Beauty is pretty much all about winning the genetic lottery

Beauty is pretty much all about winning the genetic lottery

Some women are just not blessed with an hourglass skeletal structure. Yesterday an aunt was showing photos of her niece when they were young (in their mid - late twenties) and she thought her niece was so pretty but we thought she looked manly. She had a very straight manly body and seemed hairy. She looked like the type of woman who has too much testosterone as opposed to a healthy amount of oestrogen.

That just confirmed for me that being good looking is mostly about winning the genetic lottery. The body is a very important part of rating feminine beauty. If the body is not a slim hourglass with low body fat % I can’t rate someone as a 10/10.

Beauty is pretty much all about winning the genetic lottery

Also if they’re shorter than 5’3 they won’t get noticed much regardless of having a good body and pretty face.

There is even very little surgery can do to help someone. If you’re born average looking you can become extremely good looking with makeup. However if you are unfortunate to be born with too many masculine traits they can’t be altered to a great extent.

People who envy good looking celebrities or people in general say it’s makeup well makeup can’t exactly work miracles. You need a good base to create a work of art even with makeup.

Perhaps photoshop can touch up and make people look like a dream yes but if anyone is stupid enough to believe a McDonalds burger looks like what it does on the ad then they’re just retarded.

In real life I have known many people who look like heroines and models or even better but they won’t be appreciated because they’re not famous or choosing to put themselves out there.

Oh and for women the ideal face shape is heart with a v-shaped jaw and then comes oval after heart. The heart shaped face with big eyes and a straight sharp nose is ideal feminine beauty that demonstrates a very high amount of oestrogen in the woman and that is what men are naturally most attracted to which is why it is conventionally beautiful.

Beauty is pretty much all about winning the genetic lottery
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  • GreenLanternI0I
    I appreciate your look on reality for what it really is. I 100% agree with your entire statement and whoever is saying otherwise is lying to you or themselves. Being beautiful or handsome is not something you can get, you have to be born with it in the first place. I'll give you an example. Arnold Schwarzenegger, he was born with some Serious physical genetics and all he did, is Perfected it with Hard work. Another example, when you shopping or walking on the streets and you see men, I can guarantee that out of, let's just say 5 guys for argument sake, you automatically be looking at the most handsome guy, because out of those 5 guys or even 10, only one would be The Best! looking due to his 90% excellent genes and 10% hard work.
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  • exitseven
    Genetics do play a role but there is a lot people can do with just diet and exercise. Hairstyles and makeup can also help. People are born with certain traits, not everyone wins the lottery. It does not mean they are losers or somehow deficient.
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  • bamesjond0069
    Here is a perfect example of why women should just stfu and sit in the corner:

    "Also if they’re shorter than 5’3 they won’t get noticed much regardless of having a good body and pretty face."

    Do you live on planet earth? Men greatly prefer short women. I date a lot and never even bothered with girls above 5'3". You have basically zero understanding of what is beautiful.
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    • Sarahr123

      You are one person. The taller the woman the sexier she is. Most men say the ideal height for a woman is 5’5-5’7. She is small enough to be feminine and tall enough to be sexy in everything she wears.

    • hahahmm

      @Sarahr123 Gotta disagree. I never heard a man reject a woman for being short. That's the kind of thing (some) women do. Yes, there's some tall dudes who get with tall women but I bet the main driver is that she rejected all of the shorter men who wanted her & that only left taller guys for her to be in a relationship with. As far as your claim that "Most men say the ideal height for a woman is 5’5-5’7" -- if that's true it's because most women lied about their height so those guys have a warped idea of how tall the women they've been with are. Those women were probably shorter since a.) the average height is shorter (in most countries) and I've never heard a man say, "She's too short for me". So do the math.

      "She is small enough to be feminine and tall enough to be sexy in everything she wears." -- A woman be 6 feet tall and feminine.. it's not about height. More like there's many different feminine traits not just 1. Far as "sexy in everything she wears" - Hmm. Think that has way more to do with a woman being smart enough to choose the RIGHT things to wear. In other words you could have two women with perfect proportions & one is always looking "sexy in everything she wears" and the other is always looking "frumpy and out of shape in everything she wears". But okay.

