7 Reasons Why I Don't Wear A Lot Of Makeup


The only makeup I ever wear is mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick/gloss/balm and here are a few reasons why.

1) Makeup Increases Acne

7 Reasons Why I Don't Wear A Lot Of Makeup

The more concealer and foundation you put on, the more chance there is of you breaking out. Which you then cover again with more makeup. Which to me seems kind of redundant if you don't have acne in the first place, like a cycle you created and continue to rotate constantly.

2) It's Deceiving

7 Reasons Why I Don't Wear A Lot Of Makeup

I don't want to wipe away my makeup and find out that my boyfriend or friends don't recognize me. I like looking like myself, even if myself isn't perfect.

3) It's Expensive

7 Reasons Why I Don't Wear A Lot Of Makeup

Makeup costs an absolute fortune, especially when it's good stuff, like MAC or anything from Sephora.

So why would I spend 21 dollars on a lipstick when I can spend a dollar on a chapstick that will just keep my lips naturally moisturized and looking nice?

4) It's Bad For Your Skin

7 Reasons Why I Don't Wear A Lot Of Makeup

I think it's pretty clear that putting chemicals on your face every day is not good for your health. The chemicals seep through your skin and into your blood stream and can cause early aging and bad skin in the future.

5) I Don't Have To Check My Face Every Hour

7 Reasons Why I Don't Wear A Lot Of Makeup

Having to check a mirror every so often to make sure your face isn't melting off can get tedious and be a hassle, that I, as a low-maintenance person, don't want to worry about.

6) Most Of It Is Tested On Animals

7 Reasons Why I Don't Wear A Lot Of Makeup

Most makeup products are tested on animals, which kind of sucks.

Even if you aren't super concerned with saving animals and being nature friendly, it kind of sucks to think that some poor animal was tested on so that you could have the perfect smokey eye.

7) If Someone Doesn't Like Me Without Makeup, Why Would I Like Them?

7 Reasons Why I Don't Wear A Lot Of Makeup

This is similar to the boyfriend thing.

If a guy doesn't want to approach me because I don't wear enough makeup, or he doesn't think I'm pretty enough, then he isn't someone I want to be with. If I'm going to be with someone I want them to love my face from the get go, not the face I painted on an hour ago.

I know a lot of girls have a different view point of makeup and I think that's awesome too. For some of you, makeup is a part of who you are. If it makes you happy and confident then absolutely go for it. This is just my personal feelings for myself. I do not think any less of a woman who wears a full face of makeup every day than a woman who wears nothing at all, because we all have different personalities that require different lifestyles.

Thank you for reading! 😊

7 Reasons Why I Don't Wear A Lot Of Makeup
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  • coolbreeze
    Good take and very valid points. I seen girls wear to much make up and it looks to fake-ish. I do know girls who wear make-up to hide bad skin and acne. I knew this one girl who would put make up on for up to 3-4 hours. Like she would put everything on her that you can imagine. It can be time consuming to.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • LittleSally
    I agree on all of these, except the deceiving part... I never put that much on that it's deceiving - even if I did... I couldn't care less, to be honest. Haha
    If I like something, I like it for me, not to impress or deceive anyone else.
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  • zombiebabe
    true take!!
    agree on all points!
  • Clairehunti
    1. Acne has more to do with your diet. If you regularly take care of you skin using the right products for your skin after wearing make up there shouldn't be much of a problem.

    2. Make up brings out your best features. Personally, I don't care if I look completely different. I do it for myself and I enjoy putting on a lot of make up.

    3. Everyone has their own budget. A chapstick to keep your lips moisturized is completely different from a Mac lipstick. They don't have the same exact function and they're not suppose to have the exact same function.

    4. There are ecological make up products.
    Any product with chemicals you put on your skin are bad, not just make up.

    5. I don't check my face every hour. When I do check my face it takes like five seconds to do so, I don't think it's very tough. I use products that's suppose to make my make up stay.

    6. Not all make up products are tested on animals. A lot of them are yes but then, don't buy them. I never buy make up that's tested on animals. I have a list on cruelty free make up products that I know are correct.

    6. "If a guy doesn't want to.." Why would a guy even matter in this case? Personally I don't put on make up for guys and if a guy didn't like me because I look different when I take it off then he's not worth my time. Love isn't about apperance.

