Is Slave Leia degrading?

Is Slave Leia degrading?
First of all, I was 6 when I first watched Return of the Jedi. I definitely didn’t think anything about Slave Leia then.

As I got older and hit puberty though I found her more attractive in that outfit, and I still do to this day. It definitely has turned me on a lot as well.

But do people think that the whole Slave Leia sequence was sexual objectification?

For me, it wasn’t primarily. Sure Jabba is very much portrayed as a pervert and it’s pretty unpleasant to see him acting in the way he does with her. So it is in that regard. But she is the one who gets revenge and kills Jabba as well in that outfit. She was also a very strong and independent female character and we saw that reflected here.

But what does everybody else think?
Is Slave Leia degrading?
Yeah definitely
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Is Slave Leia degrading?
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Is Slave Leia degrading?
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