How I Did Prom😂😂

I posted a question on here about my prom dress, and on Monday in one of my college classes I heard a few girls discussing their prom. Now I didn't join in the discussion I was just listening in because they were so damn loud and I couldn't believe what they were saying- what they were saying got me like:

"FOR REAL??"😂😂

They were saying how they couldn't eat because they were so nervous for prom, their nerves got so bad they were considering not going, they booked appointments for hair and makeup...

And then there was me just sat there like:


So how did I get ready? Let me tell you.

#1 - Before Prom

Just chilling😂
Just chilling😂

Not gonna lie, I did feel a little nervous and I didn't eat because I wasn't hungry not because of nerves- sometimes I'm not hungry, so I don't eat. And then an hour before prom I ate because I was hungry and my dad insisted I ate😂

I spent most of the time before prom in my pyjamas, chilling, watching TV- not stressing and I didn't once have second thoughts about prom😂

#2 - Hair

Lol trying my best
Lol trying my best

So that was my hair for prom. I didn't go all out and get someone to professionally do my hair because I'm too broke for that😂

What I did do was get my hair out of the bun it was in, fire up the straighteners and straighten my hair for bloody ages😂

#3 - Makeup

This meme has my approval😂
This meme has my approval😂

So the girls in my class were talking about how they were making appointments with makeup artists and stuff- and the girls were really pretty, so I'm sure they slayed with their makeup no doubt BUT...

I hired no makeup artist because again... (read the next line like you'd sing the song "turn down for what")

TOO BROKE FOR THAT😂😂 (you can hate me now)

And I didn't wear any makeup either, because I own none and my friends would have let me borrow theirs- but nah. I didn't want makeup- just went there with the no makeup look ;)

#4 - The Outfit

Dress I wore
Dress I wore

At my secondary school I heard loads of girls saying they were spending like £100 on a dress.

Now me and one of my friends were talking about what would happen if we asked our parents for that amount of money for a damn dress.

Our parents would slap us and tell us to get a job😂

Many of my friends did get new dressed for like £20-£40, one friend just wore what her sister would have worn if she went to prom, and me?

My parents were willing to buy me a dress, but one day I was digging through some old stuff and I found the dress in the picture. Now I remember it. I got that dress a few years ago, for Eid, but back then it was too big for me and didn't fit me, so my mum put it away for when it would fit me...

And it happened to fit me for prom, and it was a nice dress so, why not?

I found my headband I was wearing too, in a jewellery box.

The shoes I bought new, because I only owned trainers😂And I chose flats because I cannot walk in heels to save, my life.😂

The little purse I bought new for like £7- I think, because again, I only owned backpacks😂

#5 - Transport

Yeet :P
Yeet :P

So me and my friends looked at a limo... And then we saw the price and we were all like:


And we decided to get parents to drop us off to prom.

My parents didn't drop me off, I got a ride with my friend and her parents and so did a couple of other friends.

She told me she got to my street was like:

"Yeah, I don't know where she lives"😂🤦🏾‍♀️

Luckily though, I came outside- so we were fine. xD

#6 - Taking Pictures😂


There was a professional photographer and most of us didn't use him or buy from him because he was selling the pictures for like £10-£20 so the majority of us (us being me and my friends) were like: "Nah, screw that- we too broke for that😂"

So we just took pictures on our phones, and we took this massive group picture on "my" phone (it was my dad's phone but he lent it to me because that has a really good camera on it) and one of the group pictures turned out amazing, the other?

The kid taking our picture clicked when we weren't ready and we're all making some kind of ugly face😂

On the upside I got to stand at the front because I'm short😂

#7 - The Music

Sadly, none of this😂
Sadly, none of this😂

We had some awesome music.

Single Ladies By Beyonce

Backstreet Boys😂

We're All In This Together and Breaking Free from High School Musical

A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman

An Indian song which I don't remember the name to😂

I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston

And I'm sure they had other bops which I just can't recall now- but yeah, the music was dope.


Pizza time!!
Pizza time!!