    That's just my personal opinion!
  • amarahorrorstory
    See as a makeup lover I have a totally opposite view on this. Don't get me wrong, I totally respect yours. I don't get acne very often, most of it comes from stress, if I do get acne, its from not washing my face, which is smart anyway. I don't feel like I'm lying to anyone, it's still my face, regardless of what I put on it, I love the way I look without makeup so if a guy is going to be disappointed, I couldn't care less what he thinks. That IS what I look like, with makeup on. You're right, it's expensive, but I love makeup, and that's what I want to spend my money on. Some people get new clothes or games, I get makeup. There is a website called Skin Deep, you can look up most products and how bad they are for you before you get them, my skin also isn't that sensitive. I set my makeup well, so it doesn't need to be checked, however, with snapchat and stuff, you see it all the time anyway. There are also websites to check to see if a company tests on animals, rather easy to avoid, look out for parent companies too. I try not to buy those, but most cosmetics, face washes, any personal care product gets tested on animals, so people think they aren't giving in to testing, but it's almost inevitable. Finally, your last statement, if he doesn't like me WITH makeup, why would I like them? I love makeup, if that grosses him out of he thinks I look better without it (I know that sounds like a compliment but it's not when you spent time working on it so it was perfect for your own personal liking, it's a bit insulting). I love my face without makeup, I think I look great without it but I love being able to change it up all the time. Why have two dresses when you could have hundreds? When someone says "You don't need makeup" it feels just like you wearing a ball gown and someone coming up to you and saying "You'd look just as pretty naked" it's just like "Okay, but I look good with the gown on?" Just my personal opinion, like I said I respect yours. I understand too, some days I just wear mascara and a little concealer and that's all I want.
  • outmyroom
    Who cares if it's tested on animals? Everything is tested on animals. Plus girls with make up look better than without and I don't know I about you but I dress to look sexy.
    • MissMc3

      I really hope I didn't offend you, that wasn't my intention. If you love makeup then I think it's great that you wear it, these are just my personal reason for not wearing it.

    • outmyroom

      You didn't offend you haha and I hope I didn't offend you either. And I can see your reasons too! Just sharing my opinion. Obviously it's easier without makeup I might stop wearing when I grow up haha.

    • MissMc3

      Haha Okay, cool. Thank you for your opinion! It can be easier, but do whatever makes you happy :)

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  • Cccgala
    This is a myTake I can relate 😊

    I also don't apply too much make-up. I barely apply make-up, to be honest. I feel that my time would be consumed excessively. You know, make-up would be washed off my face at the end of the day. If I would work on having eyebrows on fleek and applying eyeliner without committing misalignments for hours and just wash them off before going to bed, then it'll be heartbreaking and I would feel robbed of my time. That is just me, though.
  • lumos
    As for the "it's bad for your skin" arguments, you might want to take a look at this take I wrote quite a while ago:
    And as for it being expensive, e. l. f is a great makeup brand you might want to check out. They're cruelty free and also pretty cheap, but the quality is great.
    As for point 5, I've never felt the need to check my face every hour, even when I'm wearing my "party makeup" (which is essentially just eye shadow + my normal makeup). Like the only times I've felt the need to check on my makeup have been when it was raining and I got a little wet.
  • NovaLS
    Good take my girlfriend also doesn't use much make up at all. Just eye make up and lip whatever... balm gloss chap stick? She is a natural redhead and her eyelashes though very long are fairly blonde without mascara but thats the only really noticeable make up she wears and its quite refreshing :)
  • ShaeNielson
    To me makeup is art and I can not be bothered to consider the fact that some people might find it deceiving.
  • ParamountArmada
    good take except for only thinking guys have to approach you, guys dont usually approach, because girls easily reject us, girls need to learn that their beauty prevents rejection, therefore its the girl that has to approach the guy she wants, its the girl who decides on who she wants when she wants anyways.
  • KRIEL55
    mascara, eyeliner, and lip balm are just as "deceiving", can be tested on animals, and can be just as expensive. and i dont know a single female that checks her makeup so often (or at all. i never check my makeup because it doesn't just "melt off"). it sounds to me like you're talking about how hard it is for you to use makeup such as foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlighter, and so on. but those aren't even the main products that make someone look different. mascara and eyeliner are actually the main products that completely change how someone looks (i love makeup but if i had to choose only 2 products that i can use, it would most definitely be mascara and eyeliner because they are just the most effective in enhancing features) so this is all very ironic to me.
  • alice55
    Like this people will not mock me after seing my bare face. It hapen a lot in my country. Women who wear make up everyday and a day they doesn't wear it receive a lot of bad things saying to her. Like people find me pretty without I just go around without wear it. Plus I have more time for sleeping like this :)
  • HauteBrilliance
    I love makeup and experimenting with it, I just don't like putting a crapload of it every day. If I am staying at home and I know that I am not going anywhere, then I keep a fresh face. However on a daily, I usually just do my eyebrows, slap on some mascara and put some lip balm so my lips don't get dried and that's about it. (I put some setting spray too so my makeup doesn't wash off after finishing my makeup.)
  • phoenix2000
    Yea for me the main reason I don't wear makeup is that if someone likes me with makeup then I'll scare him off when he sees me without makeup and I want someone who likes natural looks
  • Heera
    great for you! I still like makeup and I won't stop wearing it :)
    But indeed we should look for the ones who are not animal tested
  • PurpleTeardrops2
    Congrats you don't wear makeup. Anything else you want?
  • SillyMilly
    Lol it's funny how girls who wear " less" make up somehow think their better than girls who wear a lot.
  • somebodysaycheese
    I agree.. but might i add Its bad for your health over all
  • Shorty1991
    Great take! :) I'm the same, but wear eye-shadow sometimes.
  • btbc92
    You have my 100% approval and fits my description. Bravo! ^^
  • FashionQueen86
    I agree with all of it.

