The same person, but suddenly--a new personality.


Someties people don't adapt well to changes in their lifestyle.

An old friend of mine recently got 'into' yoga and now teaches it. She has become inward looking and quite rigid in her stances on any issue. She used to be friendly ad happy-go-lucky..

But now, she judges everything by how it affects her yoga practice. When I kid around with her,pinch her and the like, as we have done for eras, she now gets angry and says I don't respect her status and the students she has won't listen to her if they see me taking liberties.

She claims that my being too friendly now will harm her relationship with her daughter..and I've babysat her daughter ever since she was a year old!!

She's always demanding a formal apology for anything I say or dhat she doesn't agree with..even if I've already apologized.

It's hard to believe it's the same person!

The same person, but suddenly--a new personality.

The same person, but suddenly--a new personality.
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  • MissSkirt
    My former roommate who used to be very tranquil suddenly began to worship a young celebrity in China. Since then her everything in life has centred on this star. She goes to airport to see him off with other crazy fans and the fans have different factions... All the topics she talks about with me are related to that celebrity. She has totally changed into a new person.
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  • missgatsby
    I know a lot of people who have changed. It's a sad thing, really sad when you've known them for a long time especially, but I don't think there's anything you could do.

    You could tell her that she's changed, but from what you've said here it doesn't seem like that yield terribly positive results. Don't apologize though, because it's her problem for suddenly being uptight and not yours since you've not changed any part of your behavior or "knowingly" stepped 'out of line'.
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    • Wrote her an apology today, though I agree with you.

  • danniec4
    My guy friend changed after trump was elected. We us to message a lot but now I had to stop talking to him. I can't stand who he is now.
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  • vonasaurus
    the one constant in life is change; unfortunately, it's not always for the better.

    sounds like your friend has other issues besides her newfound zest for yoga. have you asked her what else is going on?

    if the friendship is meant to last, it will.
  • RJGraveyTrain
    Honestly in these types of situations, this is where you hold your ground and back off. Sounds contradictory but hear me out.

    Stop apologizing, for one, you're not doing anything wrong so don't feed her behavior by bending to her uptightedness. Once you do that, distance yourself. She'll either realize she chased you off or you'll at the very least be drama free by cutting her off.
    • Hey, I realised no amount of apology would be enough! But we're still neighbors ad -art era in a business.

  • menina
    Wow, she changed a lot! How does practicing yoga has changed her so much?
    I don't know how you still talk to her.
    • She is a longtime friend, from before yoga. Maybe she feels now she is someone important.

    • menina

      I see. Yeah, maybe she feels that way, maybe she thinks she's superior just because she does yoga.

  • Jaye234
    Stop apologizing for everything first off. Treat her as she expects, which I know will be hard for you to do since y'all have been friends for eons, she obviously doesn't want to joke around, laugh, or etc. What I get from this is she wants you to treat her in a civil manner and formally, like how do I say this um... one of your guy friend's girls, nice, respectful, no cursing, no nothing. But what I dont get is why the sudden rod up anus attitude. Tell her she's acting like a prude, what happened to you? Have you talked to her? Or will she demand a double spaced, three line sentence paragraph essay?
    • Likely the essay! She thinks she's a princess now!

    • Jaye234

      Have you talked to her yet?

    • I see her in class. We are at the same gym.

  • SteppingOnRoses
    wow yoga was supposed to make her zenish not jerkish XD
    • That's what I thought! Now she's a tyrant, way beyond a jerk!

    • when i think of yoga instructor i think of Dharma from Dharma and Greg Tv show.

      she was a free spirit and open minded girl... quite the opposite of what you described your friend to be...

    • She seems to think she's a guru of some sort! She was on the ceiling for weeks when I punched her behind after class...

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  • Pepperbox23
    I'm sorry to hear that. People can always change and be jerks
    • Anad how! Says I should be punished for my behavior!

  • abundantlyrich
    Why keep provoking her? It will go nowhere.