Should we let them kick him?

So my younger brother (15) is kinda immature and still a pervert.

We have neighbors and I knew he kept staring at the mom and her daughter that visits often who is around 18. So one day around 2 weeks ago we had a small meet-up with some neighbors and the daughter was there. He sneaked up and slapped her ass twice (she had yoga pants on) then left running to his room. I was talking to the girl so I saw it but evidently they kinda just forgot about it, wasn't a big deal even thought they were mad about it, they didn't want to cause a scene.

But now yesterday worst stuff happened, the mother was outside in a bikini (she was swimming earlier in her pool), well he slapped her ass, then when she turned around he grabbed her breast and she was so shocked she shoved him off on the ground and he ran away. They have a camera and it captured the footage (she showed us) and my Mom is so nervous now. The mom said she will sue him and get him to court if we dont let both her and her daughter kick him in the balls while he's wearing only underwear, to teach him a lesson. She also wants to slap him across the face so her fingers leave a mark on his face. Now my brother is laughing as he doesn't think the law can do anything about it as he is 15 but he still is slightly panicking I can tell , should we force him to get kicked so we avoid all that stuff?
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1 mo
Edit: So ok we agreed with them that since he touched them without their consent, we werent gonna even ask him if he wanted to get kicked, they would just kick him and we would be done with this. They dont really have the energy to sue and we dont want troubles for my brother. They agreed he wouldn't have to be in underwear not to complicate this. So well my mother asked him to go outside and do garden work, he was bent down and their daughter kicked him from behind, a destructive kick
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i grimaced, he fell down and was holding his balls for a good 30 minutes. We left him there and closed the door so he would have to stay outside embarassed for a while, it was a good punishment. Not only that but our neighbor (the mom) later went to him while he was trying to stand up and slapped him in the face, telling him if he ever touched them without their consent again he would suffer worse, and he was lucky he wasn't sued or it wasn't 2 kicks from each one of them as originally planned
Should we let them kick him?
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