The unresolved modern problems with men's fashion and it's 2020


This may sound ridiculous but unless you care at least on the same level as I do about men's fashion options (and enjoy looking good or stylish), you wouldn't really bother with men's style or fashion options.

And I can understand why men's fashion is limited and women's fashion choices is available plentiful. I suppose most men don't really care about good looking clothes and that is most likely because they are preoccupied with other things in their minds (work, labor, cars, tech, games, p o r n, money, fitness) and stylish clothes or accessories is at the bottom of their interest list - if at all.

And so therefore the shops don't sell them as much.

The unresolved modern problems with mens fashion and its 2020

Problem - Men's clothing/accessories options are vastly outnumbered by women's clothing/accessories

I'm not going to pull random numbers by how much but I can bring some real world examples to prove my point.

I went to the mall and entered several (5 to 10) clothing shops.

I found, that more than half of these clothing shops sell clothes/accessories products, that are only for women (heels, dresses, skirts etc...).

And the lesser half of the clothing shops, that sell clothes for men too? I found, that the store is filled up by approximately 60% women's clothes/accessories, 20% child clothes, 5% headwear/socks/misc and the remaining 15% (at best) is men's clothing/accessories and so this renders men's fashion choices severely limited and they are more unlikely to find something, that they like to wear and then look into the mirror. This may force us men to do our purchasing online without being able to try them on first.

Another example I have is with umbrellas. I was looking for umbrellas recently and I found, that the umbrellas for men are mostly nothing but plain and black. 9 out of 10 umbrellas (for men) looked like this:

The unresolved modern problems with mens fashion and its 2020

But the umbrellas (for women) are the opposite: 9 out of 10 umbrellas came with any sort of design and various variants. Something like this here:

The unresolved modern problems with mens fashion and its 2020

My point here is there are pretty cool looking umbrellas too but the vendors/manufacturers just slap a label on it like it's for women only. I mean take a look at this umbrella and you'll understand my perspective, that it will look cool on either gender.

The unresolved modern problems with mens fashion and its 2020

Furthermore women have more than several options in what style they can appear. They can appear:

  • Classy
  • In a suit
  • In a dress
  • Underdressed/revealing/slutty
  • In a bikini
  • Casual or light
  • Trashy/hobo-style/working class
  • Colorful
  • Sportswear

Now correct me if I am wrong but men's options in what style they can appear is far less than for women. AFAIK these are:

  • Classy
  • In a suit
  • In shorts/swimming wear and topless
  • Casual or light
  • Sportswear
  • Trashy/hobo-style/working class

From these bullet points I can see fewer style options on the men's side but perhaps I have not witnessed everything yet. Of course I can't list everything because the list would be too big. While women have make-up men have beards. While women wear earrings men wear watches. And then some things also intersect such as hats, coats, scarves, boots, pendants, gucci and rings for both men and women. The list goes on and you get the idea.

At this point in 2020 I am kind of shocked, that businesses aren't coming up with more good looking clothes/accessories for men or for unisex. They can definitely make some revenue out of it since there's a serious lack of these but the bigger question is: Is there a demand for it (besides me of course)? As I see it - not really. How sad!

The unresolved modern problems with men's fashion and it's 2020
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  • BeeNee
    There have been a few decades and even early centuries where men's fashion was on par with women's but the last time there was a lot of variety and emphasis on men's style, I'd venture to say was the 70's---after that, it was back to suits and casual plaids, and denim.

    I once wrote a whole thing on men's fashion and the majority of comments from men, were, "no one cares." Obviously I know this isn't true, but truth be told, even if you do care a lot about men's fashion, guys have a way of tearing that down as if you shouldn't want to look good or put effort into your wardrobe or care about such things and it can really stifle that guy who wants to put in that effort if he knows his friends or family are going to just make fun of him for it.

    I think at this point in our timeline, the only place you can find great or different men's fashion is online, or if you live in an area with a trendy neighborhood. Until it's more accepted again that men should be able to have and embrace more style again, it's just I'm afraid, going to be more of the same old same old.
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    • Unit1

      Yes. Pretty much that. Nowadays I see men's clothing store and they got nothing but suits, suits and more suits! I mean give me a break with those suits (i don't even like suits to begin with).

    • BeeNee

      It is completely boring. I went shopping before the pandemic with a guy friend for a photo shoot because he needed some help picking out a good outfit, and literally there was nothing but plain colored polos and plaid available. There was nothing unique about anything or if you wanted to perhaps look different, there was no real option in that particular store, which is echoed by a lot of stores who have helped put men into one box.

    • Unit1

      Tell me all about it Ms. Bee Nee!
      Therefore we men will have to rely on online clothing stores to get our good looking clothes delivered. We can't even put them on to measure it. What would help however is if the clothes specified supported size ranges like for example 183-188cm (i saw that on one hoodie).

      Funny thing however is that I find rappers sometimes have better clothes than the average joe next street. Nothing clowny or anything but sometimes what they wear can look good. Something unusual.

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  • bobalife
    Interesting take🤔 I like that a guy actually spoke up about this haha. However, as a fashionsta, itโ€™s a general rule that fashion can be made by any type of style you put on and your level of effort 😉
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  • Dargil
    Men's Fashion not a strong area for me. But since most things revolve around politics and sex, some possible insights.
    The hippie/protest period (Mid 60's to mid 70's) was a period where fashion and music was endlessly multidimensional. There were no real trends. Just do what you want. But then Disco emerged, accompanied by far more formulaic music and highly (overly?) styled fashion. In a sense, Disco was a protest against the protest period. "We" all wanted to be all grown up again.

