The Top Six Dumbest Women's Clothing Pieces


I don't care if you personally have 10 of these in your closet and you love them, great for you!, but these are MY votes for the top 6 dumbest articles of women's clothing.

1. The Sheer Top

The Top Six Dumbest Womens Clothing Pieces

If you are not going to a club, rave, or concert, where in decent society can you wear this? It's clear clothing. Unless you put like a full on tank top underneath, this is just Saran Wrap for your bra.

2. The Cropped Jacket

The Top Six Dumbest Womens Clothing Pieces

Like what purpose does this garment actually serve? Like you went in to the store saying to yourself, I just want to keep the upper most part of my torso warm?!? This is not summer gear because of the long you're rocking this in winter...when it's cold and your stomach is out so it's not winter gear either....anyone else see the flaw in these?

3. The Romper/Jumpsuit

The Top Six Dumbest Womens Clothing Pieces

I hate public bathrooms as is because at least in American stalls, there tends to be less privacy and the last thing I want to do is wear a LONG sleeve jumpsuit that I would literally need to shimmy shake off to strip down to below my waist so I could pee while an eyeball was peeking through the slats of my stall trying to figure out if someone was in there and then why is someone in there sitting on the toilet with her bra out. Who loves these and whyyyyy? And if you're a mom, you know the struggle when your kid is like mooooommm, I gotta go, and you have 3 seconds before absolute disaster if you can't get this off of them!

4. The Sequin Rip Your Skin Off Dress/Top

The Top Six Dumbest Womens Clothing Pieces

Oh, it's cute, until you get to the end of the night and the underside of your arm has been repeatedly run through the cheese grater that is the gravel sized sequin/jeweled pellet's of a sequin/stoned dress not to mention the weight of wearing a dress this heavy all evening.

5. Outfits with Fake Pockets

The Top Six Dumbest Womens Clothing Pieces

What the s--t is this ladies? Some designer decided for us (probably a guy---- just sayyyyyiiiiinnnnnggggggg) that the curvature of our body needed to be preserved in all it's glory, so HE said, let's eliminate any so called bulk off a woman's hips by just creating a fake pocket that goes no where and does Nuttthhh-iiiinnnng! This is just an illusion pocket. Or how about those flappy ones, or the ones with the buttons that don't actually open to anything beneath. "But you have a purse, don't you?" Shut your face hole! We cannot carry a purse every where in every single situation nor do we want to. What if I don't want to be mugged today, eh? What if I just need my phone and a few dollars to get to the corner store for some ice cream? I don't want to lug that thing, I want a simple pocket.

6. Too Lazy for Shorts RIP'D to Hell Jeans

The Top Six Dumbest Womens Clothing Pieces

Before you come for me, I'm not talking a few small rips in a distressed jean, I'm talking full on a few more snips, and you've got shorts or worse, underwear on. If I can simultaneously see your butt cheek, knees, ankles, and crotch---those aren't jeans, that's an invitation on a street corner.

The Top Six Dumbest Women's Clothing Pieces
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Jazquee
    Omg... I love that there is another woman out there like me... I am with you on all... especially the fake pockets... like WTF... or the pockets to short and small for anything !!!
    And I personally hate leotards.
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    • Jazquee

      I don't know why your hiding from this opinion i think I should own it... it was awesome. Plus now I can't follow you lol

    • Anonymous

      Should have added the short pockets....just as bad! Infuriating actually given that if you have to struggle to even put a credit card in a pocket, it's useless!

    • Jazquee

      Right ?

Most Helpful Guy

  • K-I-S-S
    Damn, fake pockets must be the worst. Like wtf might as well include them already. No wonder why bra storage is somewhat a thing.
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    • Anonymous

      It's super annoying if you're really used to things with pockets, and you get the one that doesn't have them so you automatically keep reaching down to shove stuff in them and there is nothing there, or worse you drop something because you forgot, no pockets.


      Now I see why most of the women I know like to wear guys clothing

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  • Adam1978
    Yes they are all dumb but don't just blame the creator, blame the fools who actually buy them. If you can earn money on something, many will take the opportunity. These should have been failed business ideas if no one would buy and wear them.
    • SaoirseS

      Valid point.

    • Anonymous

      Literally stop saying things that make sense.

  • JuliaStyles
    Women do strange things for the sake of fashion. Wearing strange items of clothing is one of these. I don't go by their definition of "Fashion".
    duffel bag anyone?
    duffel bag anyone?
    • K-I-S-S

      Nah, we are just not educated enough, we can't even comprehend 😗

    • Anonymous

      The runway stuff is "art" and conceptual and is apparently not meant to be wearable my human women.

