What is your favorite form of art?


I mentioned on another post that I’m quite passionate about art and creativity, ranging from the paintings on my wall... to all the genres of film/music that I own to the words of the poetry/lyrics that I’ve written/spit... to the dances I’ve done to certain beats... to the style of car customs/paintjobs that I admire or drive to on my games... to the architecture/blueprints for the home I hope to one day build... to the jingles in advertising... to the designs on surfboards, skateboards, and snowboards. It all just means so much to me.
So which below is your fave and why? You can even name a form that may not be listed (like fashion design which I used to be super into). I didn’t want to make a poll because it often takes away from the commentary. #FeelFreeToList

What is your favorite form of art?
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I am loving the responses. I honestly just love to see how passionate many of you are about the forms you chose. This is one of the most beautifully creative nonsexual yet passionate questions I’ve made this year lol. I try to do stuff like this once in a blue moon
What is your favorite form of art?
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