    Then Disco then evolved into New Wave. It was like the kid brothers and sisters of Disco-ers coming of age. With it came truly high fashion with broad and sophisticated creativity in music within the restraints of being dance-able with a few variations. The mindset of New Wave was, in my view, somewhat younger than Disco, cleaner and more cheerful.

    New Wave's period may have been at least fashion's and music's best days since the WW2 swing era from the 1930's to the early 50's or maybe in all of the US's history. While both were exceptional in music and style, Swing artificially presented racial unity and a confident, equal status for women. With the New Wave period, it was real.

    I think the decline of men's fashion parallels the decline of men in society due to the various misandrist movement including whatever wave of Feminism we are in this week. Men are no longer objectified. We are reviled. There is little reason to dress up to impress women if they don't want to be impressed. Sad.

    The remnants of style in men are found in the varying degrees of Country to Western.
    Cowboy styles. It is reflects a growing disconnect between men and women culturally.
    The more I learn about women, the more I like my (pickup truck, dog, horse).Men's fashion will return when there are social movements reviving traditional women. There are very dark days ahead in the USA. Antifa. BLM. #metoo. Social Justice. Radical Feminism. These will have to run their course. In time, they will all go away.
    • Dargil

      I stumbled across this boutique site when I bought some things for my SO.
      There used to be similar sites for men. I don't hear of them anymore.

    • Unit1

      I prefer modern women if not for their obsession over social media like instagram but okay.

    • Dargil

      I have studied social trends starting with the Victorian Era. Each had its fashion and music.
      Our present culture is broken and fragmented. Music is bland, repetitive, shallow and frequently offensive. Fashion for men has disappeared, partly due (I'm guilty here) to degrees of obesity.
      Masculinity (virility) has disappeared. Read any issue of Playboy Magazine out of the 1960's. Not the nudes. Fashion. Wine. Cigars. Theater. Gambling sports like poker and billiards. Men were men. My grandfather was one. Your take was detailed and interesting. Use your intellect explain why this has happened.

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  • WhiteSteve
    Iโ€™m with you, bro, but I donโ€™t think there are too many of us, lmao. Most men donโ€™t give a shit/donโ€™t know. They do what they need to attract a woman, if they even do that much, or said woman will just roll their eyes and accept them for their other qualities. Even guys who wear suits to work, itโ€™s all pretty basic, nobody seems to go too crazy. I dress pretty nice when I want to, and random passing strangers will tell me how good I look, which I certainly appreciate and like to think isnโ€™t a complete accident, but I look around and itโ€™s like โ€œwhereโ€™s the competition?โ€ Itโ€™s just guys in jorts and ugly t-shirts that fit way too loosely, because theyโ€™d rather wear baggy clothes than work out or own their body shape. Donโ€™t get me started on the shoes, lmfao. And I accomplish my look rarely using much more than Macyโ€™s-level quality stores, itโ€™s not like Iโ€™m walking around in $5,000 Armani suits, itโ€™s just non-designer clothes but I have a plan, haha.

    So yeah, especially nowadays where brick-and-mortar stores are already struggling to profit, I think the space is better used on female-oriented items, since theyโ€™re way more likely to make those kind of purchases.
    • Unit1

      Thanks for letting me know that.
      I know one guy, who looks aesthetically really weird (his hair especially is unkempts and he wears nerdy clothes) but he's a good man and all that. However he managed to get a new woman by charming them with initiative and compliments regardless if it's convenient or probable for either of them. He does that like the women are lottery tickets.

  • alice55
    I think they do nothing cause there's no demand. I'm also extremely interested in fashion (I follow all the trends I like) but I think people in general don't care that much about trends / fashion, mostly it's teenager and people in their 20s who care about it over it most people (men and women alike don't bother much with it), they end up being trendy clothes cause that's the only kind of clothes the shop have (at least in my country).
    Then most men that like and follow fashion are teenager / guys in their twenty (who mostly wear streetwear and casual style (jeans, hoodie / sweater, sneakers / doc Martens) but they in general don't bother much either or wear really interested outfits (in my country they mostly like to wear jeans / hoodie / tracksuit from expensive brands adidas / nike / fila / Lacoste mostly ). So basically the young guys interested in fashion only care about brands and the cut of the clothes (skinny fit) but they don't care at all about accessories (some wear jewelry but there's not a lot who do).
    The only guys I've seen wearing interested outfits are the one on instagram.

    As for older men they all wear the same things (for the one that are interested in fashion) which is skinny jeans with cardigan, skinny shirt or skinny button down with a cardigan or blazer (or any other fashionable / classic jacket) with dressy shoes or adidas.