  • have_a_good_day
    Number 1 and Number 6 I hate with a passion.
    There is no good reason to ever wear Number 1 in public.
    Number 6 irritates me. It makes people look like a hobo. I earn enough money to buy whole clothes.
    Show me a person who would wear the combination of the two to a job interview.

    One other thing that I despise are these extremely short shorts that girls wear these days where their ass is literally falling out from.
    • Anonymous

      Ever been to a Walmart, that is home of the a-- cheek wearing shorts girls? I've been there and seen actual private parts walking behind someone---and it's just like, why is this necessary for you in your life? I do kind of find the torn jeans trend befuddling. Back when I was a kid, I knew kids who were bullied whom people unfortunately made fun of because they wore torn jeans because they were in actuality poor and could not afford new clothes, and that really sucked for them---and now its just called style.

  • 420Rachel
    I agree with all of these but I do think rompers/jumpsuits are super cute. 😭 And I think they make ones that are easy to get off or have a zipper or button at the crotch that makes it easier to go to the bathroom.
    • Anonymous

      Zipper crotch...forgiveable.

  • natured
    I totally agree with you. I grew up in a fashionista family and industry as well and i 100% agree with you.
    I'm actually working on a Mytake about 2021 trendy clothing for summer 😀
    • Anonymous

      Drop a link if you finish it.

    • Anonymous

      This is totally my vibes. After 2020, I know I too still want to look cute, but definitely with a more casual comfy vibe. I think all the looks you presented are just that. It's relaxed and looks great too! I have been trying for a while to find "the perfect" flowy long maxi dress with like Kiera Knightly green Dress in "Atonement" vibes but casual and with a sleeve. Hasn't happened yet, but I know the day I find it, is going to be the amazing. Great mytake!

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  • Birdlegs
    There are brands of Jeans with pockets women just buy the no pocket once so they keep being manufactured. I have a theory that the purse business is behind the pocketless jeans and they have a vertical monopoly in that aspect since the jeans directly lead to needing purses
  • Mishan97
    agree with everything except the cropped jacket. those can be cute during the fall when you want an extra layer but don't want to be tooo hot. jumpsuits can be cute sometimes but i agree theyre a pain in the ass
  • NamerOfStars
    I'm with you on most of this, but there is one point I can hardly leave uncorrected: men are formed whole out of the ether. We are born as children and grow to adulthood- and more importantly, we are born as BOYS. Some things you learn in childhood and stay with you forever, and one of those is the importance of pockets. I don't know what knucklehead decided women's pants shouldn't have real pockets, but whoever it was, they were clearly never a boy.
    • Anonymous

      Iconic designer, Christian Dior cemented the sexism of pockets in 1954 by stating, “Men have pockets to keep things in, women for decoration.” Fast forward 70 years and we are still having the same argument. Why have pockets still remained the great clothing gender divider? One theory is that the male dominated fashion industry continues to drive this preference for aesthetics over function. Men are designing the garments and so their focus is “driven not by form and function, but by design and how fabric best drapes the body.”

    • If it were that simple, a female fashion designer would've arisen and put some REAL pockets in the clothes she made. If any one did, no one bought them.

    • Anonymous

      Literally as someone else said in the comments and I totally agree....this whole entire list still exists because women keep buying these clothes whether designed by men or women, so they continue to be made in mass.

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  • victoria5475
    I have a jumpsuit, and the only role it serves is dust-collector. Anything that reveals anything other than my neck, arms, and lower legs stays in the closet. Fake pockets aren't AS bad, but maybe I have that opinion because I'm usually wearing reflective jackets and vests with real pockets.
  • spuitkaas
    I agree except for jumpsuits and playsuits. I love them, because I don't have to think of separate pieces to style but I can still bike without flashing and no chub rub while walking like in dresses. Also I think jumpsuits can look very classy. But I get the toilet part though. It's not great.
  • hannahjo022
    I accidently bought a pair of jeans that came with fake pockets. I did not know they were fake pockets until wore them the next day. I bought the jeans anyways because I really like them and how they fit good on me.
  • NathanDavis
    I like them all... even fake pockets, but I am guy so it's not me wearing them, lol.

    and kind of surprised that you didn't go with the strapless tops that you keep adjusting and pulling up a bit every four minutes but I like those as well.
  • HawkPerception
    Fake pockets is the only one out of those that irks me a little. But everything else can somewhat be considered fashion. The "clear tops" especially. They're translucent... not clear and they add a tad shade. You know a girl is wearing it and it doesn't look bad to me.
  • demonics
    I just want women's waistlines to return to their proper position underneath the belly button.

