5 Latest Barrettes Trend For Your Hair


Barrettes were something we used to wear in our childhood days, especially when we were in primary school. But that trend is back again, as it says fashion comebacks every 20 years. Stylists and celebrities have brought the trend back of wearing childhood accessory with bling that can give the style or hair or bun or ponytail in a new way. These days, it’s very popular to see basic barrette dressed up for the red carpet celebrities— just look at styles the 2019 Met Gala Event.

5 Latest Barrettes Trend For Your Hair

If you’re looking at those diamond bobby pins on Instagram or those pearl clips e-commerce websites, but have no clue how to wear or style them without looking like a kinder garden kid, we’ve listed up some inspiration ahead. Keep these looks safe for those events when you have no idea what to wear and how to do style your hair if you’re bored with the same old style. You can style using straight hair extensions.

5 Latest Barrettes Trend For Your Hair

For the 2019 Met Gala, Justine Marjan styled her with beautiful diamond clips and made a simple ponytail for her red carpet looks— and we mean lots — of clips. You recreate this look by adding some volume and length to your hair by using hair extensions but remember to pick the genuine virgin hair. We suggested going for trusted brands like Indique Hair, Diamond Virgin Hair, Hair Factory, as their products are been used by runway models too for fashion shows.

5 Latest Barrettes Trend For Your Hair
5 Latest Barrettes Trend For Your Hair
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