Green rectangle flashes in upper corner of tv, what is it?

Just got a new RCA flat screen tv and every so often a green rectangle will flash in the upper left hand corner. It doesn't appear to do it at any specific time/interval. Any ideas as to what it is/what it means and how to fix it?
Ty :)


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  • Return it. The LCD sector in that corner is having a hard time properly switching colours.

    • But its not on a colored/used part of the screen. Its a part of the screen that always stays black...

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    • Definitely not a reflection. Not quite sure what you mean by "bleeding through from the inside of the unit".

      Thank you very much for doing all this, i really appreciate it :)

    • One way or the other, I hope you can return it and get another. I have always liked Samsung.

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  • Sounds like something suggestive, when you see them, what are you feeling?

    • Pissed that there might be something wrong with my new tv lol

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