    Like, you're not fooling anybody! there's literally a Wiki on how to hide a gut in high waist jeans! Just lose the weight! I mean whats worse, a bald spot or an obvious comb-over?
    • Waist lines on a body have never changed 😂 do you mean you want women's pants to only be available in midrise? Because you do understand that they don't work for a lot of women? I can't wear mid rise jeans because they cut into my hips and it literally hurts...

    • auendude

      ….. what? why dont you wear them if you like them so much lmao, YOU just lose weight and wear em…. now the tables have turned………….

  • bamesjond0069
    Love this. A woman who actually knows fashion. Thank you! I agree with every one.
    • Anonymous

      Thanks. Appreciate the kind words.

  • Feelicks
    Fake pockets are absolute bullshit and are now finding their way into menswear
    • Anonymous

      All I can say is good luck!

  • anon1903
    The ripped ones are indeed ridiculous. Like I get the hype on showing a little skin but what's with the rape apocalypse look?
  • DianaWest
    lol. i agree with most of what you said except the jumpsuit thing. how dare you? jumpsuits are the best. except don't wear them if you have diarrhea.
    • DianaWest

      also jumpsuits can be both very sexy and very classy at the same time. i look outside at what most girls wear and it is very boring. most young women for some reason only wear white, black, gray, and navy. booooorrrrrrriiiiiinnnnngggg. i see young women mostly wear mom jeans with ugly grey and black sweaters or tank tops or ugly baggy t-shirts with ugly logos on them. i will dress like that when i am 80.

    • Anonymous

      You do you! My gripe about this being dumb is based on the fact you have to strip down to use the bathroom. Not a fan. This is MY list of dumb women's clothing stuff. You can love and wear whatever you want!

  • Account
    Out of all those, I only have the fake pockets thingy jeans because I didn't realize they were fake when I bought them 😑
  • DeltaCharlieEcho
    If a woman is wearing it and a man wouldn't be caught dead wearing it, or it just isn't practical, then it is stupid. Which leaves about 1% of women's clothing left. Just don't be an idiot.
    • auendude

      lmao i agree! just no gender clothing from now on.. everyone wears what the wanna wear :)

    • @auendude I agree to an extent, but I wanna say that I have no interest in listening to a man bitch about it being cold because he wore a skirt that hangs just below his balls and a low cut top with no jacket in the middle of winter; and I have no interest in hearing a woman complain about it being cold in the same conditions wearing the same clothes. Lol.

      Wear what makes sense, rational thought has no gender.

  • Noahcepticeye
    I agree with all of these. However if my future wife wore that first one... 😍. Because that's a very attractive peice of clothing

    Now in any other setting it is very indecent I agree
  • NYCQuestions1976
    This is an excellent list, but I admit I like #4 for formal evenings and events. I never knew sequin was like tiny rocks. I thought it was some sort of reflective fabric/material.
    • Anonymous

      Correct, sequins are usually like a plastic reflective material and aren't too abrasive depending on how they're tacked, but definitely wearing beaded gowns is a nightmare unless they are long sleeved because there is typically a liner inside to protect you from the fabric.

    • Ah okay. Well like I posted, it's a very good list, but I don't know if I would've included #4 with everything else, simply because you're only really going to wear a fancy dress like that for a formal event. All the other clothes are basically everyday casual items that definitely should be forgotten. You probably wouldn't wear a sequin dress to a picnic. lol

    • Anonymous

      You don't know my life, lol. I could very well be going to the park picnic in my beaded gown. It's been a whole year plus not dressing up, gotta wear it sometime lol!

