What would you do if this was your girlfriend?

OK, I have never been more than 120 lbs in my life, but most of my weight was in my thighs which left me with little things called stretch marks, and I have a fear of wearing bathing suits, shorts, skirts etc. because I don't want people to see them, now that I have a boyfriend its even more fearful, what do I do about it ?!

but thank god I have lost that weight now !

is there any secret to get rid of them ?


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  • Most people have stretch marks, no body really cares.. unless they are a jerk. umm lotion is suppsed to make them go away, at least that's what every one says, but I don't know anyone that it has actually worked on. you pretty much just have to deal with them and learn to love them :)

    • Thanks, I'll try it! makes me feel a bit better :p