Lolita Fashion Facts, FAQs, and Documentaries (by an Actual Lolita)

Just debunking some myths about the fashion made by ignorant people who know nothing about it, and assume the worst just because of the name.

Facts about Lolita:

1) It got its start in the 1970's in Japan and it became really popular in the 90's thanks to Mana-sama (a guitarist in the visual-kei band Malice Mizer) bring it to light with his Gothic coords.

2) It's a fashion based on the looks of the aristocracy of the Victorian, and Rococo era's. It's not fetish wear.

3) It has nothing to do with that damned pedo book by Vladimir Nobokov!!! I cannot emphasize this anymore than I already am! They only share a name, and Lolita was a normal name before that book existed and gave it a negative connotation. Lolitas absolutely hate when you say the fashion comes from that book...because it doesn't! The name of the fashion/subculture that IS based off of that book is called the NYMPHET FASHION AND NOT LOLITA!


Vs. (Lolita)

4) Lolita has many different substyles to suit everyone's tastes like Gothic Lolita, Classic Lolita, Old school Lolita ,Wa Lolita, Sweet Lolita (my personal favorite), Deco Lolita, Guro Lolita, Kuro Lolita, Shiro Lolita, Military Lolita, Sailor Lolita, Pirate Lolita, Hime Lolita, Ero Lolita, Qi Lolita, Vintage Lolita, and Country Lolita.

Some are declining in popularity, and others remain strong. (I'll be doing weekly or monthly individual myTakes about the individual substyles I'm more familiar with on Wednesdays.)

5) Gothic Lolita was the first Lolita substyle. It's the mother of them all.

6) Lolita is still an unusual fashion even inside of Japanese culture, despite what media might show, and it has also gained popularity in the west. There's probably more Western Lolita's than there are Japanese Lolita's.

7) Lolita IS an expensive fashion with some brand name dresses going up to 800 bucks. Even the cheaper non-brand/cheaper alternative Lolita dresses can be expensive.

8) It takes a lot of confidence to wear Lolita, and it teaches you how to balance and manage your money so you can buy such expensive clothing.

9) There's such a thing a too many frills/too much lace in Lolita fashion so don't be a Lace Monster which is a person who wears too much cheap quality Lace. (I'll make a myTake about basic Lolita slang after this one).

Lolita FAQ's:

Is Lolita age play/fetish wear inspired by the book Lolita?

No, it's completely unrelated to the book and it's a fashion inspired by historical periods.

Is Lolita only for small Asian girls?

No, it's for everyone regardless of race, size, sex, gender, age, height, etc Anyone and everyone can be cute. Hell, there's even Muslim and POC Lolita's that aren't Asian.

Are there cheaper Lolita dresses?

Yes, and I'll post a link that'll show you different sellers of Lolita fashion (both brand and non-brand sellers). If you try finding a shop online without knowing any credible shops you'll run into Milano scams which will steal your money and give you shit quality clothing, and good quality clothing is everything in Lolita.

Is there a guy version/male alternative to Lolita fashion?

It's not a part of the Lolita fashion, but it is sort of like the male version of Lolita and it's called the Ouji (prince) fashion. I've done a myTake about it some months back, and if that's still to cutesy for you there's also the elegant aristocrat fashion.

How can I convince my friends, family, and/or S.O. that Lolita fashion isn't bad and is apart of my life?

This one is a toughy...... You can try to educated them about what the Lolita fashion really is and how its a Harujuku street fashion from Japan and doesn't mean what the western world thinks Lolita means, or if you're lucky they'll either approve because it's modest than what you see people wear nowadays, or they'll feel indifferent since its your life and your money. Show them video's of more experienced Lolita's explaining what it is and credible articles giving a detail explanation of the fashion.

Can I afford Lolita if I am a student?

You can, but you must learn how to budget your money very carefully, and doing jobs like baby sitting, cutting grass, etc to make extra money will help if you're not old enough to work in certain places due to labor laws.

How can I avoid harassment while wearing Lolita?

I hate to say this but there is no avoiding it. The best thing you can do is educated people, and if someone yells harassment at you, touches you, takes your picture/records you without permission, or follows you around, then you should without a doubt call the cops, and try to avoid traveling along in shady places. If you're young travel with a group.

How can I get in contact with other Lolita's? There are none in my area and I don't know of any local communities.

You can find communities online, and there are more than likely communities in your state, or countries big cities where many Lolita's gather.

Can I be into Lolita and another alternative fashion, or do I have to choose?

You can be into as many different fashion cultures as you want.

Is Lolita provocative?

Hell no, you're covered from head to toe. And being cute while being modest is huge in this fashion. Just because it shares the name of the book doesn't mean it's related to it at all.

Is Lolita a costume?

Hell no, but these are.

What are loliable items?

Loliable items are clothes or accessories that are more common in other fashion subcultures, or "normie fashion" that can be incorporated into a Lolita outfit even though the item itself is not traditionally Lolita.