    In the end in my opinion guys just aren't interested in fashion as a whole and the one that are just to do it to look good and attractive to women (the older one) and to look cool (the younger one) but they don't really like / are interested in very complex fashion and looks so the shop don't bother trying to sell clothes to a gender that is mostly uninterested in fashion.
    (Too the one that do like fashion just buy expensive clothing most of the time so they don't have the money to buy hundred of pants like women do), women can buy hundred of pants in a season because they buy them at cheap store but men prefer expensive brand so they can only buy like 2 pants per season (unless they're rich). So I think it's one of the reasons there's less option for men (they buy less so no need to propose the same pants in 10 color or the same pants with just a slight difference).
    Also women wear a tons more different color than men do, men usually stay to the basics which is grey, dark blue and black (and white for the shirt).
    • Unit1

      Pretty much what I am talking about.
      However one of my coworker (male) did mention, that no matter the price (high or low) the pants he buys fall apart or start to break after 1-2 years. I saw cheap and affordable clothing just today in the mall for both men and women. We too can stock up piles of clothes for cheap. All we need to do is find these stores.

    • alice55

      Yea but like I said men interested in fashion usually only wear / buy expensive clothes (at least where I live it might be different in your country).
      If his pants break after 1 or 2 years then he's the one who can't take care of it properly, I have many clothes that I own since I"m 11 eleven years old, they still fit me and are in great condition. So either the brand he buy are shit either he don't know how to properly wash it and all.
      I don't know the brand that your friend buy but personally I mostly buy from adidas, nike, lacoste and napapjiri and those are expensive brand but really well made after the one that is shitty quality is the clothes I buy from cheap store. After I also buy from Guess which is expensive and not super high quality but by being careful about it does stay in good condition even 3 years after.

      There's cheap store for men fashion too but men usually are more interested in expensive brand and don't like cheap one (in my country they like to mock girls that buy clothes from hm and zara, they consider it quite a shitty brand) but after maybe is it just the people around me and not the whole country.

    • Unit1

      He's a worker, so naturally his pants wear off fast.

      I don't like expensive clothes but I'm making exceptions if they look really good. Like yesterday I've been browsing online shops, that offer designer clothing. They're twice as expensive as the ones you'd find in a mall or in H&M or in C&A but they're worth the money if you get to choose your custom or a premade design (we're not talking about Gucci or Lou V). For the good looks and probably even the longevity (as they advertised) it's totally worth spending it.

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  • RickPen
    I literally don't care about fashion, as clothes should be built to function first, and I think the form should follow function.

    As it stands, modern clothing is cut to a standard, and none of it seems to fit me. Going to a big and tall store is literally that: a person is expected to be fat and tall. Finding clothes that aren't three sizes too large, or too short is a legitimate problem, and I err on the side of too large in order for it to fit.

    I personally wish jobs didn't require the boring and uncomfortable suits, or polo shirts. While the latter is not terribly uncomfortable (depending on. brand and cut), they aren't very durable. I personally find button-up shirts to be insanely uncomfortable, binding, and too thin, plus the requisite wearing an undershirt is too warm. I will either overheat, or sweat profusely, which is even less socially acceptable in an office setting. Suits only make the situation worse.

    I would like to see a return to function, with durable materials and designs. Military clothing often fits this necessity. Sadly, it's seen as trashy to wear. I used to sneak by at work wearing a clean set of combat boots under my slacks, because nothing else would hold up with the amount of walking I had at a previous job.
    • Unit1

      Ugh. Suits. I really dislike those. They aren't even looking good to me. So plain, monotonous and a weird form-specific shape. Makes me feel like I'm a machine part of something.

      I think clothes with acceptable durability (including designer clothes) generally cost more than a low price tag waiting to be snatched by greedy or poor customers.

    • RickPen

      Considering 50% of the country owns less than 1% of the total wealth, I would say the vast majority are poor.

    • Unit1

      Hence if one wants money, they'll have to devote their life to it.

  • I agree with you, the fashion options for men seems pretty abysmal. But clothing manufacturing has declined in general, is my impression, having working in it or following it closely for three decades now.

    I am against fast fashion. It's practically disposable. Trends only somewhat interest me. Fabrics have gone from naturals to almost purely synthetics. Fabrics are no longer preshrunk - a way of saving money on product cost. Then, the consumer (women, cause they're the ones wearing soft rayons, etc.) have to factor in shrinkage, which almost never works because one run through the dryer, and it's toast. Polyester is disgusting (save for its washing ease.) Patterns are hard to come by, even for women, there are not nearly enough. Solids rule. Leather and suede have all but disappeared. 'Vegan leather' saves animals but it looks like crap. Everyone looks cheap now.

    I wish men were more interested, cared more, dared more, were not uneasy about showing their individual style, even standing out sometimes. An average looking guy can be hugely elevated if he knows how to dress well. Women's fashion is much, much harder to fit, by comparison. Men's bodies don't have as many curves, and curves are specific. So fashion, for me, has become an ordeal in frustration. I don't like the process of shopping anymore, had a lifetime of it, and the inventory in stores is nothing like it used to be. Online sales are up 99% with covid. I return most things I buy online.

    But men, if y'all did put more into your wardrobe, thoughtful, less generic choices, women would surely notice, and appreciate it. So Lynx, you're on the right track. It's not easy today, but it'll give you an edge out there. (And if you ever want feedback on some options you're considering, hit me up, invite me to a q or whatever. I would have made a good consultant on this.)
    • Unit1

      Thank you Ms. Amanda! I knew I could count on you!
      I will contact you right away.

      "But men, if y'all did put more into your wardrobe, thoughtful, less generic choices, women would surely notice, and appreciate it."
      "An average looking guy can be hugely elevated if he knows how to dress well."