    For one, I was never good at applying it. I think I'm walking out the house fine and the next time I know, I look like a clown. So, to the women who know how to wear it, You're awesome.

    Also when it's really hot, I get nervous that I'm sweating or 'dripping' too much. I also don't like the trial and error of finding the right hue for my skin.

    It is expensive. I have a whole row on the shelf of idled makeup I barely touched, and they're probably old. Don't know why I just won't throw it out already. Probably feel I'm wasting it.

    I get enough compliments without it, which I guess is really cool. I agree about the 'surprise' aspect as well, when if I wipe it off and the guys are like 'Argh!!'
  • Zorax
    Very good Take indeed, I never liked makeup, natural looks is the best.
  • ChocoLada
    I agree, I don't like too much makeup either, good myTake.
  • AmethystAngel
    Reasons why I don't wear make up are:
    I am lazy
    It's expensive
    I don't like the smell
    My face feels heavy
    My eyes burn
    I am super clumsy.
  • kingarthas
    i don't agree. you don't have to swim in the black see of make up.
    make something simple and look abit more better. Guys don't like over make up.
  • SS-rated
    I love to put make up on and experiment with myself, i have pretty ugly eye bags and i have to hide them and i feel way more confident with make up of course, my eyes are big and colorful and my lashes are really long and my eyebrows are thick and pure black it's just a waste not to make their beauty come out more with make up BUT i think you're right, it ruins your skin and is quite expensive but i still look good without make up and i make sure to take care of my skin. There are people i know who look like dying dogs without makeup on, they use like 3 fondations and that's when i'd say stop, this is not normal, a friend of mine looks like a granny without makeup, no kidding, she is only 20 and her skin is so damaged.
  • Puppylove94
    i like make up. i dont put a lot on but i think its good to put a little bit of effort into your appearance. It takes me 5 minutes and i actually like to put it on.

    1) it doesn't increase acne, thats just genetics and oily skin. i've always worn make up and never have had acne
    2) it isn't deceiving. i wear make up because it ACCENTUATES certain features, not completely remake them.
    3) it doesn't have to e expensive. I probably spend 25$ every 2-3 months.
    4) like i said in #1, no its not
    5) i never look in the mirror. I look in the mirror putting it on and once before i leave. I guess i use snap chat a lot, but thats not to check my make up lol
    6) it doesn't kill the animals.
    7) you don't have to wear it ALL the time. yourr boyfriend will see you with and without make up. its good to switch it up.

  • KissItBetter
    do you want cookie or something? congratulations?
  • Pilulu
    Wow, you don't wear make up. Congrats on being a special snowflake.
  • reixun
    I don't wear it usually but I still like it.
  • lime_rampljuset
    I agree.
  • John_Doesnt
    Expensive is a good reason not to.
  • Distants
    I hardly wear makeup either.
  • iAMNirvana
    Well said. Couldn't put it better in words.
  • rose004b
  • Lillevalss
    I like this take
  • rachel1112
    great job:))
  • Waffles731
    good take
  • Revengercm
    #7 is the most important thing
  • Romeotte16
    Point 1 is scary lol
  • Omar5881
  • Anonymous
    LOL #6... OK THEN. If you'd rather makeup be tested on humans, then go ahead and you be the test subject. Ridiculous.
  • Anonymous
    Well-said. Those are exactly my reasons for not putting on make-up. I know I am already beautiful within my family. It's just that I am maladaptive in American society by having certain features not considered desirable by the American Caucasian majority. But among my family, I look like a normal human being. :D
  • Anonymous
    'Ey, great take!
  • Anonymous
    Mascara eyeliner and lipstick is still makeup so.. You're shaming girls for wearibg makeup when you also wear it yourself? Also, it wouldn't hurt you to apply some foubdation or blush it really does wonders..
  • Anonymous
    I disagree that it's deceiving. Makeup doesn't change you. It just enhances you.