Where can I download One Piece English dubbed episodes?

I have them up to episode 381. The end of Thriller Bark. Anything beyond that would be much appreciated!


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  • I think they might have dubbed up to your episode on One piece watchop... if not its a waiting game ✌

    • no I've researched it online and dub episodes reach at least into the high 400s I'm just not sure exactly where

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  • try nyaa. se

    • thanks for ur help! I am currently in the process of trying to download some. Although it seems like it'll be a slow process

    • cool, glad it worked out.

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  • Subbed is best.


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  • Why would you watch it dubbed? Are you mad? Sub-master race.

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    • Well that's your opinion. And everyone is entitled to their opinion. Also I've tried audio books. I've listened through hundreds of them. Frankly I got bored and started to need an occasional piece of video to go along with the audio

    • Listen to Warhammer 40k lore. It's one of my recent obsessions.

  • Why do you want to download them? I use watchop. cc for mine. You're in for a treat after Thriller Bark!

    • Ok thanks but I need to download them cuz I don't have unlimited data on my cell phone and I'm usually not home when I watch it so I can't really stream it. You know what I mean?

    • Ah right. That's fair. I remember there being a way to download from KissAnime, but I don't know exactly. You have to be a member, but that's free anyway.

    • ok maybe I'll go check that out yet. thanks man

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