Some Beautiful African Ankara Designs For Your Viewing Pleasure

Over here in Nigeria, a lot of people get their clothes made by tailors.


It's inexpensive and you get to design exactly what you want according to your own body type. There are so many tailors in Nigeria but they all charge different amounts; some charge as low as N5,000 ($15) while some charge as high as N200,000 ($635) per cloth (yup you read that right). We also have the ridiculous , insane ones that are N1,500,000 ($4,700). You have to keep in mind not all tailors are reliable and you just have to hope they get your measurements right and it's the style you want.

This woman asked for the dress on the left to be made for her wedding and the dress on the right was given to her:

This is is why you need to get a very good tailor, doesn't have to be an expensive one, it just has to be a good tailor.

The first thing you need to do is buy fabric; this comes in different prices as well. You have Ankara, which ranges from N5,000-N300,000 ($15-$950); this the most-used kind of fabric but don't limit your choice to just that because there's an infinite number of materials and designs to pick from. There's still silk, chiffon, taffeta and many other fabrics.

Some designs of Ankara.

You can make anything, from skirts and blouses to trousers and even dresses.

These are just a few styles, and what is possible to make with Ankara; there a literally thousands of styles, so you could create yours!

We can't forget about Ankara accessories! My cousin actually makes loads of stuff like this herself and she's very good at it, too.

These are all the things you could make with Ankara.


These are what N1,500,000 clothes looks like; you can get these particular styles for cheaper, though. It's because the woman that makes these is a designer.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. This is my first MyTake, so sorry if it's not so good.

Which is your favorite style?


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  • They are really lovely - I liked the tight blue trousers


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  • awwwe nice! i like the prints


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  • lovely

  • I love those style! Our Nigerian styles are the bomb! 😍
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