My Girlfriend has double standards and a lack of priorities, Do I stay around?

Hi all,I've been with my partner for about a year and a half now. I'm 31 and she's 25, and generally we have a great relationship and have a lot in common. However sometimes I find myself banging my head against a wall trying to move forward and really establish ourselves.

She is very close to her friends and family which I admire because I'm the same, and I don't have any problem with her spending time with either of them, but there are times when I believe she may need to adjust her priorities.

There have been a few times I have been invited to a family gathering of hers for one reason or another, I've had plans arranged to go to the pub with mates but have changed those because I know how close knit her family are and how much she would like me to be there. I love my friends to death but really I can go to the pub and get drunk or have a bbq any time so I go along with her to her family gathering.

When it comes to me asking her to attend something iportant to do with my family, She will have no hesitiation in telling me she's got other plans with friends and can't come, no matter how big or small those plans are.

there have been a couple of times she has asked me to go to something,where I have told her I didn't particularly wan't to. On those occasions she has become quite upset and angy at the notion that I would be turning an invitiation to a family thing down and I've ended up going because it means something to her.

Just recently she was invited to go away with me and my family for a weekend, I explained to her that I'd love her to be there and that it was important to me and my family, especially my mum who was paying for the whole thing, my girlfriend declined the offer as she already had plans consisting of a bbq and drinks with two other friends of hers she sees either every week or every fortnight, and to catch up with an aunt of hers that is a couple of hours away by car.

When I tried explaining that this hurt me a little, she got angry and made out as though I was trying to control her.

We have agreed previously that communication is the key to a healthy relationship, but whenever I bring up something she doesn't like or agree with, she'l shut down and not speak to me for days until it suits her.

I'm honestly not sure what I should do, do I continue trying to have an adult relationship or do I maybe end it?. I'm feeling as though I'm not a priority in her life and might just be something to keep her entertained when she doesn't have plans.sorry for such a long post!

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Thanks for the answers everyone, so I tried to tell her what my feelings were and she hung up the phone, so I had to resort to sending a stupid number of texts messages in an effort to have a converstaion. which ended in her telling me I was sending too many texts, when I tried to explain that I had to do that because she won't have an adult conversation in person or on the phone...she ended our relationship via text and told me it was all my fault for having an "attitude"
My Girlfriend has double standards and a lack of priorities, Do I stay around?
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