Yes, we got pizza at prom. And we got one free drink and a cake which had a picture of everyone in our year group on it! And I bought a huge glass of Pepsi- which I regretted once I got home because I got a headache- but the pain was worth it😂

#9 - The ✌️Dancing✌️😂

Even this was better than us😂
Even this was better than us😂

So, I took his hand and we danced the night away... Is what I would say if I had a date. But again, nah. People with dates at my school were the minority. Me and my friends went together as the #foreveralone squad which is ironic now I look back at it because some of them have boyfriends now😂

We didn't seriously mean that though, it was just a joke😂

But anyway, we literally all jumped up and down together in a massive crowd screaming our lungs out to the lyrics😂And some of the dudes who didn't have dates decided to jokingly "slow-dance" together and they were amazing😂So cute😂😂

#10 - End Of The Night❤️😓

Night Monkey!!😂
Night Monkey!!😂

So for most of prom night we were goofing around and for a short while my best friend got a little emotional and wanted to leave but I didn't let her do that- instead I (jokingly) threatened to beat her with my shoe if she didn't smile, and then after the little pep-talk she got on that dance floor and SLAYED <3

But anyway, on the dance floor we were all goofing around but the end of the night soon came. And the feels hit us.

I didn't cry on prom night (saved the tears for leavers assembly instead😂) but it instantly got really depressing😔

I literally hugged everyone because I wouldn't see them at college- apart from one of them, but yeah. And they told me all that- take care of yourself, have a good one, do great at college, Spider-Man is alive now, you better not grow taller than me, carry on being a little shit and all the rest of it.

And I told them similar things and damn I get the feels just thinking about it.

All the feels come punch me in the face lol😔😂

Any Last Words?

Wrote this because I'm seeing my best friend in like an hour and a half and the thought of prom just came back to me- and reasons I mentioned in the introduction.

I look back at prom it was only what? 5 months ago, yet it feels like forever ago- to think 5 months ago yesterday I would have been talking, laughing, dancing, with all my friends. And yesterday, I was chilling in the morning, went to a class in college, hung with people I didn't even know existed 5 months ago.

Everything has changed so quickly.

Anyway before I get deeper than the ocean I'll close it off here. xD

Hope you enjoyed the read, have a good one andddddddd...

Thank you for reading :) <3

How I Did Prom😂😂
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  • Aguysopinion4799
    I can tell how hard you were trying to show your hair and cover your face :)

    The dress looks nice and your hair is amazing! <3

    The whole eating thing I never understood, your going to be eating when you are there so why not eat like normal beforehand?

    Damn you for the "Turn down for what" part, you got me good! :D

    Picture wise, we also used each others phones, no way we are spending money to get pictures when we have a perfectly functioning and good quality camera on our phones :D

    Dancing was the most awkward thing for our year, no-one really danced as much, we just did that awkward slight swaying to the music but no proper dancing, and then when a song that the person really likes you will see them start dancing properly, I did that once :D

    Glad you enjoyed your prom, regarding the whole date thing, it seems more like a movie thing than a real life thing, not a lot of people actually take a date to prom ;p
    Is this still revelant?
    • Thank you! :)

      The eating thing? That was my thought, "I'll eat when I get there"
      But my dad was like...
      "NO! You need energy!"

      Hahaha the pictures thing is a mood.

      Dancing wasn't awkward for us I don't think anyone cared lol- and yeah, dating is either a movie thing or an American thing because I saw like two couples slow dancing xD

    • It's way too relatable! :D
      The dancing thing was just way too awkward, I'm not awkward dancing in front of friends, but this was around people who I didn't necessarily get along with as well -_-
      I think the date thing is an American thing, it is far to commonly shown in American movies.