Can I wear my natural hair in Lolita?

Now this question gets asked a lot by girls with either short hair, or afro textured hair, and the answer is a simple "yes" if you style it properly.

Lolita fashion documentaries:

The next 3 myTakes will be about the following:

-Basic Lolita slang for beginners

-Basic anatomy of a Lolita coord

-The Gothic Lolita substyle


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  • I had no idea about that stuff but people can wear whatever they want some of those were cute clothes.


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  • Cool take, very thorough.
    I actually like the lolita fashion a lot more with natural hair, not the doll looking hairstyle that many seem to adopt. The girl with the afro looks super cute.


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  • Oh man so many separate pieces. I can't imagine how long it takes to put the entire outfit on.

    • It doesn't take long to put the outfit on, but it takes forever to figure out what you want your coord to look like. xD

  • These look really nice, definetely not what I thought it was going to be about especially knowing about the movie and the book which you said is irrelevant to the fashion style. It kinda looks like a mix of Kawaii and Southern Bellein a way

    • That's what the substyle Country Lolita is based off of basically. xD

      Country Lolita:

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    • It can be hard especially when your workplace requires you to wear a commpany provided t shirt and jeans especially when pretty muchsince you have to wash the same uniforms 3 or 4 times a week

    • I know how you feel. I'm in the same situation which is why I wear Lolita after work, or on days when I don't have it.

  • Very good take, I chuckled on the is lolita only for small Asian girl part. It is good that you covered the basic questions and put links so that people can learn more.

    • You'd be surprised at how many women and men think its only for small Asian women and are hesitant to join the Lolita fashion community because of it.

  • Why would this fashion trend take the name "Lolita," setting up all the opportunities for it to be mistakenly maligned, when it could have called itself something like "neo-Victorian?"

    • It's a borrowed name, and Lolita was a normal name before it was a book. When the name hit Japan they thought the name was a normal cute girls name, and not related to the smut that is the novel. It would also make no sense to call it "Neo-Victorian" since it's based on 1-2 other era's that aren't the Victorian era, and you can't simply change the name of the fashion after it has been around for over 30 years over night.

  • Enjoyable take and educational - You are correct, there is a big retro feel to it

  • I think Pedobear would approve.

  • Is this realy i smexual behavior baby tacko ;3
    Dont get ma whoremones all excited juz yet 😚

  • This comes off equivalent to man babies.
    interesting lmao i suppose i dig it

    • Man babies are in a whole other lifestyle separate and completely irrelevant from Lolita fashion.

    • DD/lg and shit like that are apart of the age play/bdsm culture which has nothing to do with Lolita. If you read the myTake I even explain that it's not age play or fetish wear.

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  • This is so cool! Hey what are your thoughts on like... making your own clothes?

    • As long as it fits with the fashion's rules/guidelines when it comes to aesthetics, isn't made with cheat shiny fabric, and isn't made like it came out of some quick and easy sewing DIY video then you should be good. Quite a few Lolita's actually make some of their own clothes, but they've usually had years of experience when it comes to sewing.

    • Yeah that's what I was guessing since they probably make their own patterns. Interesting!

  • Interesting article! I have some questions. Lolita is a subculture related only to fashion? Or also with music, certain hobbies and interests? And why does one wants to be part of it?

    • It's related to mostly to fashion, but other women adopt hobbies like antiquing, enjoying classical music, and other things like that once they've joined Lolita unless they were already into that sort of thing. If you watch the video's at the bottom it'll explain why most Lolita's have joined the fashion.

  • Interesting Take :)

  • Lots of cute pics and clothes. Very thorough take. So where would you wear this and why do you wear it?

    • I wear it because it's a freedom of expression, and most western styles haven't caught my eye. You can wear it anywhere since it is fashion and just clothes.

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    • I left for a little while. I haven't been back long.

    • Ohhhh... gotcha.

  • I can totally see myself wearing a few of these outfits. Especially number 5 😍😍😍😍

    • I think you'd look cute in Lolita. :D

    • Thanks! I think you would too!

    • I look like a giant cupcake since I wear Sweet Lolita. My newest dress also came in the mail today too, and I am so happy about it. o~(>u<)~o

  • Thanks for this wonderful take <3

    I always thought Lolitas were cute but I never tried one for myself. But after reading this I'll definitely try one :)

    • When it comes to the fashion it always helps to ask more experienced Lolita's for advice. If you don't you might become an "ita" which is a term I will cover in my next myTake, and being an "ita" isn't a good thing.

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    • I think I'll start with the most retro.

    • That would be more along the lines of Classic, Country, and Vintage Lolita. They're somewhat similar aesthetically, but there are key differences that makes them separate.

  • good topic

  • They look great thats for sure. It's just not my personal taste.

    • That's understandable. The Lolita fashion is an acquired taste.

  • Lol this is actually kind how I model what I wear. I get called a lolita all the time