As An Adult Woman, I Wish Snow Pants Were More Socially Acceptable To Wear.

Adult snow pants are the best thing about winter, I love them. I love feeling invincible outside. I love being warm. The only thing I don't like is that they are not socially acceptable. Can we change that?

Some reasons to wear them:

1. Warm and dry and you get to be outside.

2. Snow angels, sitting down, winter picnics, walks with your dog.

3. You can play with your kids (if you have any!)

I am a card-carrying member of Team All Snowpants All The Time.

They can be cute!As an adult woman, I wish snow pants were more socially acceptable to wear.

Bonus: Me on the bus! Keep warm on your commute! I only get *some* strange looks lol


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  • I am confused? they are completely acceptable.
    I guess the only thing thats holding you back from wearing them is you.


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  • If it gets cold enough I suspect people would be more concerned about keeping warm & less about making a fashion statement.

    • Oh I've seen girls in bare legs when snow was blowing about... I don't think keeping warm is a priority over fashion for most girls...

    • It may depend on the occasion. Our dressier outfits may not be suitable for cold weather.

    • I've been to weddings in the summer, very comfortable in a light dress & carrying my sandals, but the poor guys in the dark suits & tuxes looked like they were going to melt.

      Then on a frigid New Years Eve, the guys are comfortable in their tuxes & suits, & in my dress I feel like I'm going to die of hypothermia!

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  • Why on earth anyone has objections? o_o

  • It might be my age but if they are warm and comfortable keeping you dry then who cares what anyone else thinks - Team comfort all the way


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