Whats your opinion of anime?

I have 3 friends into anime. Aside from Peach Girl (the English dub), im just not into anime. If people wanna watch it fine whatever. But i won't lie, its kinda a turnoff to me. My boyfriend is pissed at me cause he loves it and wants our son to be his mini-me and constantly game and watch anime too. And i was like, games on occasion but ugh i hope not anime, such a turnoff. So yup, he hung up on me 🙈😂 #FeelFreeToList #AnimeLovers
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Thanks everyone for your answers. We’ll agree to disagree. But yes its a turnoff for me when my boyfriend thinks he has a future in becoming a ninja assassin like on his animes. I thought it was like cute roleplay at first but he's serious and i just can't take him seriously. Its like talking to a child sometimes. he's already asked if i’ll be his ride or die chick as he takes down bad guys. Its good he wants to save the world and have his Kill Bill moment (i love that movie) but i ain gonna date a killer
Whats your opinion of anime?
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