Is it vain to always look in a mirror?

I look in the mirror a lot. People say that makes me vain, yet all I want to do is to continue looking good. At my school, looking good is a high priority. For me it's important, yet I still have to maintain my status in the top ten of my class. So is it terribly vain to look in the mirror every time I go to the bathroom, which is during every in between class breaks, at lunch, before school, and after school?

  • Really vain, and too much into yourself
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  • Not vain at all, a girl got to look good
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  • On the verge of being vain by the number of times you look in the mirror
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, if you have to take the time to look at yourself during class breaks. Then its a little too much. Its okay to look at yourself before school. And at lunch and after school. Because its always a good thing to make sure you look decent. But. To catch the time to look at yourself. Every single break. That becomes too much. But, it doesn't necessarily means you are vain. You are just self-conscious.


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What Guys Said 2

  • You should slow down with always looking into the mirror whenever you get the chance. What will happen later on in life when men begin to reject you because you are wearing way too much makeup or they base everything about you based on your looks? I prefer natural beauty and I prefer women who walk around like they don't care what other people think about how she looks every second of every single day, but that could just be me.

    • I don't wear any makeup and I just check my hair and clothes (stuff like that) to make sure nothing is in it or on it.

    • Well I guess that's okay but I think you are doing it way too often. Later in life when you begin to work professionally, you won't have time to be making sure you look perfect 100% all the time. I think you need to start now at looking at yourself less in the mirror. Since you are doing this when ever you get the chance throughout the day, I suggest you start out slow like only look at yourself every other class break and then eventually only before, at lunch time and after school.

  • I think it's ok to look in the mirror often, but if it starts to become obsessive and interferes with your life, then there is probably a problem. Guys want girls to look good, but if they are so afraid to look bad at any time, it's a turn-off. Personally, I like girls who are real and down-to-earth. If my woman was so scared that there might be something on her hair or clothing that she had to be in the bathroom checking the mirror all the time, I would think she was crazy or had an obsessive-compulsive disorder or that she was so afraid of what people would think about her that she had to keep checking herself all the time. I would want her to realize that I love it when she's just being herself and doesn't care about what other people think about how she looks. Of course, I want her to want to look good - for herself, but not become a total mental-case or nut job because she couldn't stand it if her hair or clothes or makeup or something got messed up. Here's a "for instance": If we wanted to go rock-climbing or hiking or do anything physical, we would not be able to because you would always be afraid of messing up your hair and makeup or clothes or something. If we wanted to go anywhere or do anything, you would always be in the bathroom checking yourself and we would miss out on whatever it is that we would want to have together. If we were at a restaurant, you would be running off to the bathroom every few minutes to make sure you didn't have any food on your face or your outfit. These are things that are not normal and are way out of line, so if this is you, maybe you should take a look at why you care so much about how you look that you have to be checking yourself obsessively. :)


What Girls Said 3

  • This sounds exactly like me. I am the most un-vein un selfish person you would ever meet. Yet, I look at the mirror every time I see it to see my hair. It is not like we look in the mirror and blow ourselves kisses and say HEY HOTTIE. That is vein. I only look in the mirror to check my hair and sometimes when I can;t get to a mirror I start freaking out wondering if my hair is sticking up or is messed up. And I like to look good for my crush, and the only way to do that is to look in a mirror to see how your hair is or if your makeup is smearing. So, not, I would say you are NOT vein at all.

  • No just a little self-conscious that you always have to look in the mirror to make sure you look okay but that is normal girls do it all the time. You wanna make sure you look just as beautiful as you did this morning. I do it lol so no your not vain

  • As long as you are not overly self-conscious and you have more things to care about than your looks, what's the problem? A girl's gotta look good. =)

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