Is it true that narcissists "always" comeback after ghosting?


Ghoster cameback after 3 weeks. They told me that I did nothing wrong (that they've been dealing with some personal problems), that they still think about me and that hope I'm doing good. I replied a day later, and they left me on read for 2 days (but they replied again). A few hours later, I replied to them and said that I'm here if they need someone to talk to. I did it to show that I don't hate them and that I don't hold any grudges for what they've done. I wanted to surprise them and show them that I'm more emotionally mature than them. The ghoster left me on read again and it's been 8 days since then.

I've stopped contacting the ghoster. But I'm getting more and more convinced that the ghoster was a narcissist. I'm almost 100% sure that the ghoster will comeback again in the future. Y'know, especially since they said that they "still think about me" and that they even asked me how I was doing.

But is it true that narcissist almost always comeback after you stopped reacting to their silent treatment? I feel like they are expecting me to contact them again (especially since they tried to look like victims by saying that they've just been dealing with some personal problems). I honestly can't wait to see what happens next. I feel like they want me to chase them again. But I will not fall for that trap. I will show them that they'll never hear from me again (if they don't change their behavior).

Is it true that narcissists "always" comeback after ghosting?
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