Do you find it hard to get off the screens?


Unfortunately when I'm bored, don't have anything going on, am tired or looking for entertainment I go to my phone.

I wish I could read more but my concentration is crap and I think having a phone does not help in my endeavors. I mainly get ebooks and borrow the audiobook version of it too so I can switch between. I do like the experience of reading an actual physical book but my attention is swayed quicker.

And I think having a phone with all those unnecessary notifications and million other opportunities to distract from "real life" can be mildly stressful. Because we all kind of depend on our phones every day for many different things so it's hard to step away from it.

Do you think if I turn off my phone for a designated amount of time l might be able to enjoy and truly concentrate on reading a physical book?

Do you find it hard to get off the screens?
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