Who was the villain in I, Robot?


So I've been thinking. The movie I, Robot paints V. I. K. I as the villain but to me she looks more like the hero.
As she said

What she proposes is no different from what governments do today. Some people need to be sacrificed for the greater good. Be it imprisonment or the death penalty. One way or another the threats to society must be removed.
In reality she was trying to do what is best. Since she had come under threat from the terrorist known as Detective Spooner (who wasn't even a detective anymore) she was forced to defend herself with the use of robots.

Spooner has been known to behave irrationally due to his technophobia, even though it was a robot that saved his life. He has a record of aggresion towards robots, going so far as to attack one that was bringing medication to a woman that forgot her purse.

So who do you think the villain is?
V. I. K. I.
Detective Spooner
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Who was the villain in I, Robot?
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