Is it normal to be deeply touched by a random stranger's horrible death?

There was a case of an 18-19 year-old that died a week after getting set on fire by her ex boyfriend. She broke up but he wouldn't take no for an answer. The man was from Venezuela, not my (I'm not from the US) country. The guy fled and went to yet another country and is still being detained there. The mother flew there with our help. I gave out money too.

For some reason, the young lady reminded me of myself when I was that age. These were things I found in common:

- The young lady was going to major in my same career; hotel management and tourism. She's the older siblings and have two brothers. I have one young brother.

- They were a normal, stable and nuclear family. Like her, both my brother and I were raised with married parents. They seemed like a very close family.

- The mother seems to have my mother's similar temperament. The animal destroyed her life and she won't stop at nothing to get justice and see him rotting in prison for life. Her emotional agony and tears (that destroyed facial expression in her) reminded me of my mother's own anguish when she and my father had to wait in the operating room. I had to get a benign, stomach tumor remove in 2019 and mom wouldn't stop crying until the doctor told her the operation went fine and I'm ok.

- I feel as if that family is similar to my own family. They're not rich either but had their happiness until that bastard destroyed them. The girl seemed to have my similar trait when I was that age; naive, never cheated, family and career-oriented, breaks up in the right manner, etc.

That particular case moved me to nearly tears and I've never even met the family. Is this normal?

Is it normal to be deeply touched by a random stranger's horrible death?
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