Brad, Leo, or Keanu?

Who's the coolest/who do you like the most of these three guys?

They are similarly accomplished and talented actors of similar age. Just curious what you think. You can comment on who you like best, personality-wise in real life, or if you like one's acting style better (they are all equally good in my opinion).
I purposely didn't include other actors who are younger because that wouldn't be a fair comparison.
Brad, Leo, or Keanu?
Brad Pitt
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Brad, Leo, or Keanu?
Leonardo DiCaprio
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Brad, Leo, or Keanu?
Keanu Reeves
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20 d
Anyone want to play 'kiss, marry, kill'?

I'll start. I want to kiss and marry all three, kill none, really. But if I have to choose, I'd say, very reluctantly, kiss Brad, kill Leo, and marry Keanu. But that is a very very close list.
Brad, Leo, or Keanu?
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