How To Make Yourself Physically Unattractive Without Compromising Your Health

Unlike most people in the world, you prefer to be inconspicuous. The problem with being physically attractive is that people of the opposite sex may be attracted to you and may want to talk with you. If you are not much of a people person and do not want so much attention, then you may want to keep a low profile of yourself, without damaging your reputation or health, because you believe that inner qualities, like health and humility, are more noble qualities than vanity. And by making yourself appear unattractive physically, you can focus more attention on other people than on your own ego.

This guide is written for people, focusing on overweight or obese women, who are trying to lose weight, because they have a family history of metabolic disorders and/or cardiovascular disease or are likely at risk of getting those diseases (though, those diseases are not necessarily tied to obesity, as even normal-weight people can get Type II diabetes), but nevertheless like the plainness or unattractiveness of being plump. This guide is written, so these people can have the best of both worlds.

1. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting garments.

As you are losing weight, your body will get slimmer. Many people find slim bodies attractive and sexy. The problem is, you don't want eyes ogling at your body, especially at your curves and breasts. You don't want to be overweight again, because that creates health problems. So, what do you do? You wear light-colored, comfortable, loose-fitting garments! They give you the appearance of being fat without actually being fat! They also cover your body from your neckline to your ankles.

2. Make your hair as plain and unadorned as possible.

Plain and unadorned hair is very simple to do. Just wash your hair once every few days, so your hair does not get too stringy and oily. Comb your hair too to avoid tangles. You do not have to cut the hair at all. Just let it grow out, and put the big mass of hair in a huge bun or pompadour on top of your head when you are in public. Not many people find that look attractive or trendy, which is what you want.

3. Wear a headscarf.

If you do not want to expose your hair because some men may find long hair sexy, then you may wear a headscarf that wraps around your hair. The headscarf does two things. First, it removes hair out of your face and holds all your hair together in one place. Second, men with hair fetish will not be able to use your hair as a source of sexual excitement.

If you are a woman of faith, then you are in luck. The three major world religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, either require or recommend that women cover their heads. Wearing a headscarf is just an expression of your faith. However, this behavior of requiring or recommending women to wear headscarves occurs more often in ancient, traditional denominations than in more progressive, modern ones.

If you are not affiliated with organized religion, or if your religion does not require a headscarf, but like the plainness that the headscarf offers, then you may just choose a black, gray, or white headscarf and cover your head with it.

4. Never wear make-up.

The whole purpose of make-up is to make oneself look better. As one uses make-up, one spends too much time in front of the mirror. To remove yourself from being too self-absorbed or self-conscious, you may choose to avoid make-up altogether. Instead of applying make-up, you wash your face regularly with just water and a hand towel. This is to keep your face clean and refreshed every morning and while you are sleeping.

5. Wear glasses, not contacts.

If you have less-than-correct vision, then you may want to wear glasses, not contacts. Buy glasses with economics, comfort, and durability in mind. If you are very near-sighted, then you'd expect that the lens will be very thick and heavy. With health insurance, you may be able to afford glasses that compensate your near-sightedness and are made from light-weight materials. Wearing glasses is very useful, if you operate in a chemical laboratory.

6. Never wear jewelry.

Jewelry attracts too much attention. Remember, you want to dress yourself as plainly as possible. So, you have to avoid all jewelry. No rings of any kind, necklaces, bracelets or anklets.

7. Never wear perfume.

While jewelry can attract attention by sight, perfume can attract attention by smell. If you do not want to attract so much attention from people, especially men, then you have to avoid wearing perfume. Just keep good body hygiene. Wash your hands before and after you eat. Wash your body in the morning. Definitely wash your body at night, so you don't contaminate the bed sheets.


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  • The author of this piece has psychological issues that require professional help.
    What she advocate is comparable with the oppression of women under Sharia.


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  • Good stuff. =)
    And true.


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  • you sound like my Christian orthodox great grand mother. she was exactly like this.

    • That is Eastern Orthodox?

      By the way, how did your great grandmother get married? What were the marriage customs? Was the marriage arranged?