    • Sarahr123

      @hahahmm my boyfriend was 6’1 and I am just under 5’7 and he even used to sometimes joke that I was too short even though if I wore 4-5 inch heels we were almost the same height. He always said that he preferred tall girls. All other south Asian boys who are tall and right now looking for marriage proposals say the girl should at least reach their ear as in the top of her head should at least be level with his earlobe which would make the girl about 5’6 if he is 6’. I don’t think these guys or girls lied about their height because they’re quite good at guessing height and these women are taller than average.

      If what you’re saying is true then there would not be so much obsession over tall girls in the entertainment and fashion industry. A taller girl is like a trophy. If she is fairly tall with a good body and a pretty face then she will always be noticed. Being tall comes with having more of a star aura so people notice you straight away whereas short girls tend to go unnoticed even if they have an above average face and body. I have always wished I were taller than what I am.

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  • Ascarymanasks
    Wrong wrong and wrong, yes genetics do play a role in how easily you can get good looking but it’s more that you don’t take care of yourself. My philosophy is that everyone is good looking but some people don’t take care of themselves making them ugly and unpleasant.
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  • JCrockett
    Pretty much. There are many factors to consider with human attraction, but a central immutable pillar is that much of what makes a person physically attractive is purely genetic. You either have it or you don't.
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  • Aerissa_Jade
    What is ironic about modern standards, is I remember studying in history how in the middle ages, the overweight obese people were considered attractive.

    That meant they had wealth and money, as everyone else was skinny and really couldn't put on much weight.

    Oh how standards change, I wonder what the future will bring.
    • Concordio

      That still happens today. A lot of black and south Asian men in their middle ages go for overweight white women for the same reason. But I don't think they were attracted to them physically as much as they were attracted to the perceived wealth of the woman

    • Sarahr123

      @Concordio Non whites don’t go for ugly fat white women for “wealth” they just have this complex due to colonisation that is actually and thankfully withering away with the younger generations and a lot of decoding with older people. In fact most Asians prefer their own race women but they do sometimes preference for light skin but that isn’t pasty Irish skin it’s more like a yellowish normal light Asian type complexion. I think you don’t know many South Asian men. Most south Asians stick to their own. It’s Arabs who fuck around with fat white women and Black men also tend to go for them too.

    • Concordio

      @Sarahr123 my old biology teacher married a South Asian man, and she talked a bit about how the said practice is a thing in some cultures. It's something I heard and not really read about, so I won't bs anyone and pretend I know much about it - appreciate the correction

  • Apple1996
    I'm not sure about most of this but I know for sure that guys definitely don't overlook girls under 5'3. Most guys find shorter girls attractive. I'm 4'10 and I get more attention from guys because of being so short
  • ohshee
    No not really. Beauty is all about who you are within and having that confidence to really look at yourself and not worry what anybody else thinks beauty is on the inside you can see it you can feel it you can taste it touch it smell it hear it what a girl is truly beautiful on the inside

    I don't know how many times did I will be with somebody and my friend will go look at that chick she is hot and I would just look at her and say I don't know. And then the next thing I know he would be introducing me to her in the moment she opens her mouth just because she looks like she does on the outside she's the complete opposite on the inside just because you're beautiful on the outside doesn't mean anything.

    No I take that back your means that you might get out out you might need somebody for five or six months or two months but once they find out who you are the inside that's when the problems start and the breakups start
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  • ADFSDF1996
    Not all guys are into the hour glass figure. I like women who are short and stocky (not obese).
  • anon1903
    Luckily, my mom can pass for a vintage actress so... Yup, I don't look too bad 😌
  • Steve1071
    Sure, but it hides cancer, schizophrenia, health issues, and other defects. Beauty is just like HIV hiding in plain sight.
  • Nahid1707
    i understand that, from my understanding majority of ladies can still have insecurities though
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  • livingnightmare
    duh you didn't know that?
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  • roy_ricky09
    Absolutely not
  • emperor90
    Looks dont matter personality is important
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  • TsAubreyKate