Top 5 Reasons Why Having Friends Can Increase Self Esteem And Confidence

Top 5 Reasons Why Having Friends Can Increase Self Esteem And Confidence

"Friends Are Essential"

Hi guys and girls. In this mytake I will be covering the emotional and cognitive benefits of having friends and it's positive impact on mental health. Before I begin, I want to make it clear that not all friends are considered good friends. But for those who have good friends these are the potential psychology benefits. This is not an all inclusive list just the top 5 reasons. Please feel free to drop additional reasons in the comments section. If you need help identifying toxic people please review 8 Types Of Toxic People

Let's get started:

1. Identity/Character Development

"My View Of The World"

Early childhood development begins with education and meaningful connections. As we get older the ones we have surrounded ourselves by and the environment we live in creates a certain character and identity. Once we reach adolescent stage we are looking to form an identity and purpose. Friends can help us to identify our own morals and values and even discover our life purpose. You will meet friends that have such a positive influence and create ethical and morally solid character traits. This is also known as a role model.

2. Support

"You Are Not Well, I Am Taking You Home"

Support can come from many sources. Having the support of a trusted friend can make life easier. One of the easiest coping skills to utilize would be asking for support and reaching out during a tough time. Being heard, validated, and understood reduces stress and improves self esteem. So speak up and get support from a friend. These friends will listen to your problems and support you in any way that you need. Some of these friends can be more supportive than your family members which is why they are so valuable.

3. Validation

"You Have Every Right To Be Upset And I Support You"

Friends can validate our thoughts, actions, and feelings. Validation is the "recognition or affirmation that a person or their feelings or opinions are valid or worthwhile". When we feel understood and heard it can positively impact our confidence. "You are right and did nothing wrong"

4. Companionship/Connection

"Connection Is Everything"

Many of us struggle to make and maintain a romantic relationship. Friendships are easier to maintain and are less demanding than romantic ones. They can fulfill the need for human connection and companionship without all the complications of romance. Sometimes romance will cloud a friendly connection which is why they have the Friend Zoned.

"The Friend Zone"

5. Compassion

"I Will Give You The Energy To Love Yourself"

Compassion is "sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it". This means that good friends will attempt to acknowledge and help problem solve your insecurities and low self esteem. You can tell them you feel ugly and a friend will tell you you're not. When you feel inadequate they will make you feel worthy and loved. These friends will be able to show you compassion when you cannot do it for yourself.

"Blow A Breath And Make Some Good Friends"

Thank you guys for stopping by and leaving feedback. If you would like any follow up myTakes for clarification please let me know.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Having Friends Can Increase Self Esteem And Confidence
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Most Helpful Girl

  • midnightmoon05

    Good Take - Thank you for writing
    I have a few good friends. Yes I stated good friends. not 400 FB friends. I don't use FB. Have seen from friends pages.

    I am not a very deep thinker...
    All these help me reflect.
    My first and still in touch will open ea. other doors - or have your back... since 5th grade :) we are mommies now...
    Middle school... had one, dropped her.
    HS had a few... lost most contacts
    College - 2 very close and we are all mommies now :)
    adult, work - 2.. we hang out, talk
    and a few internet friends :)

    Makes me appreciate them more.

    • Thanks for the feedback and taking the time to read. ♥️♥️♥️

Most Helpful Guys

  • Just-Confused

    Nice take! These make sense, I definitely have a couple good friends anyways. I'd say accountability is also really important though, when you are wrong that they will actually tell you and hold you to your word, instead of just being forgiving and understanding all the time-- of course those are good too. But at a point I think good friends should give you a hard time if you're screwing up your life or something in it.

  • skeetskeetskeet

    Ask yourself... do you keep fugly friends to make yourself even hotter... its not a bad thing its good strategy... If I'm going out to hopefully find a girl to poke I'm not going with a buddy who is better looking or has more game than me... im taking my closet gay friend and one thats shy as fuck

    • Amazing point 👍

    • But you need a mate with at least a bit of game to keep her friends occupied so they don't come take her away from you. Some girls friends will do that even when she likes you!

    • They all do either that or try to fuck you...

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  • coolbreeze

    Good friends are hard to find

  • blkhermano

    Friends, unlike family and coworkers, are people you choose to have in your life for their qualities.

    You agree and disagree, but always know you both will be friends.

    You can confide in them.

    They don't care about your looks.

    You genuinely enjoy when they are around.

  • bigbang101

    I dont have much friends. And my social life is ZEROOOOOO. But im very satisfied. Cuz all day long, i tend to read books and watch lectures on youtube. Which stimulates me mentally. Definitely hanging out with a friend won't give me that!

  • MusicMayhem

    See I'd rather the friend that tells me the hard truth and doesn't sugarcoat things to make me feel better.

    If I think I'm hot when in actual fact I'm ugly, I'll be far less likely to improve my value in other ways when that's what I should be doing cause my dating life sucks.

  • GiggleManiac

    Having a few good friends are always good and hard to come by, you don't need a lot of them in your life (especially the bad influencer ones) but good MyTakes.

  • Thatgal4426

    I like the "negative free zone" section you posted. i just got here and posted my first question and people come on with drama. It would be nice if people could just stay on topic..

    • Facts 💯 I have some people who just drop a comment to be negative. If it's negative and irrelevant, I remove it and block the account. 💗

  • TheAmazingAmerican

    Okay, but first ine must aquire friends. Can be difficult for some people, good friends are rare nowadays.

  • If only people down here didn't resent me so much, I could make friends

  • RedThread

    Want to be my friend so we can increase both of our self esteem and confidence?

  • Yana_russia

    Rip me I'm antisocial and I dont have friends but I have my pillow

  • Bigfappa
  • Ordinarygurl_

    Great mytake as always :)

  • Aphrodite89

    Agreed plus life more fun that way.