7 Male Appearance Traits That They Are Branded As Gay, But They Are Not

Of course gay means homosexual. And homosexual means a person who is attracted to his/her own gender. In other words, your appearance doesn’t change your sexuality, but still there are people who stick on stereotypes. Such stereotypes are…

(In alphabetical order)

1) Being skinny (For adults)

7 Male Appearance Traits That They Are Branded As Gay, But They Are Not

Although it’s acceptable for male teens to be skinny, a skinny adult guy might give the wrong impression of being feminine. Notable example is, during a guys night out, they decide to go to eat something. And if they see you eating something little then the chances to be commented about this are high. Comments like Oh dude, you eat so little might occur. Well, personally I never eat much at night, because I don’t feel well sleeping with a full stomach. Of course there are also those guys who eat like a horse, yet they remain skinny because of their metabolism. But that’s another story.

2) Earrings

Well not much in our days anymore, because it's more acceptable for straight guys to wear an earring, but still for some reason wearing an earring on your right ear, means you are gay. I don’t know the reasons behind that, but I think it’s silly.

3) Pink clothes

This is the only trait among the list that I don’t follow personally, because I believe pink clothes don’t suit me. But still, pink Is a color that is automatically linked with the female gender. So if in case a guy wears a pink shirt or pink trousers, he might give wrong assumptions. Well, Elvis liked pink as well, but he wasn’t gay for sure.

4) Shaving your body (If you are not an athlete)

I notice that it’s considered OK for athletes to shave their body, but if you are not such, then it’s a no. Well, not everyone likes having hair on their body, so…

5) Shaving your face

I think this started because of the lumberjack-mania that kicked in during the beginning of this decade. Before it was perfectly normal for a guy to be clean shaven. But perhaps this is the silliest reason among all. I mean come on, politicians or people who work for the military are usually clean-shaven even nowadays. Not gay professions at all, eh?

6) Styling your hair

They say men are supposed to not care about their hair, and they must not go crazy if they notice some bald spot on their scalps. But still I believe hairstyles are what make people unique. You look very generic and also forgettable (when it comes to looks at least) if you have just a buzz cut.

7) Wearing a leather jacket

Maybe it’s because during 70s-80s eras gay guys in music videos used to wear leather jackets, but they also used to wear leather hats and pants as well. Guess it’s a leftover from then.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I honestly didn't realize that most of these things are considered gay. I can understand the earrings one, hairstyling, and wearing pink but not the rest. Even though I don't consider any of these to be gay personally. You aren't gay because of traits you are gay because of what you are attracted to. Gay people may do some of these things and look these ways but it doesn't mean you are gay if you look a certain way or do a certain thing. Even having sex with another man isn't gay unless it is a gay man doing it.

  • good take


What Guys Said 4

  • "Gay"? What kinda cockwagon town think that stuff is gay?

    Tho now that I think of it , it's not so much gay but "try-hard" , yeah you know the type I'm talking about , the type that read off the GQ of the season's hottest style and decide to just transplant it onto him thinking it'll just work but it ends up looking like a kid wearing his father's clothes.

    It's not so much gay but more so people not knowing their own... vibe.

  • These things aren't gay, but some of them are considered girlish...
    1. I'm not skinny and I'm not fat. I'm a fit dude with muscles.
    2. I would never pierce my ears.
    3. I don't like to wear pink or any color that's too bright...
    4. I shave my body once in a while.
    5. I shave my face often.
    6. I don't like styling my hair.
    7. It's just as a jacket and I have one.

  • Earrings and shaving your body is pretty damn gay though.

    • Look for earrings history.

    • And straight men in ancient Greece commonly fucked each other, doesn't mean that this "historical" fact isn't gay af.

  • Quite a lot of good points, although number 4 is the worst.