      Hell yeah! I knew this would be true.
      Time for the girls to be mine, mine, mine ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ฉ

    • AmandaYVR

      Likes bees to honey ๐Ÿ

    • Unit1

      Totally :)

      (and not gold diggers to money ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜) ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿ‘™๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ผ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿš™๐Ÿ›ฅ๐Ÿก

      You know what? This shall be my new catchphrase!
      Like bees to honey, not gold diggers to money ๐Ÿ˜‰๐ŸคŸ

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  • Oram52
    Supply and demand. Like you mentioned majority of men simply aren't interested so there simply isn't enough demand overall.

    However that's not entirely true, there are plenty of options for men too. If you shop around you can easily find them especially designer clothes as those are catered to men/women into fashion. There are plenty of options available for men but not as many compared to women. Women certainly have the market cornered but that doesn't mean men lack options.

    I've had no problems. I do put effort, also the type of girls I like putting effort definitely helps. Men complain about dating but even some effort in appearance would go long way, girls definitely appreciate men who put effort. Though at least where I live even most girls don't put effort in clothes, you'll see many wearing unflattering fashion. Girls from East Europe tend to put more effort, poison of feminism hasn't taken hold there yet.

    If men go overboard though even girls are put off by it, that men are feminine, gay or metrosexual. Same way men like girls to be feminine women like men to be masculine. I wouldn't even wear kilts.

    But like I said I only like girls who also put effort and don't wear ugly shoes, and putting effort myself definitely helps. I've personally have had no problem overall shopping for what I need, but compared to women option are definitely limited.

    That's because of biology. Mens body's are designed for hunting, combat, to deal with natural elements. Women's body's are not only designed to give birth but also attract mates. We are mammals. Same way peacock male of the species attracts mates, in humans females attract mates. Their bodies are designed and suit many variety of different fashion. Men pursue, women attract. Men's bodies wouln't suit a dress, blouse, tank top, heels etc. They're feminine designed to grab attention of opposite sex. So women have different variety of fashion because biologically their bodies suit variety of fashion.

    That's why fashion and make up are billion dollar industries mostly targeted at women. On the cover of men's magazines its attractive woman, on the cover of women, s magazines is also attractive woman. Men's ambition, status, confidence, charm, charisma, verbal skills etc are prized. And these are the guys who do better with women.

    Look at clubs for example, even men have to put effort in appearance to be allowed into a good club, but their effort is nothing compared to women. Who spent an hour getting ready. So in a club the way women dress will attract men, and for men it'll be their seduction skills. Of course men's appearance and effort also comes into play, but after certain threshold it doesn't matter. His charm and charisma seals the deal. Its biological, females attract, and males pursue. That's why there are abundance of fashion choices available for women. Its biology - how female body is designed & biological role in attracting mates.
    • Unit1

      Not gonna believe it's because of biology. Although clothing is also not about biology. I'm not convinced whatsoever.
      Yay for designer clothes. They came to the rescue.

    • Oram52

      You don't have to believe anything. But even designer clothes are disproportionately available for women. Its simply that's how their body is designed. Like I said what can men wear mini dress?

      If we go back 100 years countries were isolated and insulated, so cultures were mostly localized, uninfluenced by external factors. Yet even then it were women who mostly had varied different types of clothing. Look any region in the world, India, Middle East, Africa, East Europe, South America etc. And it still holds true. Look at East Europe or Middle East.

      If you look at Gay community, its not like being called gay for dressing up anyway they want is an issue, their are many Femme gays, their are gay men who do express feminine behaviour. Yet clothing options are even limited for them, they can wear more feminine or flamboyant clothes but there is only so much they can wear, only so many options they have. Go to any gay club. Now compared that to lesbians or even your average woman.

      Male body can only express so much. Most of the designers are gay, fashion industry is dominated by women and gay men. If their were more options available their would've been more varied options available for men. Their aren't because what exactly can they do to garnish male bodies, which are designed very differently.

      Look at how many different way women can wear shorts and look sexy, how many ways do you see men pulling it off?

      To the original point, like I said where I live even most women don't put much effort let alone men. However their are plenty of of options available for men, could be on expensive side which could also be due to less demand, but options are available nonetheless. I don't see it being any different in Germany, I'm sure if I was in Berlin right now I'd have no trouble.

    • Unit1

      Can't argue with that. It's not like we wear dresses or bras or heels. They were not designed to be worn by us

  • Minerate
    One thing that gets me is the cost per article vs. quality obtained. It often feels like you pay more for the name than the actual quality/material of the clothing. For me, quality is in the build, stitching, durability and lifespan of the clothing and not directly the name or style.

    A good example to me would be taking Duluth Trading vs. Lucky Brands or Levi. Both produce jeans, Duluth tends to be work oriented and focuses on material and build durability/flexibility and Lucky tends to focus more on upfront comfort and name. For me: My main issue with jeans tends to be material failure. (Ripping, holes, inflexibility). My Choice would be: Duluth, even though not stylish.

    It would be nice if they could make good, durable, easy to care for clothes that are stylish and also didn't break the bank. ((Some of the worst clothes I've had were name brand. Ex: Cremieux/Lacoste/Calvin Klein/Hollister)) But until that day arrives, I will likely always take durability/build quality and cost over style/name.
    • Unit1

      Fair enough.
      I myself am "against" (strong word here) expensive brand names such as Gucci, Louis V or Jimmy Choo. I really wonder who shops there. Most likely gold diggers but the business runs.

