Friend leaves me on read... but is still following me?


Friend left me on read for the 2nd time in 1 week (recently sent a double text after a week). But what's weird is that my friend still follows me and hasn't muted me (I know it because it took them like 8 minutes to read my 2nd message, which is quite fast).

I don't post anything on my profile (it's completely blank, I only use my account to follow accounts and keep in touch with some of my friends).

So why hasn't my friend unfollowed me already? I'm so confused... Or I mean, why haven't I been muted? I usually don't open messages from people I don't want to hear from (or at least, not that quickly).

PS: my message was basically just "Hey, what's up? How r u? :)". Sent that message because we hadn't talked a lot lately so I wanted to see how my friend was doing.

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But why would my friend still follow me if my profile is blank? I never post anything and my friend knows it. I don't understand why she doesn't unfollow me nor mute me (and has read my message relatively fast last time). I mean, why wouldn't she (if she is not interested in the friendship anymore)?
Friend leaves me on read... but is still following me?
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