Is my sister a narcissist I’m so sick and tired of it?


I’m so sick and tired of it my sister slept with my guy friend behind my back and gave him head. I’m so tired of it in middle school she used to insult me calling me “stupid Courtney” and other names. She even insults my two dogs by calling them rude names “stupid dumb fat” she cries until she gets what she wants I’m so sick and tired of it. She can’t take Cristism even though it’s not mean at all I told her to hold her charger correctly she yelled at me like I said the most rudest thing on earth. When my grandma died she didn’t seem to care I can tell she was forcing her cry than she talked about her and her boyfriend an hour later. I’m so sick of it

Yes she is a narcissist
she just wasn’t raised right
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She even goes on apps (like dating app) to fish for compliments I asked her why she’s on it and she said she needs compliments and she constantly does. She even insults her own boyfriend by making fun of him he told her it’s ok and he knows he’s joking around but I know she’s happy that he’s ok with it so there’s no problem his parents don’t like her because they saw there messages and they don’t like the way she messaged him with insults saying he stinks etc
Is my sister a narcissist I’m so sick and tired of it?
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