      We can find plenty of clothes from Nike and Adidas likely due to the high sales on these. I mean they're still better than being naked.
      Now we have a degraded trend of selling ripped jeans from the get go. Outrageous.

  • Anpu23
    I love to dress well and I am a big fan of mixing it up. I think you have limited yourself to your own preconceived notions. Some thoughts and suggestions, if you like something wear it, who it was made for simply doesn't matter. I have women's clothing in my wardrobe specifically a few sweaters, a pair of leather pants, a couple of pairs of shoes. The leather pants in my profile in fact.
    Second dress for the occasion, look to history for ideas, are you going clubbing or to a meeting? I often wear military clothing (BDUs) or a utilikilt casually and I hate T-shirts rather have a casual raw silk top, or other button down with a tank top under. Even if the shirts unbuttoned. As far as sport coats tweed, silk and camel hair are all good choices. Mix it up, velvets are great for the club, love my ruffles, vests are also a thing. Ties, cavats, bowties, ascots. And hats, man hats... There's my top hat, the bowler, I even own a tri-corner. And of course accessories, belts, watches, rings, bracelets, cufflinks, tieclips, tiepins. And footwear, does one wear Docs or Brogues, shell toes, cowboy boots, pirate boots, and the humble sneaker. Of course for a dash of flair don't tell me you couldn't get away with a cloak instead of an overcoat. Trench coat, P-Coat, leather jacket... And of course the ultimate male expression choice of facial hair, what you do or do not wear on your face is a cery bold statement sir. I shall conclude with a picture of me, in my Tri-Corn kilt and high boots swinging a hammer at my forge. Best of luck to you.The unresolved modern problems with men's fashion and it's 2020
    • Unit1

      Woah! Impressive! You definitely have an advanced sense of style! Cool! Looking good there!
      I got the idea of buying women's clothes not so long ago as well. An umbrella is on it's way.
      Furthermore I have seen some women saying they are buying men's products for a variety of reasons (lower price, better quality, fitting more to them...).
      So basically there's no such a thing as "who it's made for" with those labels. What counts is what Ariana Grande said "I want it, i got it".

    • Anpu23


  • Yads_Is_Back
    I salute you just for caring about how you present yourself. A lot of guys will even ask a girl out in a baggy t-shirt and shorts with piercings and all that... uhhmmm no thanks. Dress presentably. So I just wanna say, apart from the fact that you make a good point, that I admire that you care enough about it.
    • Also to say that even though men's fashion choices are more limited there are still styles a guy can have that look very handsome and almost make me wanna tear him up :P but apparently a lot of guys can't pull it off

    • Unit1

      Yay! Appreciated.
      I found designer clothing online shops after posting this article, which to some degree remedied this problem. None of that Gucci or Louis V. They're not that expensive but not cheap either.

  • Here are a few men's clothes in the 1970s. Even then, they didn't have much to choose from. I don't see a jumpsuit. I remember going to dinner in NY when I saw a black man who was a pimp, wore a loud color lime jumpsuit. I don't remember what color his hat with the feather was. He also had 3 of his ladies with him.
    The 1970s men clothes
    The 1970s men clothes
  • ThiccNigro
    I think the major issue is that men are accused of being gay for pretty much everything they do. It's kind of ironic. If a man doesn't put effort into his looks, he's dirty and lazy. If he does, then he's a homosexual. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I prefer to dress nicely but I have certainly met scrutiny for it. It seems men dressing nicely is only tolerated when the situation really calls for it otherwise they (they meaning both men and women) claim something is wrong with you
    • Unit1

      Tell me all about it. But that's more of their problem than it's for the one, who dresses amazingly. They may be jealous or look to undermine somebody. As some say for the haters and bullies "it shows their own insecurity/weakness". When you receive that, you know you're on the right track. It's like a sign pointing towards the direction you are looking for.

  • potatoiswhoiam
    I didn't know this problem existed because at least in my country, malls have an entire floor for women and also an entire floor dedicated to men's clothes. In almost all shops.. and variety is amazing! Men's clothes are also such high quality sometimes I even shop from men's section.
    A man CAN have a "whore/slutty" outfit as well as colorful outfit, I think the options are also there, yet there's not much demand for that.
    Bottom line, guess it depends on country?
    • Unit1

      Likely. Perhaps it has something to do with the demands on demographics as well. I can imagine poor countries focusing less on fashion and more on matters on moving closer to the middle class lifestyle.

  • CubsterShura
    Start watching men's style videos an you will be surprised how you actually have more options than you think. Also, you always have the option of starting a business of various men's products by yourself.
    • Unit1

      Gotta get a MBA first and a huge starting capital.

    • But you're on g@g so might as well be on YouTube xD

    • Unit1

      What do you mean?

  • jestergent
    The options are heavily influenced by our purchasing behavior. That's why it's not something to complain about. You would instead complain men won't dress up. If they will then stores will follow the trend and change their selection. They just there for sales. You need to motivate men to shop for clothes outside of work.
    • Unit1

      Too bad they won't care.

  • blutwolfe
    wtf cause I'm a working class citizen I'm considered hobo? Is this a rich joke I'm too poor to understand?