  • Prom is not a big thing in the UK as it is in the USA and other countries so I don't really see at all why people get so stressed out over the occasion but what I will say is that I enjoyed reading everything that you did for your prom and the fact that you were broke and could not afford to buy new things that costs lots of money but we're still able to have lots of fun just proves what kind of person you are and I did enjoy reading all of it so thanks it made me laugh while I was reading it all so thanks for that. X
    Is this still revelant?
    • Yeah, I didn't see it as a huge thing either- for me it was just a fun day where I could say one round of 'goodbyes' to my friends and make happy memories.

      And I'm happy it made you laugh, thanks for this comment :)

    • And also big credit is due to you for writing all of this too it must of taken you a while with planning what to write and then deciding how to write it down and then actually writing it all down so I do admire the total amount of effort that you put in to just writing this one thing as it could not of been easy to do. X

    • I didn't plan it haha, I just wrote down whatever was in my head xD

      Took me like half an hour xD

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  • Daisy007
    Aw well u do uu glad u had fun (': & mine was great!! I went w a friend & we met all my other friends already at the party, I did eat before & I was on the move most of the day bc i had to go to my old secondary school & clear some of the things there aaand then i went to get my makeup done (: my hair I just straightened it since i had already dyed it the day before
    • That's sweet! Sounds like you had an amazing time and I bet you looked so pretty! ^_^

  • Harmseygrace
    Every girl here gets their hair and makeup and new dresses for their end of school formal. My sisters formal dresses were $800 and $1200. The only formals in Australia is around graduation so I guess it's a bit different.
    • I'm lucky though because my sister went to a beauty college. She's done nails, hair, makeup, and all that jazz so I'm set.

  • Sevenpointfive
    if i was a single guy i would've asked you out. my prom date left right when we got inside. it was a ron and hermione moment at the end with dry humping
    • Umm... Okay, if you were my age right? Because otherwise that'd be weird.

      Anyway, I mean this in a nice way but I would've probably said no because I would rather go with my #foreveralone squad xD

    • i would have escorted you in so you didn't look forever alone and chaperoned. i know the rape gangs are on the look out at those functions and i would've dominated! no rape on my watch!

    • 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

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  • joethemoe912
    I didn't do prom in high school instead me and my "prom"date went out to a roller skating ring and had some fun fooling around, went to her place for the night smoked weed, and fucked.
  • 19magic
    Spending list for prom all £ 34 for the ticket, 40 for the dress, 16 for hour and half in the hairdressers, 8 for hair broach, 10 for a bag, 7 for flats, took 10 with me and car pooled with parents and friends mum, did my own makeup, I think I brought tights which I didn't wear in the end as well but yeah 125 had pictures with the photographer - they put them on the school Web anyway so just got a memory stick and printed them myself and ended up being prom Queen kinda shocked tbh lol and... That's my prom
    • Ooh get you prom queen! xD

      Glad you enjoyed yours too. ^_^

    • 19magic

      Thank you and I also didn't have any dates me and ma girl danced all night long, so much so that people commented later on that we were drunk (I mean would be nice but didn't have the money lol)

  • Aethereal
    Unfortunately, I didn't have a prom to go to at the end of high school.
    • Aethereal

      It wasn't built into the school as an event. Even graduation wasn't made into something that could be called "graduation". A bit sad considering I grew up on movies featuring epic graduations and proms. The end of university was better though.

  • Somethingwittty
    I went my prom with my date long enough to get pictures for the folks and the we bailed lol.
  • deadman69
    Well i never had prom😂
    Although i did have a farewell party. but boys don't cry. Or that's what they like to tell themselves. As for the dressed its pretty and quite traditional. Keep at it 👌
    • That's basically what our prom was. Same things, just different names. ;)

      Thank you by the way :)

    • deadman69

      My pleasure. Now I'll merge into the darkness and go poof cuz I'm black *smoke bomb* *poof*

  • Mine was pretty simmilar tbh but like I got bombed a few times lol
  • NickiB
    Aww. Prom was fun for me. Nope didn't go all out like they did.

    Pretty much like you.
  • Curabyron
    Sounds awesome af, im also broke but i still have lots of fun
  • I like your dress and glad you showed me your face too.
  • Awesome <3
    Why am I not surprised. 😂😂😂