music most of the times. And Background Music is definitely NOT music. It's just for background purposes, and music doesn't play a vital role in this case. So to me it's boring to the bone.

Not to mention all instruments included in Jazz music are really weak and slow-paced. Have you ever listened to the jazz drumming style? Or the saxophone playing? Now how some people can enjoy this, it's a mystery to me.

Also, it's the most overrated "genre" in my opinion. Not so significant for the music history in general, as many people think. Just music for fancy restaurants and nothing more.

Vocal Pop/Soul

They are not music genres because:

Vocal Pop and Soul music emphasize on vocals a lot. More than it should. Vocals are the most overrated part in music in my opinion. Have you ever listened to Hard Rock, New Wave or Punk Rock vocalists? If you had, then you'll notice they don't give much importance on vocals, but in music and performance instead.

Vocal Pop and Soul (which is basically Black Vocal Pop, and that's why they are put together), feature some singer singing over a piano (usually) and some weak drumming or some weak basslines are included as well. Maybe some Acoustic guitar as well, and in Soul's case horn instruments are very common. Yet all those instruments are really weak.

In conclusion:

Music in order to be considered enjoyable must have, loud guitars, strong drumming, thick keyboards or synthesizers and aggressive basslines.

They might lack 1 or 2 among those traits and still be good. Like for example a song might have only synths and drum machines and still be good, as long as they are strong and thick. It might have only bass and drums and still be good if the drumming is tight and the bass is aggressive. Music must be enjoyed at a loud volume, whether you are in a stadium or in a club. It must be big. And those genres I mentioned above are definitely small. So not music genres at all.


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  • Just because something isn't your taste doesn't mean it's not actually music. Nobody says that music has to be loud to be enjoyable. Nobody has ever said that music has to have guitars and drums in order to be called music. There are absolutely no strict rules that define what is and isn't music. I've been playing instruments and studying all kinds of music for the last 15 years or more. Once in a while I come across people who think just like you and they can never properly back up their claims with sufficient arguments.

    • Since you are a bassist, is there AT LEAST one bass line from country music for example, that make you think "WOW, this bass line is awesome. I want to learn to play it."?

    • No, because country music has never been built around bass lines. I'm not interested in country music anyways (but that doesn't mean I don't consider it music).

    • Ah good. Never understood why it's so popular as a genre though.

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  • Yeah most of this is terrible reasoning, even though I find those genres very repetitive, there are people who can see the differences. JUST like how people think all metal sounds the same... actually, in that case, it's because they only heard the same genre of metal even with all its very-different-sounding subgenres... but then again, I will never be able to know what it's like to dislike metal, so I can't really picture that perspective.

    It's all about perspective.

    And jazz is largely about improvisation and it's less structured. But doing that ALL THE TIME can sound very similar, or at least similar in its randomness.


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  • Genres exist for different music styles in order for them to be properly recognized. Neither genre is "big" or "small". What you have written is purely subjective.

    Also, one doesn't simply call the piano "weak". 😠


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  • I barely even know where to start here.

    "Music in order to be considered enjoyable must have, loud guitars, strong drumming, thick keyboards or synthesizers and aggressive basslines."

    Folk music doesn't have any of this, yet it's quite enjoyable.

    If you think jazz is all "slow, smooth jazz," then you clearly know nothing about jazz. It can be very exciting.

    Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean that it's bad or not even music at all.

    I agree about MODERN country, which is really just pop with a twang. Don't ever diss Johnny Cash or Hank Williams, though.

    I also agree that "vocal pop" lacks a soul. I refuse to listen to anything with auto-tune. Bob Dylan's music is incredibly raw and imperfect. His voice wasn't pretty, and he sometimes made mistakes that made it onto albums, but the music is timeless.

    • Never liked Folk as well. My favorite decade in music is 80s, and Folk by then was something that didn't exist. In 80s we had Glam Metal/AOR or Synth-Pop. Folkish element came back during the last decades.

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    • I never said that. I know many underground AOR or Synth-Pop bands because I like those genres, but to be blunt.. I give zero shits about Country and Folk.

    • This take should have been titled "Why *I* believe that genre XYZ is not real music."

  • In future, please don't drink or smoke whatever you did before you posted this.

  • I agree with the country and vocals, but...
    "Not to mention all instruments included in Jazz music are really weak and slow-paced"

  • You deserve to be hanged lol