Are my parents toxic or am I the toxic one?

I’m 16 years old and I live in a household with both parents and my younger sister growing up my dad has always been an alcoholic and has never been there for me and my sister but still lives with us. He is emotionally abusive towards my mom and was unemployed for over a year but my mom refuses to leave him Bc she needs help paying the bills. Bc of that my mom has forced me to pay the phone bill for everyone in my family every month and I work at a fast food chain and make 9.25 an hour and make about $120 a week a few weeks ago I wasn’t able to afford the phone bill so I paid it with my moms credit card, she found out and forced me to pay her back and threatened to forcefully take the money out of my bank account if I didn’t pay up and even said she would take me to court as well. My mom has been recently calling me fat every time she sees me eating food from my work place even though I’m not fat at all but yet she’ll bring pizzas home almost every day. The only reason she stopped calling me fat is Bc I snapped at her. My sophomore year of high school when I was only 15 my mom took my phone away Bc the bathroom wasn’t clean when she had asked me to clean it. I stayed after school that day Bc I usually always stayed after and I was on my way to walk to nearby gas station with my friends when my mom got out of the car and told me to go with her and I said that I was just going to the gas station and me being mad at her I refused to go with her, when I had gotten back from the gas station she was gone and so I tried calling and texting her from a friends phone Bc I had gotten mine taken away that morning and I asked her if she could get my dad to come pick me up and she said no and for me to find a way to get home on my own so I asked someone I barely knew for a ride home and luckily I was able to get home since all my friends had already left and none of their parents would give me a ride. Once I got home my mom tried physically dragging me out of the house.
Are my parents toxic or am I the toxic one?
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