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    • #anonman32.

      My great grandmother was from Ukraine as well.. Orthodox, though Jewish.


    • @Azara The hashtag # will make a tag. The @ will make a notification.

  • Actually that would attract me even more

    • i was about to comment this. i've always been pretty much like this, except for the hair/headscarf thing, and it never stopped boys from coming after me...

    • @Luminifera the more she hides her feminine side behind her looks , the more feminine she become

    • dunno about feminine, but i am very awesome :)

What Girls Said 9

  • lol good take

  • i think glasses loo hot on people and head scarves can be beautiful. i also think wearing hair p is attractive. it exposes and elongates the neck and enhances eyes and cheekbones.

    many people look better without make up.

    likewise jewelry can take away from beauty instead of add to it.

    i do think wearing blasΓ© clothing and not wearing a scent will lessen attractiveness , or at least attract less attention, but most of these tips against attraction, i find attractive. jut not 'conventional'.

    i dont understand what focusing on obesity and people trying to lose weight, had to do with this article of how to look less attractive.

    • Because some women may have bad eating habits and then find out that they are at risk for heart disease later in life if they don't fix their high LDL cholesterol. So, they start eating properly and exercising to be fit... and that's it. Fitness also happens to be a marker of attractiveness. To avoid looking attractive, the myTake suggests wearing loose-fitting clothing that does NOT fit along the curves of the body. That does not have to be blasΓ© clothing. A traditional Christian nun's attire is very loose-fitting. The purpose is to remove the sensuality, or pleasure of the senses.

  • One can have both good looks and a good personality. Why would someone consciously spend energy to look unattractive? Why not put that energy into something more constructive? And it's alright to be attracted initially by the way someone looks, and then stay with him because you are also compatible

    • Actually, you'd spend less energy to look less attractive. It takes work to look attractive. So, you do the bare minimum, which is to eat a healthy diet and maintain regular physical activity. Make-up, form-fitting fashions, perfume, jewelry -- they all cost money, time, and effort.

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    • 1. That is certainly an option, but that is not the point of the myTake. The point of the myTake is to emphasize less on personal appearance. However you look, whether good or bad, does not matter. I must add that another point in the myTake is to reduce sex appeal. Most of the points I've written is to reduce sex appeal and emphasize plainness.
      2. A personal style can look good and can look bad. Whether it looks good or bad is not the emphasis of the myTake. Rather, the emphasis is on plainness and not being able to attract too much attention to yourself.

    • It's also why I used the term "unattractive" instead of "ugly" or "unbeautiful".

  • Although getting hit on by creeps and such can be annoying, I still like to look good for myself and it is not worth it to me to take that away from myself just to keep those guys away. I would be punishing the wrong person. All I have to do is politely let them know I am not interested, and usually they leave me alone after that.

  • i wear glasses. I guess that makes me unattractive already...


    • This is news to me and nah I doubt it πŸ˜› unless they are big old grandma glasses 😜 hahhaah

    • @akadatank44 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ what's news to you? And welcome back 😘 And nope I have normal glasses!

    • That you ha e glasses πŸ˜‚ I didn't know that. Thank you miss 😘 you should message me back when you get a chance πŸ˜‰

  • just wear ear phones. done. all of this is excessive and unnecessary.

  • Interesting ny take :3

  • Thank you so much for this haha

    • Is that a genuine ha or a sarcastic haha?

    • Genuine. Seriously, I hate looking attractive. I put on weight and liked it because I wasn't as appealing and got less attention. I really have wanted to lose weight for a while, but wasn't ready because I know it would come hand in hand with more attention from random men in public. I hate it. Even when I'm fat it happens, so this is good.

    • Well, then. This guide is for you!

      But for the sake of your own health, you may want to stay committed to maintain a healthy, normal weight instead of being overweight.

  • Well this still won't work for someone who has a stunningly beautiful face

    • Eh...

      The purpose is to deter the poor-quality, superficial men and aim for the better-quality, genuine men.

    • That will not remotely work.