Hair Colour Frenzy!

Okay so I've seen and answered a few questions on this GaG website regarding Hair colours and which one is better. I just wanna share what I think about it all :)

Hair Colour Frenzy!

Firstly, the colour of your hair shouldn't and doesn't define who you are, just because there is sayings about "blondes are better" or even now the "brunettes are better" it's just a saying, it doesn't define every single one of you. Every single hair colour is different from one another and the person that is the owner of their hair should be worrying more about their personality then more about what they're hair is defining about them.

Secondly, If one person says one thing about a certain hair colour which you happen to be, that does not mean that every other gender or person in this world thinks the exact thing. It has literally gotten too far with the hair colour questions, every single person has an amazing hair colour, we should not go against other colours and think that you're colour is better, be priviledged that you even have hair. :)

Everyone has their own opinion and you need to accept that, I'm seriously not having a go at anyone's question or trying to start anything, I'm just sharing what I think because lately there has bee sooooo many damn questions about it and really there is more to a person then their hair colour! :)

You all Have Beautiful Hair Colours , you got nothing to worry about :D

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