Is Revenge OK when friend stole my GF?

My girlfriend and I were having problems. She was very insecure and often had low self esteem. She is attractive but had very bad upbringing. I realize now she was just waay too immature and I was foolish and thought she would work those things out.

She never did and our relationship suffered. We got distant in the last month of the relationship. AT the same time she started her new job and my friend at the time was also flirting with her. Which I didn't think he would do...

my friend got my girlfriend a job at burger king (he was the supervisor). He then went to work flirting with her being charming and suggesting we had problems. planting seeds we should break up for an entire month in December.

She broke up with me and waited maybe a month before dating my friend. they have been dating a month now. I am hurt and alone. and angry.

2 things. 1) my friend had been single for like 2 years and from the day he met my girlfriend he had been crushing on her. I have known this guy for 10 years going back to high school. He has had many relationships and never once did I go after his girlfriend or Ex GFs. Never.

So believe me when I say I surround myself with great friends and family I trust... I NEVER thought this guy or anyone for that matter would do this try and steal my girlfriend away...

2) I want nothing more then to bash this guys face in. but obviously I would go to jail and could lose my job too. I'm not stupid and not going to do that.

HOWEVER another very good friend (these 2 friends don't know each other) offered to basicly put this guy in the hospital. I of course wouldn't be there. have little chance of getting caught.

Should I take my friend up on the offer?

I don't believe in the bible or karma really. But I have always believed in standing up for myself and my friends when the need arises...Im not out to make enemies here but I'm having a hard time finding reasons to not accept the offer

He did steal my girlfriend away

The thing is sooner or later his behavior is going to catch up with him for taking someone else's girlfriend away right? if he did this again somebody with less self control then myself is going to beat him anyway right? so why not let my other friend take care of it?

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I never resort to violence. I don't like violence. I am just mad he betrayed me. the guys might more understand then girls. yes. cut them out of my life but seem like they don't care. I'm really open to reason. I don't want this but he doesn't' seem to be suffering. He did BETRAY me.

PLEASE don't just yell violence is bad your bad person for even thinking it.. It is about standing up for myself
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And NO I don't want her back. Not after being with my friend. Its not about gettinng her back at all. I just feel I was dishonored and betrayed by close trusted I'm trying to understand what to do and WHY.

There is a chance in the future this might happen again and some other guy beats the living daylights out of him. But that isn't a very satisfying answer. Is that karma? I guess I don't understand karma and how this might come back on him or her? Can someone explain this? Thanks
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I forget to mention this. Probably important. When my Girlfriend broke up with me 2 months ago she said she wants to be friends. I told her "No. I don't do things that way. I'm not friends with my ex's it’s too hard" So its been 2mos and NO contact. Blocked her and him on Fb. never text or called. nothing, Zero. what she did was horrible, but I am alone and miss her. I don't want her back. but I wonder if she misses me even now that she is with new is so strange...
Is Revenge OK when friend stole my GF?
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