My friend blocked me from her Facebook and said we can't be friends anymore. Help?

Like, until a few days ago, we texted all the time. We've been really good friends and like, three days ago, she was talking about how excited she was for what we were doing for my birthday.

Anyway, Saturday night, I find out she blocked me from her Facebook and I asked her about it yesterday and she said that our friendship can't last anymore. I ask why and she said that I'm too dependent on her

I don't know why she thinks that. I mean, we text a lot but like she's never minded before or anything like that. Normally, if something is bothering her, she'll say something about it and like, I did text her like twice Saturday without her replying but that's just cause it was something that we were talking about the night before.

This comes as a complete surprise to me and I'm really hurt by it, which I let her know. I told her that if I was really bother her for whatever reason, that she should just tell me and I'd back off and that I don't want this to happen cause she's been a really good friend. I asked if she would just give it a chance if I backed off and like I tried calling cause I said I wanted to at least talk about it, but after that first text where she said I was being dependent, she didn't reply to anything.

I texted her this morning apologizing for texting her so much last night but that, if she wanted, I stillw anted to at least talk about it cause this is really extreme and I feel like its sort of unfair since she is ignoring everything I'm saying

We've been friends for two years and like, she's been my best friend for a long time. I'lla dmit that I have some feelings for her but we cleared that up (they caused a lot of drama but even then, we actually agreed like two weeks ago to put the past behind us completely and move on).

What can I do? I don't wanna lose her as a friend... Like, this is just weird and not like her at all. We were going from talking about my birthday one day to me being blocked on Facebook the next and now she doens't wanna be friends anymore

I can't believe I'm asking this, but could it possibly have to do with her time of month or something cause this is just ridiculous to me.

What can I do?
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Oh, she has anxiety problems and takes meds for that, if it matters
My friend blocked me from her Facebook and said we can't be friends anymore. Help?
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