    Anyway I'd say most men's clothes out here are sold at trading posts or bass pro shops, we even have a Levi's store which is pretty rare. Most men's fashion here I think is more catered to outdoorsy or function or in your case, hobo look.
    • Unit1

      Well, what can I say? I hate being poor, so I choose not to be it. I mean have you seen a working class citizen having solid amounts of money?

      I have never seen a levi store. Can you show me an example?

    • blutwolfe

      I'm sure you heard of Levi's jeans, except obviously it's more than just jeans lol, they have other clothing

    • blutwolfe

      The unresolved modern problems with men's fashion and it's 2020

      I just grabbed that off of Google lol

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  • Thank you for this!!! I really would appreciate the fashion industry to start noticing us men. Just because there is not high demand does not make out desires or wants to away... Give us a store! Women have nearly the whole mall!!! Give us one store that takes a unique and bold fashion statement for men, just one. Promote it and see what happens... Even an online store for goodness sakes...
    • Unit1

      Tell me all about it! That certainly sounds like a plan.
      Hell even the Rappers have better clothes than the average Joe next street. Somehow they obtained these. Why shouldn't we.

    • Jjpayne


  • PhantomThread28
    I 110% agree with you! It's especially difficult when you don't live in a big city like I do so when you do try to be more fashionable you stick out like a sore thumb.

    I feel like stores like Express have done a better job at getting men colorful and pattern shirts. Where I would say the next evolution needs to happen then is the style of shirts. Right now for men it's basically button down shirts, long sleeve or short sleeve t shirts, polos, and sweaters. They are all very safe and boring cuts. Its because men have two things working against us the fear of being like a woman and the fear of being labeled as gay. Gay men and women have taken a lot of the style arena as important components to their Iives so when typical blokes try to get in on some of that their male compatriots don't celebrate it but denigrate it as abnormal. I feel like this will change with this younger generation. I have VS panties because I think they're fun and comfortable and I have women's skinny jeans because I think they are more stylish, but I have a wife and I'm straight but if I told most people that they would think I'm a freak because evidently having a vagina gives sole ownership to certain products in the eyes of most men, which is just dumb. I think it will also take women helping men achieve this evolution and wanting them to get in on being more fashionable.
    • Unit1

      That is certainly one way how women can repay us with equality ;) Drive the fashion industry to provide us with more clothing options! Hell yeah!

  • Thatsamazing
    Yeah I dunno man-- a lot of that extra shit doesn't exist because guys don't want it. I don't want most of what you mentioned, for example; I know some guys do but a lot don't. And if a lot of us don't want it, that means we won't buy it, which means it ain't going to be made.
    • Unit1

      Makes sense.

    • It's not even that some extra fashion is bad, I mean it's not a matter of bad vs. good-- if not enough dudes are going to buy it, and perhaps their market studies indicate they won't maybe, I dunno, then they (whichever company we're talking about) aren't going to seriously invest in that line, you know? Profit comes first to these companies, often because they're just greedy, but often because it has to.

    • Unit1

      I understand that. Supply and demand. It's how capitalism works. Not blaming them but still. Thankfully some online shops offer designer clothes, although twice as expensive as you would get from a local clothing store, it is still worth it. I see the way they work is"if there's a demand, then the customer places an order and we'll get to producing it and shipping it". Thus on demand they sell it. Clever business!

  • OurManFlint
    Umm there is some truth to this. Although I think we have a bit more options than you named. Truth is most American men seem to lean more towards urban/sports wear nowadays, one has no issue finding Nike, Adidas and Underarmour in most stores. But if you're talking more formal to casual wear it is a bit more of a hunt but I would argue it's the by product of low demand.
  • jkm1864
    I work in the offshore oilfield so fashion isn't very important to Me. Now I do believe when I go out I need to look better than a slob so I'll wear a sports coat, nice jeans, and boots but other than that it's shorts around the house.
    • Unit1

      That's alright! For each person they have their reasoning. it's cool that you acknowledge appearing better than a slob when going out.

    • jkm1864

      I took a liking to wearing a sportscoat it just sucks that the south is always hot.

    • Unit1

      South is where "exactly"?

  • PinkStrawberryMilk
    I generally wish men had more options. Nowadays teenage boys seem more feminine in how they dress. Itโ€™s nice that they can express themselves in different ways. Men are having more options as time goes on. I feel very soon menโ€™s skirts will be mainstream.
  • Minahh
    I don't think there's not enough clothes/accessories to choose from for men. As you said the problem is that majority of men don't experiment with their style and usually tend to go with basics so then shops are full of this fancy stuff that nobody wants to buy.
    • Unit1

      Could be due to men's social stigma? I remember encouraging wearing pink before.

  • Tiffylove
    Because woman go shop 24 hours a day men go shop twice a year soo shops aim majority of their clothes for women. All though I seen shops that have the same amount of clothes for men and women. What I wish is they had a bigger children clothes section because when i have children I want lots of choices. This is a weird thing to notice there are bigger problem in the world than clothes.
    • That doesn't mean all things can't improve though because if its not noticed then it won't ever change and it does get boring having to be in the gender boxes that companies decide. I totally get what you're saying, but a lot of things Americans give too much care about could be classified as not important in the grand scheme of things.

