BODY LANGUAGE- what does it mean if a girl sits on a guy's lap?

a group of friends sitting together. a girl picks a guy friend, walks over and sits on his lap. holding his knee for a couple of minutes, after she has told him via SMS that "I like YOU as a person now"?


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  • Sounds like to me she's hit on you BIG TIME! She took a risk to not only flirt with you very obviously by cuddling with you but she just came out and SAID she likes YOU. The 'as a person now' is a bit confusing - I'll give you that - but she did NOT say 'I like you as a friend'. Anything that doesn't use the word friend is good! Get your butt in gear. She's made the first move because she's tired of waiting on you to make it! ASK HER OUT!

    If you don't like her, back-track fast. Reply "I like you as just a friend, too" and try not to crush her feelings any more than that. (BTW, she probably worded her message ambiguously so she could deny the true meaning later. In this situation she's also given you a way to not hurt her. If you don't like her, send the exact response I typed.)

    If you DO like her get off your computer and ask her out!

    • Its all a bit confusing. I like her a lot. but find some of the stuff she says mis leading! or possibly in the friend zone. she says stuff like I read peoples eyes in yours there is only good? if I pay her a compliment, she replies with the same word/ words back in a compliment to me? she calls me "man" a lot in messages, which I find confusing as it isn't how she speaks.

      she makes me happy, I like her a lot and she brings a smile to me. I'm going to tell her how I feel. she's not gonna hate me f

    • I say go for it. She won't hate you. She'll admire your courage and honesty. She's probably been waiting for you to say it any ways!

    • Oh, BTW, I agree. I never plopped down on a guy's lap unless I was trying to send him a MAJOR hint!

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  • In my experience, a girl does not sit on someone's lap who is just a friend to her. There is probably some physical chemistry and friction between the two.


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