Wear What You Want, Be Who You Are, Don't Care What Others Think. If You Be You, Do You, You're Keepin It Real. Not Fake And Insecure Like So Many.

Wear what you want, be who you are, don't care what othershe think. If you be you, do you, you're keepin it real. Not fake and insecure like so many.

I personally don't see what the big deal is about with men wearing these boots. As others have mentioned, these boots were originally made for men. These boots did not become a popular trend for women until 10 years ago. The only reason why they are seen as being more for women than men is because more women than men wear these boots. It's not an issue of gender so much as it is a societal/pop cultural issue. Society/pop culture leads us to believe these boots are more for women than men. Therefore we see these boots as being more for women than men. Thus make our judgements of men who wear these boots as such. The reality is these boots are for both men and women, just more women wear these boots than men. Hence, the false perception of these boots are more for women than men. Big deal. Get over it. Everyone should be who they naturally are and keep it real. Wear what they are comfortable with wearing. Be who they are comfortable with being. Don't give a flying fuck what others think. The one's who are most important will accept you for who you are in all that you are as a person, including what you wear. A big problem in today's world is so many people care too much about what others think that they alter who they are to gain more widespread acceptance; and in doing so, allow themselves to be fake. For those who like to judge people over something so absurd as this topic or any other related topic, look at yourself, judge yourself, and just worry about yourself. Don't try to change someone just because you felt like you had to change. Which is quite pathe tickets really. This whole issue amongst many similar issues, the fact there are so many people that put so much into judging others, is pathetic.


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  • That's so great and true! Amazing text, loved it. A lot more people should read it. ♥