What to you think when your good friend-girl starts avoiding you?

I have a huge conflict! O.k, so I'm naturally a shy girl. The thing with me is that I participate in many activities at school and it helps me calm down, get familiar with the environment and make friends. I was recently in a musical and the guy I had to work with for my part would always ask me to do extra practicing to get really good. We hung out a lot together and his way of communicating in general really helped me feel comfortable around him and open up. We had so much fun together, he even walked me to my house every so often. Hes the type of guy that everyone just likes and that has A LOT of friends. For some reason everyone kept trying to hook us up and would say how much chemistry we had. Hes too old for me anyway and I too young for him, wed just brush it off.

Anyway, the last day of the musical came and he was saying how sad he was that it was over and he really enjoyed practicing, he'd miss it. I told him that I was even more sad because no one would keep talking to me now that the musical was over. He told me that he would still talk to me and that he considered me as a good friend of his. I was really happy, because I had so much fun with him and I didn't want to lose him as a friend.

After the two week vacation, I saw him again but.when he came to say hi to me I felt really intimidated by him like I felt before I knew him. I had not seen him for too long so I felt really nervous all of a sudden. I kept my cool, said a couple of stuff to him and then we separated and went to our classes. Now that I felt that way, I screwed up REAL BAD!

I saw him three times after this, but I made sure to pretend as though I hadn't noticed him! I felt so intimidated by him just because everyone always likes him and he gets noticed everywhere he goes and so since I hadn't spoken to him in two weeks..well ya. I'm honestly afraid that he's over having me as a friend now and that hell end up rejecting me as a friend. Dumb huh!? Anyway, heres the worst part! The next day, I COMPLETELY IGNORED/AVOIDED HIM! He poked his head through the door of the room I was in and of course, everyone was saying his name and noticed him and all. He was saying hi to people, but when he tried to say hi to me, I kept my head down and pretended not to see him think it was obvious and he's not use to people not noticing his presence. THEN, I passed him in the hall way, and it looked like he was trying to get my attention to talk to me but I rushed by a couple of people blocking my way, shoved them a little bit, my head was down, I had obviously seen him, so then he obviously realized that I was trying to avoid him and left.

AH!!!! I didn't do it on purpose! Because I actually really want to talk to him, I'm just so afraid of being rejected by him or something, I don't know. He has so many friends, its not like I'm that important to him right? So I am afraid of that.I can't control feeling intimidated and nervous when I see him now. Please help me!!!
What to you think when your good friend-girl starts avoiding you?
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