She wants to actually be friends after rejecting me?

About a month ago I got rejected by a friend she said she wasn’t looking for a relationship and we’re just friends. It got into a one sided argument on her end that I was never truly her friend, my side was that it was but us hanging out wouldn’t be a true friendship as I had feelings for her.

Despite what happened last month and me telling her that I didn’t think it was not a great idea, she’s been reaching out a lot to hangout with me, I don’t reach out to her at all. I even discover that she had a tinder account setup in our area. I told her that we already discussed this issue and she said “it’s insane that we can’t be friends because I won’t date you are so immature and disgusting.” She blocked me on everything.

My friends agree with her that I was in the wrong

I don’t get it, every girl that has at some point rejected me never tried to make a friendship and just left me alone. This girl rejected me, I don’t contact her I don’t go out of my way to make plans, but she wants to see me constantly and make plans to hangout.

I’m starting to fell like maybe I’m the asshole/Badguy and that I should continue the friendship but I don’t know. I’m ok with a low commitment friendship where we keep it cordial, but not one where I’m spending nights, texting each other 50 times a day, and constantly seeing each other.

Am I in the wrong?

She wants to actually be friends after rejecting me?
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