Beard, Why Would You Need It?

So, I have been growing my beard since the age of 20 when it was first complete and looked good.

Now many people say that they like clean shaved look and on the other hand many others like the beard better.

I advocate for the beard, but why ? Let's see some of the reasons...

1. Looks good most of the time.

Beard, Why Would You Need It?

I mean look how great it looks.

2. Makes a man look more masculine.

3. Keeps you warm in the winter.

4. Protects the skin.

Beard, Why Would You Need It?

5. Kids likes that fulfy facial hair, they usually keep playing with it (Cute, I know ).

6. Women find it attractive.

Beard, Why Would You Need It?

7. A beard makes any man handsome.

So, now you ask why are you writing this?

I am writing because of a dare. @AlexEfron says that G@G community wants me shave it clean, now I told him if you make a poll and win, I would do it. Next week though, so I am advocating my case of why it is good to have a beard!


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  • You're right, he's wrong. Beards rule.

    Now, you're you're a white collar professional, consider going clean 'till your career is well launched.

  • I wore a beard for around 15 years. Recently started going clean shaven as at my age, my beard aged my appearance a good 5 years.

    I found that women love a nicely maintained beard. Some guys just grow these nests. If you trim the neck, keep the length nicely trimmed, it shows you are not a slob that simply does not prefer to shave.

    I washed my beard with my hair. Excess shampoo and conditioner brought down kept it from being too rough and it always smelled nice. It had been explained to me by several women that a turn off for them was rough, often stinky facial hair. Once they experienced mine, they loved touching it and smelling it.

    I swear it wicks away oils that cause acne. I would never get pimples, unless I shaved clean. A pimple was almost guaranteed within a day or two after.

    Finally, my skin hasn't aged quite like most, even my own brother who is clean shaved. My skin around my mouth is wrinkle free. Again, I think the hair has something to do with it. Clean shaved I actually look about 5 years younger than I actually am.


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