How can you tell if a guy actually likes you, thinks you're cute, is a player, or is just friendly?

There have been a couple times when a guy showed signs of liking me, but didn't. The 1st guy just thought of me as a friend, and the 2nd one said he likes someone else. Some of the signs the 1st guy showed were starting to message me on fb when we didn't know each other well, smiling when he saw me, spending an hr drawing me a picture, asking me questions about myself, walking with me after school, teasing me, stopping me when he saw me walk by at school and then offering me a sip of a drink that we both liked, implying that he looked at me during the class we had together. For the 2nd guy, he didn't show as many signs but I mostly got a vibe from him that he likes me. We do the same sport and that's how we met, and whenever we were partners he would end up smiling and laughing a lot even though we didn't talk. When school started I saw him around school a lot and when he saw me walking by he would stare at me or watch me walk by. Sometimes he would also look alert I guess when he noticed me passing by. One time he passed right by me where he was like a few inches away from me, and out of my peripheral vision I could see him look down at me as he passed by and smile to himself and this was before I started liking him. He also seemed to be shier around me than with other people. The only time we had a real conversation he wouldn't look me in the eyes and kept looking away but he was smiling. He also agreed with a mutual friend of ours that I'm really pretty. Basically what I'm getting at is that I thought these two guys liked me, but it turned out that they don't and I want to know how to tell between a guy actually liking me, just thinking I'm cute, just being friendly, and playing me. How can I tell the difference?! I'm tired of being led on and getting hurt because I can't tell the difference :(
How can you tell if a guy actually likes you, thinks you're cute, is a player, or is just friendly?
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