    • Men don't go shopping also because they are taught from a young age not to care about shopping and boys don't go shopping so when they get older they don't go shopping. If we instilled in our kids that cleaning the house is important, doing yard work is important, shopping for yourself and buying groceries is important for both genders we would have better more well rounded adults in society. I hope Gen Z parents change this for their kids

    • Tiffylove

      Men and women are different they are never going to be interested in the same things because scientifically we have different brains from each other thats a majority. Now there are minority who don't fit into the gender roles which is fine but I like men being men and women being women no need to teach men to like girl stuff too many men trying to be women already. Masculinity is dying and I am attracted to masculine men

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  • 3dbrah
    I agree. I also find that men's socks, underwear and t shirts do not accommodate the bodyshape that well. If you have large muscles, like back and chest muscles your t shirts need to be bought a size too big, or will restrict your breathing.
    • Minerate

      Yep. It's very hard to find stuff especially if you're taller or more built. (Wearing a 2XL shirt, when you really need an XLT looks baggy.) Pants are particularly frustrating, as so many brands do slim or skinny and omit regular options. Can't even get a leg through some of those jeans even though the waist/length is the same as what I wear. It's like they don't expect a guy to have calves/quads anymore.

    • Unit1

      I have the same problem but with shoes ๐Ÿ˜…

  • Adam1978
    I don't see the problem, if anything there is to many cloth stores in malls today. If I wanted I would have plenty of options to pick from but they are all just brand stores who sell high priced products which isn't what I want. Especially when all you get is making yourself into a walking ad. Personally I got to sports and outdoors shop to pick my clothes, because they at least stock a bit more practical clothes, even if they certainly can be pricey.
  • ChocoBrownieMonster
    Men sit at home shopping online
    Women are out all the time shopping in malls.
    It's just simple economics.
    We dont need to have perfect fitting clothing, women do thats why they always go to the changing rooms and there's an entire floor dedicated to returns.
  • Torari
    Problem is men are just too pragmatic. They find an outfit that's works and they stick to it. Since all men are wearing the same 3-5 outfits almost universally, that's all the stores sell.
  • angeliquedevereux2
    How about... We get pockets and you guys can get nice umbrellas 😀
    • Unit1


    • She's implying women's clothes don't often have pockets like in dresses or on jeans and the ones on jeans are not very usable. Ergo she'll take guys pockets on her clothes and trade us more colorful umbrellas than black

    • Unit1

      @PhantomThread28 Ah, understood, got it! Cheers for clarifying that!
      Sounds like a plan :D

  • Shampan
    I think the problem is with men being too shy from wearing bright colors. Take a look at this photo of Chris Hemsworth wearing pink pants. He looks amazing here! Okay sure Tessa Thompson looks ridiculously attractive in a suit lol but my point here is about Chris Hemsworth who looks hot too. Men can change up their wardrobes with things other than black and white from time to time
    Men in Black: International
    Men in Black: International
    • Well tbf, when a guy has the looks of Chris Hemsworth, he could wear literal hobo rags and women would still fawn over him lol.

      But I do agree men could be more adventurous in wearing different colours. It's something I'm working on including more of in my wardrobe.

    • Eggplant29

      Yes Tessa Thompson is beautiful.

      Part of the problem is that the bright colours are hardly available so it's harder for men to buy the clothes they would want to wear

    • Unit1

      That's right!
      Fortunately designer clothes are coming to the rescue :D And no, definitely not Gucci or Jimmy Choo.

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  • AndyDragon
    I believe that men have more than enough. If he has the brain power to combine all together. classy casual and he looks great.
    Jeans shirt top part of suit. And you got good looks. You can dress like in 1970's man with good looks.

    For those who love to look like clowns. you can mimic whatever james charles does.
  • bamesjond0069
    My girlfriend recently told me shoes and hats have to match. What a surprise! Also she said camo doesn't match everything. I thought it matched everything. My minds blown.
    • Unit1

      I don't think she's right or wrong about that but to each their own.

  • captain_voidwalker
    Everyone knows the most important part of a man's outfit is the wallet, and the most fashionable wallets are the ones stuffed with hundred dollar bills 💵
    • Unit1

      That is certainly not a secret.

  • Alpha09
    Honestly I think they should offer more options in the men's section. But there's the issue of wether or not the demand is big enough. Most guys aren't super into exploring non traditional or alternative clothing options. Personally I will shop in the men's section sometimes because a lot of women's clothing is so incredibly stupid and illogical in my opinion. But yeah I agree the men's section could use something new. Or just a bigger section in general lol like with jackets and accessories. Most stores just cater to what people reach for.
    • Unit1

      Tell me all about it!

  • jshm2
    You've used a lot of words to say nothing, kid.

    Fashion houses make money by providing what is selling, and has a good chance of selling.

    Just as Hollywood has not produced anything original for decades, as people pay to see the same old crap plot lines and platitudes.

    Art styles and silhouettes for men have changed quite a bit. Just not for high street tat you're likely buying.
  • curiouscuriouser
    Men's fashion historically was on par if not better than women fashion but was solely for rich people then with the advent of Modern Age early late 1800s and the end of Monarchy fashion for men became all middle class suits and coats.
  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    I've been becoming more conscious of style and fashion, although it's a bit like learning a second language:

    not knowing what colours combine; how to layer clothing for different occasions; carving out a personal look that sets me apart from others without looking too "out there" to the point of being gaudy.