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  • Notanotherpurdyface
    A little disappointed crotchless panties didn’t make the list tbh.😉😂
  • Finchie40
    I agree with you but if I find a girl beautiful I don’t care if she is wearing a trash bag I’d still want to bang her lol
    • Why are you being downvoted lol this is actually a good comment lol

    • Finchie40

      I guess some people just don’t like hearing The truth lol I guess clothes are important to them , me personally is attracted to a girls face , her eyes, her smile , her physique, clothes are just an added bonus but they are still better on the floor by the bed is the way I look at it lol

  • ObscuredBeyond
    Number 2 is tolerable. The rest, I agree, are inane. Why does anyone invent these abominations?
  • muscularbumblebee
    Don’t forget the knitted sleeve top with no actual jumper that Zara does
  • auendude
    i mean…. people are allowed to wear whatever they want on THEIR body’s and this post just seems like a crap ton of negitivity on others clothes that you would never wear…with that being said, yes the struggle is real with the fake girl pockets, but that doesn't mean that a man made them? i just wear mens pants bc of the bigger pockets… there are solitions…… just dont wear em lol. im non-binary, and being on this site has made me realize its extremely sexist (yes ladies, you can be sexist) and i understand the feministic stuff (im a feminist:) ) but i feel like there's a point that its just plain rude. lile im all for raising awareness, but god damn it its really hard when u got people blaming everything on this big bad man who did everything? yes men have underrepresented women for centuries (not all men though) ……blaming will probably not help, than turning crazy feminists into a meme……*sigh*
    • Grond21

      I'm a bit confused. You said that women can be sexist and they shouldn't blame others, and yet you automatically blame men for pants with fake pockets. Isn't that a bit hypocritical?

    • Anonymous

      Feel free to pop open a fashion design book and read about the history of pockets and you'll quickly learn about the inherent sexism in their design all the way until present day. Men ruled the early fashion and design houses. I didn't make that up, that is FACT hence my statement. This was a time where distinct lines were drawn as to what was feminine and what was masculine. Pockets belonged to a man because 'he needed to carry things for work,' but a woman was supposed to be buttoned up, corseted down, and full of feminine mystique that a pocket apparently could not provide. During the early days of women's lib, women actually controversially added pockets to their dresses and coats as an act of rebellion. It was a way to identify them. Women did not deserve pockets apparently until the war where they surprise took on "men's work" where pockets were required, but it wasn't until the 70s where we were finally granted the use of pockets because we were "allowed" to start wearing pants in the work place and socially.

    • Anonymous

      Also, let's read what I wrote shall we...and I quote: "I don't care if you personally have 10 of these in your closet and you love them, great for you!, but these are MY votes for the top 6 dumbest articles of women's clothing." That's right, my vote for dumbest clothes and I explained why I think they are dumb---mainly for functional reasons like needed to strip down to use the bathroom in a jumpsuit or getting your arms shredded wearing a beaded dress. If you love them, do what you want. You're literally offended over nothing.

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  • Kabluie
    Long ripped jeans are great, allows someone to wear heels and jeans more comfortably in the summer time.
  • InsertNameHerex
    I agree with all but the cropped jacket, it’s just cute lmao
  • MelissaMarie9614
    I agree will all except for the ripped jeans. I wear them all the time. There's nothing wrong with that. It's actually my style.
  • Lilycup
    I agree with all but rompers

    They're actually very useful for blind people
  • NightHawk99
    Okay the fake pockets is straight up the dumbest outta the whole list. Whoever's idea that was i wanna bop em upside the head.
  • Mynameisbobby
    I like the cropped jacket but I do agree with you that it would look kinda stupid wearing it when it's cold outside and her belly is exposed.
  • Robert_
    I don't mind the jumpsuit. It is less items to take of when playing strip poker.
  • Zang101
    As a guy that prefers Women's jeans. God damnit tiny pockets are horrible. I'd never buy any fake pockets, that's just gross.
  • KnollGoblin
    1 and 2 are cute as hell and I'll fight you on it lol
  • msc545
    Good choices. Women will buy anything that other women buy.
  • Fempstnd
    I like girls who are wearing short skirts and dresses.
  • OlderAndWiser
    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!
  • Smashingdoozy
    I need pockets. Deep pockets!
  • wineme2014
    Agree with all of this this pretty much!
  • tata1993
    I agree on 2, 5 and 6
  • A_Bell
    Sheer tops are horrible.
  • SaoirseS
    You nailed it. Agree 100 per cent.
  • elizamichale1
    I like the sheer tops n crop tops though
  • TallAndNerdy
    Agreed but I own a romper
  • KatherineJ
    I absolutely agree
  • Dargil
    Girdles. They are absurd.
  • Luminair3
    I agree with you.
  • Oram52
    Oh how much I hate those rompers/jumpsuits!!
    • DianaWest

      why? you are not the one wearing them

    • Oram52

      @DianaWest Well was obvious from my answer they don't look good or stylish :) You do you. But I certainly wouldn't want my partner wearing those eyesore called jumpsuits.

    • auendude

      @Oram52 i think…. your kinda toxic tbh but, go off ig

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