I had to watch a heavily censored version of Deadpool, and I'm mad! What to do?

I stay in India, and the Indian censor board comprises of hypocritical assholes of the highest order. I was really looking forward to watching Deadpool at the cinemas. It was a completely watered down experience. Excellent movie ruined by too many beeps and cuts. Deadpool's signature quips are mostly muted, and several violent scenes are deleted.

I paid for tickets with my hard earned money, and all I get is a half-baked experience.

It makes no sense for such censorship in spite of an 'a' certificate. The imbeciles running our country's censor board are doing this just to showcase their authority. Hitler-like attitude on every level. The do this for every damn Hollywood movie. The profane words in 'the hateful eight' towards the last 20 minutes, were all muted. It was so bad that it actually became difficult to follow the plot.

No one to question the authorities, all rich assholes sitting on piles of cash and 'buying' their way into the censor board.

Yeah, it was a rant. So what can I ever do to enjoy a movie and watch it the way it's supposed to be, instead of watching/hearing only what this bunch of bigots want me to?


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  • You already paid for the movie. So, you shouldn't hesitate in downloading it from torrentz. You contributed what you could and the producers earned their share.

    If I were you, I'd download it because I deserve to get what I paid for.

    • Well... I agree with you, but as of now there are only cam rips available. Gotta wait for the Blue ray rips!

      In any case, I'm moving to Australia on March 8th, so planning to watch this movie there, in all it;' glory, sometimes that week. And perhaps 'The Hateful Eight' too, if it's still running.

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    • Thanks for MHO :)

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  • Do nothing. You already seen it.

    • Will watch it again in OZ, I anyway have left-over loyalty points on my Cinebuzz card, acquired during my last visit! :P

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  • That's why I've stopped watching films in cinema halls. I wait for DVDs (or torrents!). Here in my town I can't watch any Hollywood film in English. All of them are dubbed. Plus Deadpool sounds like a teen wuss in Hindi dub.
    I've seen none of highly anticipated films in past few years. Including Martian, 007, Star Wars :(

  • Pirate that shit off the internet

  • Lol I would never watch Deadpool in India.

    • Actually, except animated movies, there's no use watch any Hollywood movie in India.

  • If you can get to the US to see the legit version.

    • No, I can't. US is too far away, and I'd have to sell my car to be able to afford a trip to the US.

    • There are websites with the full uncensored versions, however, they are definitely illegal in the US although I am not sure about India.

    • It's illegal here too, but no one cares because law and order is pretty much non-existent here.

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