    I guess the metrosexual movement added more variety for men's style options, but you pretty much have to identify as metrosexual to take advantage of those options. For men who prefer a cleaner, more "masculine" (and dare i say, "heteronormative") look, there's significantly less options.

    I guess the flipside is that the limited 'looks' we do have tend to be pretty "timeless", and staple pieces like a good pair if dark blue jeans can dress up or down for many different situations. So we trade in variety for versatility.
    • Unit1

      Could be that dynamic.
      The second language comparison is, well, kinda seeing your point there, especially if a person relied on their parents for money and clothing and didn't buy their own underwear and clothing. But it can be learned quickly. Sometimes by trial and error. But once overcoming that obstacle it gets much easier and it's worth it. The fashion gurus could go as far as buying opposite sex clothes without flinching awkwardly whatsoever. People can hardly tell.

  • winterfox10
    A lot of men's fashion choices are related to the military choices being made in the times that fashions are developed, then women tend to get them as military technology changes. The trench coat? Born from the gritty, muddy hell of World War 1. The Chukka boot came as an adaptation to fighting in Saharan sand. Aviator sunglasses are an attempt at letting American fighter pilots go out into public without having to worry about their goggles leaving a silly looking tan line around the eyes. Cable-knit turtlenecks are from submarines and the polo comes from the armed personnel sent with British diplomats to India.
    • Unit1

      Interesting observation!

    • Menโ€™s fashion is fascinating stuff!

    • Unit1

      Remember the 80s? Miami style? With those shirts with palms drawn on them and stuff. Those were cool too! And them shades. :D

      The unresolved modern problems with men's fashion and it's 2020

      The unresolved modern problems with men's fashion and it's 2020

      The unresolved modern problems with men's fashion and it's 2020

      I searched for "miami style" to find these but I saw only women there until I searched for "miami style men" and found those ๐Ÿ™„

  • Koalamate
    I mean I live in a small town so there isn't a huge variety of options but a while ago I went to the city and bought a black denim jacket from a big store with huge variety. When I got back to my town I got a rediculas amount of compliments and light teasing to the point I can't wear it without people constantly stopping me.
    In the store there was 3floors of women's clothing and 2 of mens.
    If you live in my town teens wear surf store clothing fake pre warn clothing plaid shirts jeans Tees with logos.
    If someone has a suit they work at the car dealer or loyers office or a visiting doctor.
    • Unit1

      Oh yeah. That's what I'm talking about. Online shopping can remedy that.

  • ChromAzonyx108
    Do you think if there were more options that men would be more interested in fashion?
    • Unit1

      Some would. Depends on the length they'll be willing to go. But most would probably not bother still.

  • errorgoodnameunfound
    Sorry dude, only one good fashion type right now, regardless of gender
    Safe fashion = best fashion
    Safe fashion = best fashion
    • Unit1

      Very funny!

    • You say that now, but wait till 2022 ;) Fashion shows with masks are one thing. Soon it may be all about that #hazmatfashion

    • Unit1

      I'd like one with rainbows and unicorns โ™ฅ
      Or maybe tons of beautiful women all over it.

  • Be4rdy
    Most of the reason why men dont have massive amounts of places to shop is most guys dont really care how they look 99% of the time like women
    • Unit1

      I can clearly see that.
      And then the ugly guys still get girlfriends. Wow. Just wow.

    • Be4rdy

      Yea but ugly guys have to really work for it whereas spice boys just have to say hi and most women drop their pants.

      I've been single for 6 years, tried dating but it's easier to get blood out of a stone/sod getting rejected by everyone

    • Unit1

      Never occurred to anybody i know where women drop their panties to the handsome guys minutes or hours after saying hi.
      Girls Ghost me because i don't have social media. Or at least that's what happens when I tell them that when they ask me if i have Instagram.

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  • Edanurus
    I feel this is down to your lack of imagination/generalisation here.

    So going to a black tie event a guys only option is a suit? Ok 2/3 piece, double or single breasted, cufflinks simple and understated or flashy, dress tie or bow tie (cravat?), tie pin or not. What colour suit? Plain, stripped, paisley? What lining?

    The only reason you don't have the big layout with all the stores is that men and womens shopping habits are different.

    There are so many options for men and fashion, apart from dresses I can't think of anything women have that men dont (kilts are skirts, come at me Scots!)
    • Unit1

      Fair enough. You sold that to me.

    • Edanurus

      I honestly just wanted an excuse to rant about suits lol.

    • Unit1

      Well, you got it.

  • GR00VY
    Word! I wish guys had so many options in clothing like they did then...
  • JamesBlackDragon
    Most men don't care about fashion it's that simple and most women don't care if they man wear some fancy clothes made by some fancy person so it's a win win when you think about it that way
  • jamesgoldman
    Men have better choices in vintage fashion... a lot of timeless stuff
  • TheAfrikan
    Yeah you have said the real facta and am accepting it all. Women are well cared for in terms of fashion compared to men.
  • ADFSDF1996
    I want stores to start selling military breeches and jackboots for us guys again.
  • Redstang88
    As you said - if there was a demand, stores would carry it. But most of us really donโ€™t give a shit
  • likelyOK
    I did not read the article but this guy is Gorgeous 😛
  • 007kingifrit
    i have no idea how to dress. i just let women dress me