What It's Like Living With Aging Parents


I would like to share in this take what it's like to live by the side of ageing parents that are like 60 and married for more than 30 years :)

What It's Like Living With Aging Parents

1. They'll still be caring to each other after all these years together

What It's Like Living With Aging Parents

I'd like to be like them later. <3

2.They like to watch TV a lot

What It's Like Living With Aging Parents

3. They make fun of each other

What It's Like Living With Aging Parents

4. They forget things and still laugh about it

What It's Like Living With Aging Parents

5. They tend to be more overprotective -_-''

What It's Like Living With Aging Parents

Above are how my parents are. lol

What It's Like Living With Aging Parents

GAGers! how are you parents?

What It's Like Living With Aging Parents
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Most Helpful Girl

  • helloitsmethere
    My parents are in their fifties... they don't look and move like they are in their fifties at all...
    People are surprised that they are in their fifties... my dad barely has any grey hairs and he is 57.
    Probably that's why a number of my ancestors live into their 90s and 100s... I don't know but it might have something to do with that lol.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Red_Arrow
    My wife and I were both over 60, and married almost 40 years when she died of cancer. And we were a lot like that, except I still work full time and she was having treatments quite often, so little time to just watch tv. Also, we (now just me) were caring for our disabled daughter, not the other way around.
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    • zombiebabe

      sorry to hear about that :( :(
      your daughter is lucky to have a parent like you

    • Red_Arrow

      Thank you.

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  • sovetskii13
    Yep. I am living with my grandparents right now. The help with finance, food, cleaning, etc. is great but some other things can really become annoying. Mine watch a lot of TV. And very loud too. We got a small apartment so I need to constantly put on headphones and sometimes music so I don't have to listen to all the screaming from the TV. My ears hurt just from wearing the headphones so often.
  • lightbulb27
    they were married til my father died. they got along well, they learned how to negotiate and accepted the limitations of the other. they gave and took.

    they weren't as selfish as our generation and were giving to the kids.
  • Cosytoasty
    I think mine are doing alright, they're happy and content. I couldn't actually live with them though - In fact we've all flown the nest and their house has become a creche for the little ones these days :P
  • FashionQueen86
    Every point you describe are exactly like my parents, only they recently turned 53 and have been married about 30 years.
  • meatballs21
    I am watching them turn into elderly people. It's unnerving. They do elderly stuff like endless crosswords, bickering in the car, taking cruises.
  • vekin
    My parents have been married for more then 40 years. They liked doing things together and enjoyed the simple things like drinking coffee together.
  • NajemEddine
    when love was more important than prenups breast implants and money :)
  • Decentguy
    They fight a lot too, but still care about each other
  • Pilulu
    Cute. :)
  • Anonymous
    I take care of my mom so I need to be here
    • zombiebabe

      she's lucky

    • Anonymous

      my moms 80. I