Why does my close friends husband hates me?

I have been best friends with jane (not her real name) for over a year now. She met her husband around late last year. They got married fee months after they met. Long story short about few months ago jane told me that jake (her husband) was arrested for beating up one of his friend. Jane told me a lot like he was flirting with other girls, texting some random girls, he never supported her financially since they got married, etc. her close friends that i also know told her her divorce him too, but she still wants to give him a chance.

When her husband got released from jail jane told me that jake doesn't like me, i asked her why and she said its cause i know too much about him and he's scared I'd ruin his reputation (everyone knows me as that girl who likes to breakdown people's self esteem). First of all most of his friends are my friends and all of them know how fucked up he is, so that reason that she told me doesn't make any sense. I've been told by my friends quite a lot of "dirt" about him, he owes this one girl some money and she posted something telling him to pay it off on social media.

I really dont know why be hates me so much. Everytime im about to go out with jane he gets in a bad mood. Srsly this guy is a freak. He was wrong for cheating on his pregnant wife and im janes friend is just trying to protect her like all her friends does. Janes other friends doesn't know all jakes friends, i know quite a lot of them. Why do you think he hates me so much?
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One time i drove jane to see a psychiatrist to ask about jake and from what the psychiatrist said there's a possibility that jake suffers from mental disorder. He cannot hold his anger, he could be very violent etc.
Why does my close friends husband hates me?
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