Guys, what do you think of rectangle body shapes?

I kind of think guys love curvy girls. So do you actually also like slender, ruler shaped bodies that don't have much boob or hips going on?


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  • Personally, I don't. To me, those features (boobs, butt, hips, etc.) are only sexy if they're actually there. I like women with more features on them. Not fat or thick, because there's no real definition of 'thick' anyway. But a full-featured girl is really sexy to me. Slim or skinny girls don't really grab me.

    • I'm not talking about stick figures, just slender women. It's not like there's nothing at all to hold :|

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    • how rude.

    • Why, because I have preferences? If you get out in the world enough, you'll realize that being this PC about things isn't doing you any good. I find a certain body type attractive... get over it

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  • Personally, no. However if that was all that was available I could do it with the lights on, sure.

    • You mean "off" surely.

    • No, on! I mean you have to see what you're doing, because the reality is that you don't need curves to trace the flesh, and nipples need the same love no matter what size breast they're on, and running your fingers along the intricacies of the body is the same regardless. The body is still a playground no matter it's shapes and the nerves still cry out for stimulation all the same.

  • Men like curves : to be precise a hip-to-waist ratio around 0.7. This indicates to us an optimum level of oestrogen, ie fertility.

    it is possible for any girl to improve her look though by careful toning: yoga is fantastic for building up sexy hips, and reducing waistlines.

    However, do not worry if you are not perfect, most men just love a girl's company first and foremost - her smile and her wit!

  • Eh, not really my style. But if her face really shines then having the kind of body you mentioned would be okay because the face is more important in my opinion.


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