Guy friend talks to me everyday and night over the past 8 months, so what are we now?

This guy friend I met through our mutual friend started talking to me everyday without fail since last July. He'll text me in the day time while he's working, sometimes call me right after work and another phone call at night. Phone calls at night usually lasts at least for an hour and ends when both of us feel tired. Our conversations isn't flirty and cheesy. Our topics are random little things from our daily lives like work issues, family,future career and even what we feel like buying.

He introduced me to his best guy friends and I'll join them sometimes for movie,dinner or meals. He rarely asks me out alone but we did went for dinners and movie alone sometimes.

During the 3rd month of this thing going on, I did asked him once in front of a few of our mutual friends after a few drinks about why he calls me every night and texts me everyday. He just smiled and said that he likes to talk and hang out with me. He felt that he could connect and talk to me comfortably.

When he was driving me home that night he told me he wasn't looking for a relationship right now. And he felt like he could talk to me. He often tells me he would like to start a family at this ideal age and hopes to get a daughter. And his ideal girlfriend would be fair, petite.( totally opposite from my appearance).

He'll be very dressed down when we're out and when I asked him why is he dressed so sloppyish he'll say he'll only dress up and put on cologne when he's wooing someone.

Are we purely friends or are we something else?

Normally girl and guy friends wouldn't talk to each other everyday isn't it? Though It's kind of nice to have someone to talk to everyday even though he isn't a boyfriend.

I often feel that I'm being used like a phone operator or an entertainer. Or probably I'm friend zoned right?
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I don't mind having him as friend though. He's almost like a guy version of me and he agrees to that too. We're comfortable around each other and I could be myself when I'm around him.

Perhaps this is the first time a guy friend is so close to me and girl being a girl would be thinking a lot. Is this considered as a platonic friendship?
Guy friend talks to me everyday and night over the past 8 months, so what are we now?
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